This seminar and practicum, with support from the Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women's Rights, introduces students to international refugee law through practice and theory. Students work under the supervision of attorneys to represent and provide legal information to refugees and visa applicants abroad who are seeking safe legal passage to the United States or a third country. To gain an understanding of refugee law, students will read about and discuss the history of international refugee protection and resettlement regimes, U.S. statutes and case law governing refugees, United Nations mandates and procedures, and the interplay between international relations, foreign policy, and humanitarian aid. To develop practical skills, students will reflect on their casework through class sessions on intercultural lawyering, working with interpreters, and legal ethics. Guest lecturers will include practitioners and scholars in the field of refugee law. Visit IRAP’s website to learn more.


Stephen T. Poellot

Julie M. Kornfeld

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