A New Chapter for Yale Law School

In 2013, Yale Law School announced that an extraordinary gift of $25 million from Robert C. and Christina Baker would allow the School to expand its campus for the first time since the completion of the Sterling Law Building in 1931.

Following the initial announcement, a successful fundraising campaign secured a total of more than $60 million, and in 2017 the Law School began construction to transform the building formerly known as 100 Tower Parkway into a modern extension of the Law School campus.

Baker Hall is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018 and, less than 180 yards from the Sterling Law Building, will add 137,000 square feet to the Law School’s campus—including residential suites, a three-tiered student center, a two-story lecture hall, and urgently needed rooms for seminars, small groups, and the School’s innovative interdisciplinary centers and programs.

More information on Robert C. and Christina Baker Hall at Yale Law School can be found at the links below, including project updates and an overview of the Law School’s growth since 1931.

For more information on the history of the Sterling Law Building, click here.

A Modern Expansion

Read more about the history of learning and living at Yale Law School since the completion of the Sterling Law Building in 1931.

Project Updates & Photos

Follow the links below for the latest news and project updates, as well as photos of Baker Hall's construction.

Now it is time to pivot and ask, where are your extraordinary gifts needed? How do you make this legal world that you are entering a better world? One where no one is shut out; one where the weak and vulnerable are not exploited; one that produces fair results based on the merits of the issues before it.”

Visiting Lecturer Stephen Bright

2012 Commencement Address