Know Your Rights for Muslim Communities in Connecticut

In March 2018, in response to increasing concerns regarding FBI visits targeting Muslims in CT, Muslim community leaders in CT reached out to the ACLU-CT and the Rule of Law Clinic to host a Know Your Rights session for local Muslim community members. The Clinic participated in the KYR session at a local mosque to inform individuals of their rights when approached by law enforcement for questioning. The session also covered information regarding charitable donations and immigration issues.

To follow up on the concerns of community members regarding the lack of access to legal services and advice, in April 2018, the Clinic and the ACLU-CT hosted a Continuing Legal Education session at Yale Law School to provide training to attorneys to advise individuals of their rights in case they receive a visit or a letter from law enforcement. The program provided an overview of the law and covered a range of issues and scenarios that can come up in the event law enforcement approaches an individual for questioning. The CLE panel included ACLU-CT, CLEAR Project at CUNY School of Law, the Rule of Law Clinic, the Federal Defender Office in Connecticut, and a local immigration attorney.

Public Documents

Know Your Rights handout