Yale Rule of Law Clinic
Sep 24

Today the 2d Circuit unanimously ruled that prison gerrymandering claims brought by @NAACP, represented by @YLS_ROLC, could move forward. The case was argued by Alaa Chaker ('20) on Sept. 10, 2019. https://t.co/ry0ngg7SOn

Yale Rule of Law Clinic
Sep 13

Listen to @YLS_ROLC's Alaa Chaker representing @NAACP and individual plaintiffs at the 2d Circuit in the fight against prison gerrymandering: https://t.co/8sTZgSejPa

This clinic focuses on maintaining U.S. rule of law and human rights commitments in four areas: national security (e.g., torture, drones, Guantanamo); antidiscrimination (especially against religious and ethnic groups); climate change (maintaining U.S. commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement); and democracy promotion (voting rights, redistricting). Projects include litigation, policy advocacy, and strategic planning matters.


Harold Hongju Koh

Michael J. Wishnie

Hope R. Metcalf

Phil Spector



The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution: A Reader’s Guide


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