Fighting Fake News Workshop

On March 7, 2017, the Information Society Project at Yale Law School and the Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression hosted a workshop intended to explore the ongoing efforts to define fake news and discuss the viability and desirability of possible solutions.

The discussion encompassed attempts to identify the particular harm associated with fake news; the many First Amendment questions that arise in any attempt to create governmental regulations on specific kinds of speech; and the pros and cons of self-regulation by those involved in the digital ecosystem.

This workshop was meant to be a first step towards encouraging interdisciplinary conversation and work on these issues. There were twenty-one participants from various disciplines, including members of academia, the practicing bar, news organizations, information intermediaries, data scientists, computer scientists, and sociologists.

Support for this workshop was provided by the Information Society Project and the Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression.

Fighting Fake News Workshop Report