Transatlantic Quantum Forum

Call for Papers: Transatlantic Quantum Forum

The Center for Quantum Networks, the Quantum Social Lab at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology, the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy, and the Yale Information Society Project invite paper submissions for the Transatlantic Quantum Forum on September 16-17, 2022. The Forum will convene at three virtually-connected hubs in Los Angeles, Munich, and New Haven. You can join at any of these locations.

The forum will explore the regional, national, and international policy implications of quantum networking and quantum computing. We plan to facilitate conversations on governance structures, institutional design, international relations, trade, and regulation. We encourage submissions from all disciplines on legal, economic, social scientific, technical, regulatory, and policy issues related to quantum networks and quantum computing  including but not limited to:

  • What (type of) institutions and governance structures does the emerging quantum internet require? What can we learn from the history of internet governance? Specifically, what does the quantum internet mean for transatlantic relations?
  • What cybersecurity risks does quantum technology create, and how can we mitigate those risks?
  • How does quantum technology affect communication networks? What national and international regulatory challenges does it raise?
  • How will quantum technology affect international trade, trade relations, and trade organizations?
  • How will quantum technology affect digital surveillance, privacy, fairness, trust, access to information, and human rights? To what extent can we rely on (emerging) regulatory frameworks on both sides of the Atlantic, such as the GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, AI Act, DMA, DSA, Data Act, etc.? 
  • How can and should governments and public entities shape innovation in quantum technology? What type of innovation should we want? What path dependencies might our actions and inactions create? What can we learn from the 1990’s policy frameworks for the internet?
  • How can or should we fund quantum infrastructure? What role should the public and the private sector play, and at which stages?
  • What is the connection between quantum technology and national security? To what extent has or will quantum technology become a military asset? What role should international organizations play in governing quantum-based weapon technology?

Please submit abstracts in PDF form (max 500 words) to by June 30, 2022. Please label the file “Last name, First name — Title.” Selected papers will be due September 1, 2022; both drafts in progress and full papers are welcome. Please feel free to contact Nikolas Guggenberger ( for any further questions.