2009 Workshop: New Directions in Labor and Employment Law

Workplace Theory & Policy Workshop: New Directions in Labor and Employment Law critically examined the regulation of employment and other forms of work, labor markets and other work-related institutions, and their relationship to other important components of social justice. Prominent legal scholars – and one historian – came to the Law School to present their work on labor and employment law (including employment discrimination law).    

Workshop Schedule

February 9

Professor Katherine Stone, UCLA School of Law

February 16

Professor Cynthia Estlund, New York University School of Law “The Fall and Rise of Self-Governance at Work: Reviving Representation in an Era of Self-Regulation”

February 23

Professor Leticia Saucedo, William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV

March 2

Professor Jerry Kang, UCLA School of Law “The Future History of Implicit Bias and the Law”

March 9

Professor Jennifer Klein, Yale University, Department of History

March 23

Professor Gillian Lester, Berkeley Law, University of California “Social Insurance and the Formation of Social Preferences”

March 30

Professor Stephen Rich, USC Gould School of Law “Against Prejudice”

April 6

Professor Richard Ford, Stanford Law School “Rights Gone Wrong: How Legal Entitlements Can Undermine Social Justice”

April 13

Professor Noah Zatz, UCLA School of Law “Managing the Macaw: Third-party Harassers and the Disaggregation of Discriminatory Intent”

April 20

Professor Ben Sachs, Harvard Law School