The Goldman Sonnenfeldt Environmental Protection Clinic's Teaching Team is made up of experts from the Yale Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council, as well as the Yale/NRDC Fellow. Each Teaching Team member participates in the seminar and also supervises at least one of the Clinic’s projects.

EPC Teaching Fellows

Jane Jacoby is currently enrolled as a dual degree student with Yale Law School and Yale School of the Environment. Before returning to school, Jane worked in political organizing and environmental conservation in Montana and Colorado, most recently as the conservation director for the Yaak Valley Forest Council. She received an A.B. in math and classics from Brown University in 2017. Her areas of interest include sustainable land management, community-focused climate change mitigation, and environmental justice.

Past EPC Teaching Team Members

Samuel Whillans (Yale/NRDC Fellow, 2022–2023)

Rebecca Loomis (Yale/NRDC Fellow, 2021–2022)

Alison Gocke (EPC Environmental Law Fellow, 2020–2021)

Conor Dwyer Reynolds (EPC Environmental Law Fellow, 2018–2019)

Joshua Ulan Galperin (EPC faculty, 2013–2018)

Allison Clements (EPC faculty, 2013–2015)

William Dornbos (EPC faculty, 2012–2013)

Bruce Ho (EPC faculty, 2012–2013)

Kit Kennedy (EPC faculty, 2009–2013)

Dale Bryk (EPC faculty, 2002–2010)