Language and Authority

Language and Authority: A Conference

Friday, April 20, 2018 2pm -6pm
Satuday, April 21, 2018 9am - 4:30pm
Sunday, April 22, 2018 10am - 12 pm

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Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street

How does language mediate social rank, power, and authority? This is a central topic of the philosophical work of Rae Langton. In this conference, we bring together philosophers who have been working on these themes over the past two decades, together with theorists outside philosophy who have contributed significantly to this topic. Besides initiating an interdisciplinary discussion, the goal is to help further systematic work on language and authority in the field of philosophy.

Confirmed Speakers:

Luvell Anderson
Jack Balkin
Nancy Bauer
David Beaver
Rae Langton - Key Note Speaker
B R George
Sally McConnell Ginet
Mary Kate McGowan
Ishani Maitra
Eric Swanson

Generous Support from Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund, Information Society Project, and Whitney Humanities Center