Yale Law School Latin American Legal Studies

Latin American Legal Studies at Yale Law School encompass a range of programs. At their core is the faculty-centered seminar known as SELA, which promotes independent, interdisciplinary, theoretical legal research in Latin America. The Linkages Program is an innovative student exchange between Yale Law School and seven top law schools in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The Colección de Ciencias Jurídicas, or Legal Science Collection, is a Spanish-language book series of works by Yale Law School faculty. The Latin American Series at Yale Law School is a lecture series that brings distinguished scholars and practitioners from the region to the law school. In 2012, Professors Daniel Markovits and Owen Fiss began the Yale International Arbitration Breakfast Roundtable series, a forum for Yale faculty and students to examine current trends in international arbitration and their implications for international and domestic law together with leading practitioners in the field.