Public Interest Career Services

Counseling Services

CDO employs attorney counselors who specialize in public interest careers and fellowship opportunities, and who are available to assist students and alumni in pursuing a public interest career. Please schedule an individual counseling appointment through a counselors Calendly page, or by signing up at the CDO reception desk. Students can upload a resume to our Career Management System before a counseling appointment, by clicking here.

Public Interest Fellowships

Yale Law School’s CDO is a leader in recognizing the importance of public interest post-graduate fellowships as an entryway into public interest careers, and offers extensive information and guidance on applying for these positions. YLS public interest students and graduates regularly obtain such prestigious post-graduate opportunities as the Skadden, Equal Justice Works, and ACLU fellowships. CDO produces a Public Interest Fellowships Guide to help students consider and apply to these programs. Students and Alumni can also view recorded videos of CDO's Programs on Fellowships, by clicking here. For more information on fellowships, click here.

Career Fairs

Each year, the Career Development Office pays the registration fees and travel expenses for any students wishing to participate in the Equal JusticeWorks Career Fair and Conference in Washington, DC in October, and the NYU Public Interest Career Fair in New York City in February. Contact CDO for more information about these events.

Public Interest Job Search Reimbursement

CDO has created TRI-PI (Travel Reimbursement for Interviews in the Public Interest) which reimburses 2L, 3L, and LLM students for travel expenses to public interest interviews, up to $800 per academic year.