About the Law School Access Program

The Access to Law School Program at Yale Law School is an innovative pipeline program that serves first-generation, low-income, and under-represented minority students from New Haven and Connecticut who wish to pursue a legal career. The Program invests in a class of twenty Fellows who are passionate about uplifting their local communities in New Haven and Connecticut. In weekly Academies and one-on-one mentorship sessions, Fellows work with Yale Law School students and legal professionals to develop an individualized approach to their law school application process and to prepare for careers in leadership and the law.Ultimately, the Program aims to empower each cohort of Fellows to thrive in their legal studies, make a difference in their communities of New Haven and Connecticut, and pave the way for other individuals like themselves who seek a career in the law.

From left to right, Professor James Forman Jr. and Law School Access Program Fellows Alexis Willoughby-Robinson, Tai Walker, and Addys Castillo during a recent Saturday meeting. Photo by Nina Oishi ’22.

Media Coverage

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Other Pipeline Programs

The Law School Access Program is primarily for New Haven area residents. Here you can explore a list of other pipeline programs, many of which accept applicants from all over the country. If you know of a program that isn’t listed, tell us about it at lawaccess@yale.edu and we will add it to our page.


Founding Sponsor: DLA Piper

Sponsor: Susman Godfrey LLP

If you have questions about the program or becoming a sponsor, please e-mail us at lawaccess@yale.edu.