September 25 Tuesday

Predicting Enemies, Ashley Deeks, Professor University of Virginia Law School

3:00PM to 4:30PM

SLB 120

Actors in our criminal justice system increasingly rely on computer algorithms to help them predict how dangerous certain people and certain physical locations are.

September 26 Wednesday

Freedom of Expression in an Age of Surveillance, Jack Balkin, Jennifer Granick, Neil Richards

12:00PM to 1:30PM

Room 122

This panel is the first in a series of events examining the role that the First Amendment should play in assessing the lawfulness of government surveillance.

September 26 Wednesday

Diving Into the Dark Web

2:00PM to 3:00PM

Baker Hall Room 122

The Dark Web has a scary reputation.  This workshop will show you how to navigate its waters safely.  We'll dive into Tor, learning all about its censorship-resistant design and how it protects a person's anonymity.  Our discussion will include examples from recent academic research into the Dark Web, and we'll talk about both its seedy and angelic nature.  We'll discover that even social media giants rely upon Tor and actively support the network.  Our journey will include "hidden services" for chat and filesharing, powered by FreedomBox private servers, and we will announce exciting devel

September 26 Wednesday

Book Talk: Humans as a Service: The Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy

6:10PM to 7:00PM

Room 122

A discussion with Jeremias Prassl of his new book, Humans as a Service: The Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy. Commentary provided by Professor David Schleicher.

September 28 Friday

Intermediaries and Private Speech Regulation: A Transatlantic Dialogue Workshop

(All day)

Baker Hall Room 405

“Intermediaries and Private Speech Regulation: A Transatlantic Dialogue” is an intimate academic workshop co-hosted by the Wikimedia/Yale Law School Initiative on Intermediaries and Information and the Stanford Law School Center for Internet & Society.

Limited audience seats will be reserved for YLS students and ISP community members. Email if you would like to attend.

October 2 Tuesday

Netflix, Amazon, Apple & Disney: Legal & Business Challenges in Streaming; Jennifer Jones '11, VP of Business Affairs, The Walt Disney Company

12:10PM to 1:30PM

SLB - Room 122

An in-depth discussion of the business of everyone's favorite streaming services with Jennifer Jones, Vice President of Business Affairs for The Walt Disney Company.

October 5 Friday

Freedom Box, Your Private Server

1:00PM to 2:00PM

Baker Hall Room 122

Do you trust the cloud with your data and communication?

October 12 Friday

Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic's Access & Accountability 2018: A Conference for Transparency Advocates

(All day)

Room 127

Friday, October 12

8:00        Registration and Breakfast

9:00       Welcome & Introduction

9:15        Journalism Under Fire

October 15 Monday

Pregnancy, Power, and Professional Speech: NIFLA v. Becerra and the Deregulatory Uses of the First Amendment

12:05PM to 1:30PM

Room 121

Professors Robert Post and Amy Kapczynski will be joined by Julie Rikelmen, Senior Director, Litigation at the Center for Reproductive Rights, to discuss last summer’s opinion in NIFLA v. Becerra, 585 U.S. ---, 138 S. Ct.

October 23 Tuesday

Embracing the Dark Web as a Tool for Privacy and Anti-Censorship, Shari Steele, Tor Project

12:00PM to 1:30PM


Much has been written about illegal activity that takes place on the Dark Web. Less is said about why the Dark Web came to be and the important role it plays in human rights work around the globe.

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