Increase Visibility at YLS

Increase Visibility at YLS

In addition to participating in our interview programs or posting an opportunity, we encourage employers to engage with our students in the following ways:

Yale Law School student organizations host programs throughout the year for their members and often engage with outside speakers. Review the list of YLS student organizations and contact our office (cdo.law@yale.edu) to express interest in assisting student organizations.

Many of our students are interested in combining private and public sector work during the summer and specifically request information about law firms that pay a student for the entire summer but allow them to work for half of the summer with a public interest organization and half with the firm. CDO produces a list of firms that currently provide split public interest summer opportunities. For employers who would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact CDO at 432-1676 or cdo.law@yale.edu.

If you have alumni of Yale Law School at your organization, encourage them to join The Courtyard. Thousands of alumni are currently members and have offered to provide mentorship to current students or fellow graduates. A student who develops a relationship with an attorney at your organization will be more likely to consider employment with you.

CDO offers numerous career related programs in which employers can be involved. We seek attorney volunteers to conduct mock interviews. Throughout the year we coordinate panels of attorneys to provide advice on career-related topics.  We invite practitioners to meet individually with students to share career advise through our Mentor-in-Residence program. If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, please send an email to cdo.law@yale.edu expressing your interest. In your outreach, be as specific as possible regarding your areas of interests. 

Fundamentally, it pays to make a connection in the first summer. Many firms recruit our students for 2L summer internships, but fewer hire 1Ls for the summer. If you provide a first-year student with a quality summer experience, they will share their positive experience with fellow classmates which improves student awareness and may well increase interest in your organization. Post a position for 1L summer internships through Symplicity. Click here to find out more about the Winter Interview Program.

Students utilize Symplicity to apply for job postings, participate in interview programs, and conduct general employer research. Employers can upload information on corporate culture such as career advancement tracks and diversity initiatives as well as Yale specific information such as key alumni contacts at your organization. If you have any questions, about how to utilize this feature, please contact Tina Severson, Director of Recruitment at 203-432-1692.

Hosting an employer reception can be a good way to engage with students and share information about what makes your organization unique. Employers wishing to host a reception should contact our office at 203-432-1676 or cdo.law@yale.edu. For additional information about planning a reception, visit the Employer Receptions section of our site.