Workshop Schedule

February 1

Richard Sennett, NYU and LSE (Sociology)

The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism


February 22

David Trubek, University of Wisconsin (Global Studies)

Transnational regulation of industrial relations in a global economy


March 1

Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY (Sociology)

From the Ashes of the Old and The Jobless Future


March 8

Barry Bluestone, UMass-Boston (Public Policy) 

Boston labor market; macroeconomic consequences of an increase in the time people spend at work


March 22

Jerry Jacobs, University of Pennsylvania (Sociology)

Shifts in time spent at work, as influenced by gender and level of employment


March 29

Jacqueline Jones, Brandeis University (History)

American Work: Four Centuries of Black and White Labor


April 5

Katherine Silbaugh, Boston University (Law)

Valuing household labor in economic terms (“commodification”) as a strategy to address the household work/wage work divide


April 12

Carol Stack, University of California at Berkeley (Anthropology)       

Coming of Age in Oakland


April 19

Paul Miller, EEOC Commissioner

How the experience of disability and the Americans with Disabilities Act change our approach to employment discrimination


April 26

Judith Gueron, Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (Social policy research)           

Evaluating welfare-to-work programs


May 3

Susan Sturm, University of Pennsylvania (Law)

Creating a new legal paradigm for regulating the workplace of the 21st century