Liaison Committee (YAA)

Carmine D. Boccuzzi Jr. ’94
Carmine D. Boccuzzi Jr. ’94, Chair

The Liaison Subcommittee is responsible for communicating with the Yale Alumni Association and other alumni organizations at Yale University. Delegates have the opportunity to meet with other Yale alumni at the YAA annual Assembly meeting and gain access to a behind the scenes overview of Yale University happenings. The Liaison Committee formally reports what they have learned at the Annual Assembly to the Executive Committee at the Fall Meeting. In addition, the Liaison Committee meets twice a year to discuss how we can best represent the needs of YLS to the larger University body and support the ongoing initiatives and priorities of the University and our community. 

Regional Committee

Amber Koonce ’17
Amber Koonce ’17, Chair

The role of the Regional Committee is to share best practices, build enthusiasm and encourage participation in regional events, and support the efforts of the Regional Steering Committees. The Regional Committee meets twice a year in conjunction with the Spring and Fall Executive Committee meetings. 

Nominating Committee

Oluwaseun O. Ajayi ’04
Oluwaseun O. Ajayi ’04, Chair

The Nominating Committee comes together to present the Executive Committee with names of candidates for the role of new Term Members. The Nominating Committee receives input from the entire alumni community, and YLS staff and faculty, as to which alumni would be the best candidates to serve on the Executive Committee. The YLSA is always looking for new nominees for the Executive Committee. New Term Members are typically elected at the Executive Committee Spring Meeting for a term starting on July1, of that year.  

Awards Committee

Kaitlin Ainsworth Caruso ’10
Kaitlin Ainsworth Caruso ’10, Chair

The Awards Subcommittee assists with nominating and selecting potential recipients various alumni awards offered by Yale Law School. This committee also works to create and develop other means of honoring and recognizing alumni, including establishing new awards.

Planning Committee

Laura A. Seigle ’93
Laura A. Seigle ’93, Chair

The Planning Committee is comprised of the current and previous Chairpersons, the officers of the Executive Committee, the Dean, the Director of the Yale Law School Fund, the Director of Alumni Engagement and Development, and other Deans and the Law Librarian as invited by the Dean or the Dean’s designee. The Planning Committee meets at least two times a year in conjunction with the Spring and Fall Executive Committee meetings. Their main goals are to assist with planning Alumni Weekend, select the YLS Award of Merit nominees and recipients, and help the Dean on issues of importance to YLS. The Planning Committee also serves as a valuable resource to the Dean regarding Yale Law School and its students and alumni.