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Liman Fellows work around the United States to improve the lives of groups and individuals seeking fair treatment. They have created an advocacy program for vulnerable older adults, trained low-income parents to become professional home-based child educators, worked on behalf of students arrested for school-related incidents, pursued progressive sentencing reform, ended solitary confinement for individuals with disabilities and mental illness, supported children in immigration hearings, reduced the use of pesticides linked to adverse health outcomes, and more.

Each year, current and former Liman Fellows participate in the annual Liman Colloquium, where they discuss their work and connect with an intergenerational community of public interest advocates that the Liman Center helps to foster and sustain.

Here at Yale Law School, Liman Center faculty and students collaborate on research to generate reform that promotes access to justice and the fair treatment of individuals and groups.

Through the efforts of Fellows, faculty, and students, the Liman Center has responded to a host of inequalities that are based on race, gender identity, class, health, age, and country of origin.

Our work would not be possible without your support. You can donate to the Liman Center online or mail a gift to the below address.

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Thank you for helping the Liman Center generate meaningful change.

People gathered for the 25th Liman Colloquium