2004 Work and Citizenship Workshop

Workshop Schedule

February 13

Evelyn Nakano Glenn, UC-Berkeley (Women’s & Ethnic Studies)

History of inequality, work, and citizenship in the U.S.

February 20

Valentine Moghadam, Illinois State (Women’s Studies & Sociology)

Political mobilization and work in the Middle East

February 27

Rhacel Parrenas, Wisconsin-Madison (Women’s & Asian American Studies)           

Work, immigration, and international citizenship laws

March 5

Michael Wallerstein, Northwestern (Political Science)

Earnings inequality and social democracy

March 12

Richard Freeman, Harvard (Economics)

Global labor standards and unionism

April 2

Katherine Newman, Harvard (Urban Studies)

Race, class, and low-wage work

April 9

Lawrence Bobo, Harvard (Sociology & Afro-American Studies)

Race and employers’ perceptions of skills

April 16

Bruce Western, Princeton (Sociology)

Effects of incarceration on race and class-based inequality

April 23

William Quigley, Loyola-New Orleans (Law)

Job rights and living wage laws

April 30

Noah Zatz, New Mexico (Law)

Rethinking the meaning of work and care

May 7

Ruth O’Brien, CUNY (Political Science)

Reshaping workplace hierarchies through disability policy