International Reimbursements & Payments

Guide for International Reimbursements and Payments

Because the forms and the IRS and University requirements change, please visit the Planning Tool locating on the International Tax Office website to determine what the requirements are for paying or reimbursing a non-US individual or entity.

  • Enter the information (Location of Activity, Visa Status, Payment Type) to determine the required documents. 
  • Use this tool to obtain the required forms. We will no longer post the forms on the Business Office Inside Site because they get revised and we are not always notified. If an older form is used, it could hold up the payment or reimbursement.
  • International Yale students usually have paperwork on file with the Tax Office. You should email internationaltax@yale.edu, provide the name of the student, and ask if the tax documents are on file. You will need to attach the email to the transaction so Accounts Payable knows it’s okay to process.
  • Some payments and reimbursements are taxable. Payment for services are subject to 30% tax unless a tax treat is in effect for that country. The Planning Tool will provide you with some information regarding this, although it can be a bit confusing.
  • Note:  there are some Visa types that do not allow payment for services or honorarium. J1 and F1 Visas not sponsored by Yale have restrictions.
  • Contact the Business Office if you have any questions, or need assistance.

Revised 6-1-18

Yale University's International Payment Requests Toolkit

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