February 25 Tuesday

Brown Bag Lunch: EXPUNGEMENT AND THE PRESS: Should an enforceable right to be forgotten apply to the reporting of past entanglements with law enforcement?

12:00PM to 2:00PM

BH Room 405

The Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Media Freedom & Information Access Clinic at Yale Law School invite you, your journalist colleagues and others from your organization to the next in their series of occasional lunchtime discussions of current issues facing journalists and their lawyers.

February 25 Tuesday

What Happens When IP and Free Culture Don’t Play Well Together, Chuck Roslof, Legal Counsel, Wikimedia Foundation

12:05PM to 1:30PM

SLB Room 127

Free culture projects like Wikipedia are built on the principles of sharing and collaboration, but trademark and copyright law decidedly are not. This presentation will discuss how free culture projects navigate that tension, with a focus on the Wikimedia projects. How can a collaborative work driven by a desire to create something for the whole world to share in use, adapt, or ignore legal doctrines that assume individual (or at least limited and identifiable) ownership and control of rights?

February 26 Wednesday

The Scientist and the Spy: The FBI and the US-China Technological Battle, Mara Hvistendahl, Poynter Fellow

12:00PM to 1:30PM

SLB Room 121

In September 2011, sheriff’s deputies in Iowa encountered an ethnic Chinese man named Robert Mo near a field where a farmer was growing corn seed under contract with Monsanto. What began as a simple trespassing inquiry mushroomed into a two-year FBI operation in which investigators bugged Mo's rental cars, used a warrant intended for foreign terrorists and spies, and flew surveillance planes over corn country—all in the name of protecting the trade secrets of corporate giants Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer.

March 3 Tuesday

Catalyzing Privacy Law, Margot Kaminski, JD '10, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law

12:05PM to 1:05PM

SLB Room 128

The United States famously lacks a comprehensive federal data privacy law. In the past year, however, over half the states have proposed broad privacy bills or have established task forces to propose possible privacy legislation. Meanwhile, congressional committees are holding hearings on multiple privacy bills. What is catalyzing this legislative momentum? Some believe that Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2018, is the driving factor.

March 19 Thursday

FOIA Bootcamp

6:30PM to 8:00PM

SLB Room 129

As government becomes more opaque, it is ever more important to know how to use effectively the legal tools that exist to make federal, state, and local governments more open and accountable. To that end, the Media Freedom & Information Access Clinic (MFIA) and Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression at Yale Law School are hosting their annual “FOIA bootcamp” on March 19, 2020, where attendees can learn from experts in the field how to make the most out of government transparency laws.

March 24 Tuesday

Lunch Talk with Tai-Heng Cheng

12:10PM to 1:00PM

SLB Room 128

Please join the Center for Global Legal Challenges for a discussion with Margaret Donovan on her experiences in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. During Ms. Donovan’s two combat deployments in Iraq and Syria she focused on a wide variety of issues including working and living with the Y.P.G., the Kurdish forces who fought against the Islamic State, and offering legal advice on targeting and airstrikes. The conversation will be a wide-ranging discussion of both the JAG Corps in both combat and non-combat settings.

March 25 Wednesday

PSRJ Lecture, given by Professor Khiara Bridges,UC Berkeley School of Law

12:05PM to 1:30PM

SLB Room 121

Khiara M. Bridges is a professor of law at UC Berkeley School of Law. She has written many articles concerning, race, class, reproductive rights, and the intersection of the three. Her scholarship has appeared or will soon appear in the Harvard Law ReviewStanford Law Review, the Columbia Law Review, the California Law Review, and the Virginia Law Review, among others.

March 27 Friday

Competition Overdose, Maurice Stucke, Ariel Ezrachi, a book talk

12:05PM to 1:30PM

SLB Room 122

Whatever illness our society suffers, competition is the remedy. Do we want better schools for our children? Cheaper prices for everything? More choices in the marketplace? The answer is always: Increase competition.

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