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Closed captioning has been provided for a number of Yale Law School’s recent videos and will be provided on an ongoing basis in the future. Please be advised that captions are made from video recordings and may be affected by the quality of the recording and contain errors and omissions. Please bring any errors to our attention by emailing

Alumni Weekend 2023: State of the School and Award of Merit Presentation

Dean Heather K. Gerken delivered her annual State of the School address on October 21, 2023 during Alumni Weekend and presented the Award of Merit, the Yale Law School Association's highest honor, to six recipients.

Alumni Weekend 2023: AI, the Practice of Law, Legal Ethics, & Legal Education

Professor William Eskridge '78, the Alexander M. Bickel Professor of Public Law, delivered a lecture on artificial intelligence and its impact on the legal profession on October 20, 2023.

Conversations on Leadership: Stacey Abrams ’99

Political leader, voting rights activist, and author Stacey Abrams ’99 describes how her time at Yale Law School influenced her leadership journey. She also discusses why voting rights are critical to a strong democracy, how she responds to political polarization, and her advice for first-generation students at the Law School.

Conversations on Leadership: Fatima Goss Graves ’01

Fatima Goss Graves ’01, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and a Co-Founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, discusses using the law to improve people’s lives, how Yale Law School helped her understand the range of policy-related legal jobs available, and the skills needed to lead a social justice organization.

Conversations on Leadership: Rhonda Joy McLean ’83

Rhonda Joy McLean ’83, President and CEO of consulting firm RJMLEADS, discusses her unexpected journey to Yale Law School, why she loves her work as a leadership consultant, and her advice to students pursuing a less traditional career path.

Conversations on Leadership: Bryan Leach ’05

Bryan Leach ’05, founder and CEO of Ibotta, describes his career journey from practicing trial law to resigning at age 32 and becoming a tech entrepreneur. He also discusses how a law degree provides broad training for a variety of careers.

Conversations on Leadership: Gerson Zweifach ’79

Gerson Zweifach ’79, Partner at Williams & Connolly, discusses how leadership involves telling people what they don’t want to hear, what he learned about overcoming setbacks, and why Yale Law students should be open to multiple career paths.

Conversations on Leadership: Gregory J. Fleming ’88

Gregory J. Fleming ’88, Chief Executive Officer of Rockefeller Capital Management, describes how his education at Yale Law School prepared him for challenging situations as a business leader, including his time as President of Merrill Lynch during the credit crisis.