Program in Argentina

Program in Argentina

The institutional partner of the Linkage Program in Argentina is the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires, a relatively small, private university with deep ties to Yale Law School that date back to Argentina's transition to democracy under President Raúl Alfonsín and the commission he put in place for the consolidation of democracy. 

Groups of Yale Law students have traveled to Argentina since the early 1990s to work on a wide variety of projects, including the establishment of independent law journals, the conception and implementation of graduate seminars and degree programs, and conducting research for NGOs involved with human rights, among others. 

Participants in the program will possess proficiency in Spanish and be active hosts of the students from our partner schools when they visit YLS for three weeks at the beginning of the spring semester. Following their visit, the YLS participants will be expected to prepare for their trip by reading up on Argentina's history and its legal system. The Argentina program runs from mid-May to early June (3-4 weeks). The precise dates will be determined by the participants' collective exam schedule and summer job dates. Travel and living expenses are covered by the Yale Law School. The participants live with local families or university students and often combine the exchange with internships in the region.

If interested, please contact the program coordinator at bradley.hayes@yale.edu.