Friday, July 27, 2018

Finding the Right Path

Four Yale Law graduates discuss their varied career paths and the lessons they’ve learned along the way


Kevin Czinger ’87 is designing the future of the car using sustainable, ecofriendly practices.




Through film and theatre, Lily Fan ’04 is changing the way people understand the world and one another.




Richard Buery ’97 has dedicated his life to improving outcomes for young people in America’s most disadvantaged communities.




And Reshma Saujani ’02 inspires thousands of young girls and women to be bold and brave, working through her innovative non-profit to achieve gender parity in computer science.



Though their career paths are varied, they share a common bond: they were each uniquely prepared to tackle the world through a dynamic, immersive educational experience at Yale Law School—an experience that challenged them to think critically and expansively across disciplines and ideological divides and question everything.

As our diverse alumni community demonstrates, a degree from Yale Law School can light up the path to many different careers, even those outside the realm of the traditional legal field. The challenge for students is finding the right one for them. Through lessons they have learned along the way, these four accomplished alumni offer students some important advice as they navigate the road ahead—chart your own course, set your own pace, and measure success by your own satisfaction. And most importantly, enjoy the incredible journey along the way.