Trade and Transparency in the Internet Age: How do trade negotiations impact health?


Feb 10th, 2014 - 127 Wall Street, Room 124 (at 10:30), Room 127 (at noon)

How do trade negotiations impact health? Now that free trade agreements contain complex regulatory subject matter—including detailed intellectual property provisions that impact Internet law and health policy—should they still be negotiated through comparatively opaque regimes? Is true opacity even possible in the Internet Age? Is there an ideal middle ground, allowing increased Congressional involvement, or for the public release of texts after a period of time?

Panels will look at these questions from U.S. and international perspectives, considering whether trade lawmaking requires striking a unique balance between efficacy and transparency, and asking what that balance might be.

A Foreign Affairs in the Internet Age (FAIA) Event, co-sponsored by Universities Allied for Essential Medicine (UAEM), the Information Society Project (ISP), and the Yale Health Law & Policy Society (YHeLPS). Made possible with support from the Oscar M. Reubhausen Fund.

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