Employee Reimbursements

Expense Reports/Step by Step Guide

To begin as a delegate, start at Step 1; to prepare for yourself, skip to Step 6

  1. From your Home Screen, click your Name in the upper-right corner
  2. Choose Switch Account from dropdown list
  3. Select the person for whom you will Prepare an Expense Report for and click the radio button next to their Name
  4. This will take you to the Delegation Dashboard of the person for whom you are preparing; verify the top of your screen says “On Behalf of: Name of person you will be preparing for”
  5. Click Create Expense Report from the Delegation Dashboard or use the Search Bar to Search Create Expense Report
    You are now able to Create an Expense Report as a Delegate, skip to Step 8
  6. From your Home Screen, click on your Favorites Worklet
  7. Under Actions, click on Create Expense Report
    Create Expense Report can also be accessed from your Expenses Worklet located on your Home Screen
  8. Expense Report For will provide the Name of the Employee you are preparing the Expense Report for
  9. Creation Options will default to Create New Expense Report
  10. Company will auto-populate to Yale University (should not be changed); If it does not, enter Yale University
  11. Expense Report Date will default as Current Date which will be considered the date of preparation
  12. Enter Country of Activity, even if United States
    When Entering your Charging Instructions, please remember that the Funding Component (FC) is either Grant, Gift, or Yale Designated and only one should be entered, but one is necessary
  13. If you have Grant as your Funding Component, enter here (e.g. GR+ 6 digits); if not, then ignore
  14. If you have Gift as your Funding Component, enter here (e.g. GE+ 6 digits, GS+ 6 digits); Iif not, then ignore
  15. If you have Yale Designated as your Funding Component, enter here (e.g. YD+ 6 digits); if not, then ignore
    Cost Center will Auto-populate as the Cost Center for the Employee the Expense Report is for; Remember to change to the Cost Center for the appropriate charging instructions if not the same
  16. Enter the Cost Center from your COA (e.g. CC+ 4 digits)
  17. Enter the Program from your COA (e.g. PG+ 5 digits)
  18. Enter the Project from your COA (e.g. PJ+ 6 digits)
  19. For Assignee, enter the Name or Net ID of the specific person responsible for the funding; Assignee is not required on all transactions only enter if listed on your COA
  20. Additional Worktags will auto-populate
  21. Click the box for Multicurrency Expense Entry, if applicable
    P-Card Transactions will be loaded daily into Workday; if you are pulling in expenses from a P-Card, select the expenses from Credit Card Transactions and click the boxes under Include? Column for the corresponding row
  22. Click OK to proceed to the next screen
    In the Expense Report Information Section you will enter the following:
  23. Company will auto-populate from previous screen entry
  24. Expense Report Date will auto-populate from previous screen entry
  25. For Business Purpose (type of activity), select the radio button for the category which best describes the purpose of the expenses
    In the Expense Report Reference Information Section you will enter the following:
  26. Reimbursement Payment Type will default to the employee’s payment method preference for salary; change if necessary (standard is Direct Deposit for Employee and Check for Visiting Professor)
  27. For Memo, enter the 5W’s of your Business Purpose
    Scroll below to the Expense Report Lines Tab where you will enter the following:
  28. Charge Description will auto-populate when providing detail for P-Card Expenses
    Expense Reports do not use Spend Categories, and instead use Expense Item Groups; when using a P-Card, Expense Item will generally default based on the transaction information
  29. Enter the Expense Item either by search or by choosing from Expense Item Group, Spend Category, or picking from the Alphabetical Order List
  30. Enter Quantity, it will default as 1
  31. Enter Per Unit Amount, the monetary amount of the item
  32. Total Amount will auto-calculate (Quantity × Per Unit Amount)
  33. For Memo, enter additional line detail for the item (optional)
  34. Enter Country of Activity, even if United States
    Charging Instructions will auto-populate from previous screen entry; verify and adjust if necessary
    On the right-side of the screen, there is a section called Spend Authorization Line with a box referred to as Available Spend Authorization Lines; if a Spend Authorization is available then use this box to search those available (if there are none available, this box will be empty)
  35. Under Item Details, Required Fields will change depending on item; remember to complete all fields with asterisks
  36. For Merchant, enter the Name of the establishment on receipt of the sale
  37. Click on Select Files and you will have access to your PC to upload all documents required from your Business Office
  38. If Mobile Receipts are available, click Add under Attachments from Mobile Application and choose from a list of available documents
  39. Once uploaded, you may enter any additional comments you may have for your reviewer
  40. Click Submit to complete the process

How to Approve Expense Reports in Workday

  • Only Expense Reports with Out-of-Pocket charges require Employee (spender) approval. Expense Reports with only P-Card charges will not require spender approval.
  • The notification to Approve your Expense Report will be sent to your Workday Inbox. (Note: you cannot delegate the approval process to someone else)
  • Please do not share your Net ID and password as this will give that person the ability to view and change personal information including your pay slips, tax deductions, etc.
  • If the Business Office needs to “Send Back” an expense report for corrections, we will notify the preparer of the expense report via email. If necessary, the preparer will then make you aware of further instruction.

Approving Expense Reports in Workday

  1. Go to Workday. Sign into Workday using your NetID and Password. Click on the Inbox Worklet or click your Name and then Inbox in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Under the Actions tab, click on the Expense Report that you want to Approve. This will automatically bring up the details.
    • If the amount, business purpose, and account charging look correct, select “Approve.”
    • If changes need to be made, select “Send Back”—this will send the Expense Report back to the preparer for editing. You should complete the “Reason” field with the reason why you are sending back the Expense Report.
  3. Click on “Done”—The business process event moves to the next step and this action item disappears from your Actions tab. Your approved business processes are added to your Archive tab.

Approving Expense Reports via Mobile Application

  1. Download the mobile Application
  2. Click on the Workday icon on your phone
  3. Then, Click on the Inbox Worklet
  4. Select the Expense Report you want to Approve
  5. Select “Approve” or Send Back”