What Makes COAP Unique Among Loan Repayment Assistance Programs?

A loan repayment program cannot be evaluated solely by how awards are calculated. Students should review several key factors in total to truly ascertain the benefits of one program over another. COAP addresses all of these factors in a way that maximizes flexibility and accounts for the career, family, and personal growth that our students will experience in their post-graduate lives.

Length of Eligibility

COAP maintains a flexible 10-year non-consecutive eligibility period, allowing participants to come in and out of the program as their lives and needs change over time.

Amortization Schedule

In the first five years of the program, the annual COAP contribution is based on a 15-year repayment schedule. In the last five years, a 5-year repayment schedule is assumed. This 15/5 amortization rate allows participants to maintain program eligibility as their income increases.

Student Contribution Schedule

COAP establishes a participant income threshold under which student loan payments will be fully supported by COAP. Above that threshold, we use an equitable, progressive income schedule to determine both COAP and student contributions.

Treatment of Assets

COAP fosters participants’ asset growth by allowing $6,000 annually in liquid assets (savings, investments, etc.) to be sheltered from the income calculation. Fixed property assets (car, home, etc.) and retirement assets are also excluded.

Employment Flexibility

Many other loan repayment assistance programs restrict eligibility by requiring very specific employment criteria. COAP eligibility, by contrast, is solely income-based with minimal employment restrictions, thereby allowing our graduates the flexibility to pursue career opportunities afforded to them without concern about their loan repayment program eligibility.

COAP Calculator

The COAP calculator can provide an estimated projection of possible funding support. Actual COAP awards are made by YLS Financial Aid Staff based on a review of a full COAP application and subject to the full policies and procedure which govern the COAP program.

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