New Controversies in Intermediary Liability Law – An Essay Collection (June 2019)

In Spring 2019, WIII produced and edited a collection of short, accessible essays on key issues in intermediary liability, to serve as a resource for academics, policymakers, and the general public. These essays were published on Balkinization and on the ISP website. The short essay format allowed authors to write on current, fast-moving issues. The essay collection included the following authors and topics:

  1. Annemarie Bridy, “Faith in Filters and the Fate of Safe Harbors”
  2. Jacob Rogers, “It’s Not About What You Know: An Overview of Hyperlink Law’s Troubles”
  3. Aleksandra Kuczerawy, “To Monitor or Not to Monitor? The Uncertain Future of Article 15 of the E-Commerce Directive”
  4. Anupam Chander, “A Facebook Supreme Court?”
  5. Eric Goldman, “Want to Kill facebook and Google? Preserving Sectio 230 Is Your Best Bet”
  6. Amélie Heldt, “Facebook and the EU Elections: Overzealous or Misinformed?”
  7. Martin Husovec, “Why Is There No Due Process Online?”
  8. Michael Karanicolas, “Privatizing Censorship”
  9. Daphne Keller, “Build Your Own Intermediary Liability Law: A Kit ofr Policy Wonks of all Ages”
  10. Tiffany Li, “Intermediary Liability: The Next Frontiers”

“Intermediary Liability and Private Speech Regulation: A Transatlantic Dialogue” Workshop Report (March 2019)

In September 2018, WIII hosted “Intermediary Liability and Private Speech Regulation: A Transatlantic Dialogue.” This workshop, organized with support from Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society, convened leading scholars from the United States and European Union to debate current interpretations of laws and to understand intermediary and government responsibilities for the future of online speech. Participating experts included Jack Balkin, Owen Bennett, Annemarie Bridy, Niva Elkin-Karen, Robert Hamilton, Martin Husovec, Joris van Hoboken, Daphne Keller, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Tiffany Li, Emma Llanso, and Karmen Turk.

WIII subsequently published a report presenting findings, insights, and conclusions from the workshop discussions. The report is available on the ISP website.

“Beyond Intermediary Liability: The Future of Information Platforms” Workshop Report (February 2018)

Based on conversations from a workshop hosted by WIII, this free, publicly available report details the most critical issues necessary for understanding the role of information platforms, such as Facebook and Google, in law and society today. The report highlights insights and questions raised by experts during the event, providing an insider’s view of the top issues that influential thinkers on intermediary liability are considering in law, policy, and ethics. The report is publicly available.