Non-Employee Reimbursements/Payments (Supplier Invoice Requests)

Supplier Invoice Requests/Step-by-Step Guide

Prior to Creating a Supplier Invoice Request, you MUST do the following:

  • Verify if the Supplier is set-up by running the Find Suppliers Inquiry
  • Retrieve a NEW TCN
  • Scan all Supporting Documentation
  1. From your Home Screen, click on your Favorites Worklet
  2. Under Actions, click on Create Supplier Invoice Request
    In the Primary Information Section you will enter the following:
  3. The current date will pre-populate for Invoice Date
  4. For Company, select Yale University
  5. For Supplier, type Supplier Name in all caps or the Supplier Number and press enter/return on your keyboard
  6. For Remit-To Connection, click on the box and select the address you would like to use for the Supplier
  7. Currency will pre-populate with USD
  8. For Control Total Amount, enter the total payment amount
  9. For the Supplier Reference Number, Enter CR or WR and the 7 digits you will be using as the TCN
    In the Additional Information Section you will enter the following:
  10. Ship-To Address will Auto-populate
  11. Payment Terms will Auto-populate
  12. Default Due Date will Auto-populate
  13. Handling Code is not required and will remain empty. If you require Special Handling of the Payment, here is where you would select the option (2 Whitney Pick-up, 25 Science Park Pick-up)
  14. Freight Amount can be ignored
  15. Tax Amount can be ignored
  16. For Memo, enter the 5W’s of your Business Purpose
    Scroll down, click the Lines Tab where you will enter the following:
  17. Click on the Service Line radio button
  18. Item can be ignored
  19. Item Description should be a detailed description of the item to help you and your Suppliers easily identify specific items
  20. For Spend Category, either search for a Spend Category by name, category, or code and select or enter the Spend Category by referencing your Commonly Used Spend Categories List
  21. Quantity can be ignored
  22. Unit Cost can be ignored
  23. Item Identifiers can be ignored
  24. Item Tags can be ignored
  25. For Extended Amount, enter the amount of reimbursement or payment for Line (similar to the Line Total)
  26. Enter the Country of Activity, even if United States
    When entering your Charging Instructions, please remember that the Funding Component (FC) is either a Grant, Gift, or Yale Designated and only one should be entered, but one is necessary
  27. If you have Grant as your Funding Component, enter here (e.g. GR+ 6 digits); if not, then ignore
  28. If you have Gift as your Funding Component, enter here (e.g. GE+ 6 digits, GS+ 6 digits); if not, then ignore
  29. If you have Yale Designated as your Funding Component, enter here (e.g. YD+ 6 digits);if not, then ignore
  30. Enter the Cost Center from your COA (e.g. CC+ 4 digits)
  31. Enter the Program from your COA (e.g. PG+ 5 digits)
  32. Enter the Project from your COA (e.g. PJ+ 6 digits)
  33. For Assignee, enter the Net ID or search by Name of the specific person responsible for the funding; Assignee is not required on all transactions only enter if listed on your COA
  34. Additional Worktags will auto-populate
  35. Billable can be ignored
  36. For Memo, enter additional line detail for the item (optional)
    Scroll up, Click the Attachments Tab where you will complete the following:
  37. Click on Select Files and you will have access to your PC to upload all documents required from your Business Office
  38. Once uploaded, you may enter any additional comments you may have for your Reviewer
  39. Click Submit to complete the process

Supplier Requests/Step-by-Step Guide

  1. From your Home Screen, click on your Favorites Worklet
  2. Under Actions, click on Create Supplier Request
    2a You are also able to search Create Supplier Request in Search Bar for access
    Notice Links to Forms are located at the top of the Screen
  3. Your Name will be listed first as Worker
  4. Enter the Supplier Name in all caps
  5. DUNS Number is required for Sub-Awards Suppliers (9 digits) only; leave blank if not applicable
  6. For Supplier Category, choose the most qualifying category
  7. Parent can be left blank
  8. Tax Authority Form Type should only be entered if the TAX ID has been Entered
    For the Tax Authority Form Type, enter the following:
    Foreign Supplier select 1042-S
    US Individual or US Reportable Entity select 1099-MISC
    US Non-Profit or Not Reportable Entity Leave Blank
  9. TIN Type should only be Entered if TAX ID is Entered; EIN for a Business, SSN for an Individual
    W-9s are required for payments to Individuals or Businesses in the United States (W-9s are not required for Reimbursements)
    W-8BENs are required for payments to Foreign Individuals
    W-8BEN-Es are required for payments to Foreign Businesses
  10. Enter TAX ID if available; Workday will verify if Supplier already exists or not 
  11. Justification is required
    Justification should indicate Business Purpose for Supplier and any department systems; for wxample, reimbursement, foreign, goods/services, facilities. To have the Supplier added to SciQuest, include the Purchase Order Distribution email address or fax number
    Scroll down to Contact Information, Classification, and Attachments Section to enter the following:
  12. In the Contact Information tab, at least one Contact field is required and must be completed; the minimum contact information required by the Business Office is the Supplier’s Address and Phone Number or Email
  13. Ignore the Classification tab
  14. In the Attachments tab, click Select Files and add all documentation you have for the Supplier (Tax Forms, Business Forms, ACH Forms);
  15. Click the green OK button at the bottom of the screen to complete your request
  16. Click Done on the next Workday screen

Once your request has been Submitted, Shared Services will Review; the status of your request can be found by searching “My Supplier Requests” in the Workday Search Box.

You will be contacted by Shared Services through your Workday Inbox; your request will either be Approved and Added or Denied with a Request for Additional Information.

Once your request has been Approved, you will be able to complete transactions for the Supplier.

To make Supplier Changes; send an email with supporting documentation and completed form to supplier.change@yale.edu.