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Legal History Course Offerings

Course Offerings

The Law School’s hosts an exceptional range of curricular offerings in legal history, including the history of the common law, constitutional history, American legal history, European legal history, Chinese legal history, the history of the administrative state, the history of criminal procedure, the history of property, recent theories of legal historiography, and the history of the laws of war. Affiliated faculty in the Yale Department of History offer further courses in South Asian legal history, the legal systems of antiquity, and more.

For a more detailed list of courses available, please view the Yale Law School bulletin.

  • American Indian Tribal Law
  • American Legal History
  • American Legal History, 1861-1968 
  •  The American Legal Profession
  • Comparative Law
  • Conservative Critiques of the Administrative State
  • Constitutional Interpretation
  • The Constitutional Law of Civil Jury Trial
  • Democracy, Diversity, and Beauty
  • Equality, Citizenship, and Sovereignty
  • History of the Common Law
  • History and Theory of Human Rights
  • History of Political Economy
  • Human Rights: History and the Present
  • Laws of War: Controversy and Precedent
  • Law, Violence, and Sacrifice
  • Political Economy, Institutions, and Property in the Age of the American Revolution
  • Race and the Law: African Americans and Criminal Justice
  • Rethinking Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Globalization
  • The Role of a Judge in a Democratic Society
  • Sociology of Law: Law and Bureaucracy
  • Urban Legal History: The Development of New Haven
  • U.S. Legal History: Directed Reading
  • Warren Burger’s Supreme Court