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August 4 Wednesday

Abrams Conversations: What Does Free Speech Mean on Campus?

12:00PM to 1:30PM


The topic of freedom of speech on campus is hardly a new one but the desirability of addressing it in a serious and sophisticated manner may never have been greater than at this time.  To do so, we are pleased to have two scholars of particular distinction in this area of law and social policy who will discuss the topic with Floyd Abrams.

REGISTER HERE:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/abrams-institute-conversations-tickets-164055599715

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Past Events

June 15 Tuesday

Abrams Institute Conversations: Fifty Years after the Pentagon Papers: It's Impact and It's Future

The Pentagon Papers Case began exactly fifty years ago to the day from this luncheon exchange about its impact, then and now.  The case resulted in one of the most significant press victories in our history, yet one that raised questions about its scope and application from the day it was decided. The unanswered questions have only multiplied as the Internet revolutionized how the news is disseminated.

May 4 Tuesday

ABRAMS INSTITUTE CONVERSATIONS: The Internet, Elections and the First Amendment

As speech on the Internet increasingly dominates public discourse, the decision-making within Facebook, Google and the like about what to carry and what not is of ever-increasing import.

March 20 Saturday
March 19 Friday
February 22 Monday

INCITEMENT AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT; Abrams Institute Conversations

The law of incitement has made it to the headlines in the wake of the recent Capitol riot.  Whether President Trump committed incitement is now hotly debated in partisan terms, but a question that was simmering even before January 6th is whether Brandenburg and the law of incitement are out of step with the reality of social media communications.  Is a different view of incitement necessary today, one that acknowledges the realities of online recruitment, motivation, organization and direction?  Would the Supreme Court construe the First Amendment to tolerate an expanded

October 24 Saturday

Freedom of Expression Scholar's Conference (FESC 8)

At FESC, scholars and practitioners discuss works-in-progress on the freedoms of speech, expression, press, association, petition, and assembly, as well as on related issues of knowledge and information policy.

October 23 Friday

AAC 2020: What the Current Moment has Taught about Transparency

Friday, October 23

8:45 Welcome by Floyd Abrams: What the Current Moment Has Taught About Transparency

9:00 FOIA Successes and Failures

How has our existing regime of FOI laws served us in the multiple current crises, what reforms are needed, and how can they be brought about?

Moderator: Charles Crain (MFIA)


July 14 Tuesday

The Role of a Free Press in a Time of Turmoil; A Virtual “Brown Bag Lunch” Discussion

The Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Media Freedom & Information Access Clinic at Yale Law School invite you, your journalist colleagues and others from your organization to the next in their series of occasional lunchtime discussions of current issues facing journalists and their lawyers.

June 2 Tuesday

5th Annual Commercial Speech and First Amendment VIRTUAL conference

The Fifth Annual Commercial Speech and the First Amendment Conference is ready for registration.  It is a virtual conference via Zoom, offering the opportunity to ask questions and engage with our panelists.  We look forward to your joining us.  We plan to take questions through the chat function on Zoom. We also plan to release the conference video of the event and will need all attendees to sign a release form. The form will be sent to registered attendees prior to the start of the conference.

March 19 Thursday

Cancelled: FOIA Bootcamp


As government becomes more opaque, it is ever more important to know how to use effectively the legal tools that exist to make federal, state, and local governments more open and accountable. To that end, the Media Freedom & Information Access Clinic (MFIA) and Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression at Yale Law School are hosting their annual “FOIA bootcamp” on March 19, 2020, where attendees can learn from experts in the field how to make the most out of government transparency laws.