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Supervised Research/Reading

After the first term and with the approval of the supervising faculty member, students may undertake reading or research programs for credit. No more than 10 units of credit for such reading or research programs may be counted toward the 83 units required for graduation. More…

Writing Requirements

For graduation, each student must complete 3 units of Supervised Analytic Writing and prepare a Substantial Paper of at least 2 units. More…

Reading Groups

Reading Groups are student-designed courses on topics outside the regular curriculum. Students work with a faculty member to design a syllabus that includes sufficient readings to merit one ungraded academic credit. No more than four units of credit for reading groups may be counted toward the 83 units required for graduation. More…

Joint Degree Programs

Yale Law School encourages an interdisciplinary approach to the law. Some students choose to combine their law studies with a program at another professional or graduate school, either at Yale University or another institution. These joint degrees are intended to complement the JD by providing specialized skills and a body of knowledge in another discipline. In recent years, about 30-40 Yale Law students have been enrolled in joint degree programs at any given time.

Joint degree policies
Joint degree approval petition

Required Disclosures

ABA Required Disclosures
Notification of Your Rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Yale Law School Bulletin
Plan for Satisfying New York Court of Appeals Rule 520.18 (Pathway One)

Additional Policies

In-Person Registration

At the start of each term students officially enroll for the semester by completing the Term Data Update on the Yale Hub. New students must present themselves in-person (photo ID required). Dates and times for in-person registration may be found on the important dates. Certifying the Term Data Update acknowledges students' responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the policies stated in the materials distributed in the registration packet, including but not limited to: Yale Law School BulletinImportant Dates and Deadlines, Drug Prevention Program Information, Notice of Directory Information and Non-Disclosure, Rights & Duties and Grievance Procedures, Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and ABA Standard 303.