How to Apply

The application for the 2023 cohort is now open. We will accept applications through June 30, 2023. 


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Please respond to at least one of these two questions (500 word maximum): 1) Why do you want to go to law school? 2) What are you hoping to gain from being a fellow in this program?
This program is designed for residents of greater New Haven and people with close connections to the city. We will review each application holistically to assess the residency requirement. Factors that we will consider include: a) whether you attended K-12 schools in New Haven, b) whether you grew up in New Haven or live here now (and if so, for how long), c) any other connections you have to the New Haven community. In light of the above, please describe your connections to New Haven. If you are not a member of the greater New Haven community but you are directly impacted by the criminal legal system, please use this space to tell us that and if/how that informs your desire to be in this program and/or to go to law school. (200 words max response)
Fellows are in Access to Law School for two years. During the first year, fellows attend Saturday morning sessions, study for the LSAT, meet regularly with a law student mentor, and begin to prepare application materials. During the second year, fellows apply to law school and attend 6-8 Saturday sessions to prepare to be successful in law school. To get the most out of this program, you will need to be able to spend about 10 hours a week attending classes and studying for the LSAT during year one. Please reflect on whether you think you will be able to do that. If you believe this is a good time for you to make that time commitment to yourself and the program, please share why. (200 words max response)
Please list up to seven activities in which you have participated. (could include academics, extracurricular activities, hobbies, internships, sports, the arts, civic or service activities, etc.)
Please attach your undergraduate transcript (official or unofficial). If you cannot attach it in paper or otherwise have difficulties, please contact
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Other GPAs (credits from an institution you attended but did not graduate from, graduate school GPA, etc)
The letter of recommendation should come from a non-family member, ideally a professor or someone who has supervised you in a workplace. Your recommender should be able to speak to your personal characteristics and/or work you have done with them and why you are a good fit for this program. Indicate the name of the recommender here, along with your relationship to them. Please tell the recommender to email their letter to
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