Past Events

April 13 Thursday

Graphics at Trial: Litigation and Visual Representation

Please join the Visual Law Project and TechSoc for a coffee chat with Greg Diskant. Greg is a senior litigation partner at Patterson Belknap. As part of his active trial practice, Mr. Diskant regularly tries cases in federal and state courts and before arbitration panels, focusing on complex commercial and intellectual property litigation. As part of his work, he focuses on the use of visual graphics at trial to make the complex understandable. 

March 2 Thursday

Video Evidence Workshop with Kelly Matheson

Video Evidence Workshop with Kelly Matheson

February 23 Thursday

Film Screening & Workshop with Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

Join VLP on Feb. 23rd for a screening of The Law in These Parts, followed by a Q&A/dinner and workshop session with award-winning filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz.

February 1 Wednesday

Trademarks in Entertainment in Conflict - Payson R. Wolff Lecture

It is not uncommon for those producing entertainment content to utilize goods or other items that are trademarked.  Singles at a bar in a romantic comedy order a Budweiser.  A group of men in a movie are on their way to a baseball game, dressed in team regalia.  Someone in a reality program visits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  These usages implicate conflicting rights: how are the rights of those engaged in free expression and the rights of trademark owners resolved?

December 1 Thursday

Zero Days with Alex Gibney

Please join the Visual Law Project, Information Society Project, TechSoc, and ACS for a screening of Zero Days, a documentary thriller about Stuxnet and the coming age of cyber conflict. Zero Days is the most comprehensive film to date on the CIA, US military and allied nations' joint effort to infiltrate Iranian nuclear facilities with cyber weapons, ushering in a new era of cyber conflict, and raising serious ethical debates over the secrecy and security of cyber attacks. A Q&A with Academy Award-winning director and Yale graduate Alex Gibney will follow.

November 16 Wednesday

The Secret Image: The Role of Research-Based Photography in Delineating State and Corporate Secrecy

Please join the Visual Law Project on Wednesday, November 16 at Noon (SLB 128) for a talk with Yale World Fellow Mari Bastashevski. Mari will speak about her work as an artist who investigates the commercial transactions that take place within the realm of conflict commerce -- those that are usually protected by state and corporate secrecy.

November 2 Wednesday

Screening of JALANAN with World Fellow Daniel Ziv

The Visual Law Project is delighted to screen the award-winning Indonesian musical documentary JALANAN, hosted by JALANAN producer/director Daniel Ziv (Yale World Fellow 2016) who will talk about the idea and messages behind the film, and its unique social & political resonance. The screening will be followed by a Q&A.

November 2 Wednesday

Video Evidence, Trial Coverage, and Advocacy: International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

This lecture will discuss how the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) uses video to provide trial coverage and evidence, and to engage in advocacy. The lecture is based on a fieldwork at this Tribunal and will feature video clips.

Part Three of VLP's Visual Jurisprudence Lecture Series

October 12 Wednesday

Documenting Human Rights Violations: Lessons from WITNESS, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International

This lecture will provide an overview of how three human rights organizations use video—Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and WITNESS. The talk will emphasize video advocacy for legal audiences, providing examples from screenings in front of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and the UN Commission of Inquiry.

Part Two of VLP's Visual Jurisprudence Lecture Series

October 11 Tuesday

Photography as Agency

Join the Visual Law Project for a talk with Pete Brook on his work with photographs by prisoners, photographs by guards, and the role of authorship and intention. Pete will be in conversation with World Fellow Mari Bastashevski about the agency of image outside of the normative practice of photojournalism.

Pete is a journalist, and curator whose work represents an impressive catalogue and history of prison photography.