Papers presented at past SELA academic gatherings are available here. To view the papers, select one of the annual conferences.

Gender and Equality
Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 6-9, 2019

The Nature of Rights: Their Value and Drawbacks

Jamal Greene: “Rights Absolutism”

Daniela Salazar &  “Advocating for Women's Rights in the Era of the Rule
Shelley Cavalieri:  of Rights”

Verónica Undurraga: “Translating empirical evidence into constitutional language”

Commentator: Fernando Atria         

Court-centered Strategies of Advocacy 

Lidia Casas: “Chile’s ‘win-win’ abortion law (for its opponents)”

Isabel Jaramillo: “Aggressive certiorari grants for structural interventions in Colombian abortion cases”

Rocío Villanueva: “Violence against women, legal reasoning, and corruption”

Commentator: Tracy Robinson

Politically-centered Strategies of Advocacy

Paola Bergallo: “‘Shifting legal visions’ in the context of abortion law reform”

Emiliano Buis: “Reproducing discourse: emotional language in the debates over abortion in Argentina”

Commentator: Francisca Pou Giménez           

The Impact of Competing Ideals: Conscience, the Sanctity of Life, and the Intimacy of Family

Rodolfo Figueroa: “Term-based abortion in Chile’s constitutional jurisprudence”

Eliezer Gomes da Silva: “Femicide as an enduring global issue”

Doug NeJaime & Reva Siegel:  “Conscience Wars”
Commentator: Noah Novogrodsky

Sexual Harassment in the University

Jaime Couso: “Sexual assault and harassment on campuses: fairness for victims and defendants?”

Mónica González Contró: “Using university policy to combat sexual harassment”

Pedro Salazar Ugarte: “Affirmative consent in university policies”

Commentator:  Pablo Ruiz-Tagle

Autonomy as a Constitutional Value

Mylai Burgos: “Autonomy in the new Cuban constitution”

Laura Saldivia: “The paradigm of autonomy: analyzing the depathologization of body practices”

Commentator: Martín Farrell

The Construction of Difference

Chloé Georas: “From Sexual Explicitness to Invisibility in Resistance Art: Coloniality, Rape Culture and Technology”

Alejandro Madrazo: “La Patria: Rape, Territory and National Identity”

Thula Pires: “The Limits of Democracy in Ladin Amefrica”

Commentator: Carol Rose

Democracy, Austerity, and Law
San Juan, Puerto Rico
June 7 – 10
Corruption, Democracy, and the Rule of Law
Mariana Mota Prado and Marta Machado – The Promises and Perils of Using Criminal Law to Fight Corruption: The Lava Jato Case                
Francisco Saffie – Illicit Transnational Money Flows as a Problem for Democracy                  
Commentator – José Roldán Xopa           
Natalia Angel-Cabo – The Constitution and the City: Reflections on judicial experimentalism in urban code
Francisca Pou Giménez – Proportionality without a Culture of Justification                                                                                                 
Commentator – Victor Ferreres           
Lawmaking Across Borders
Laura Clérico – Lack of European and Inter-American Consensus and the Argument from Comparative Law
Conrado Hübner Mendes – Cosmopolitan Sovereigns: Accounting for Domestic Climate Policy                                                                                          Noah Novogrodsky – Winning Transnationalism                                                                 
Commentator – Rocío Villanueva                                                                                                              
Freedom of Speech
Paula Ahumada – Democracy and the Problem of Money                                       
Ronaldo Porto Macedo Junior – Fake News and its Menace to Free Speech                                                                                                                    
Roberto Saba – The Metaphors of Freedom of Speech
Esther Vicente – Criminalizing Protest in Puerto Rico           
Commentator – Owen Fiss                            
Robert A. Burt Keynote “Perdonen mi tristeza”
Luce López-Baralt, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico
Democracy Roundtable 
Francisco Catalá, Economist
Sergio Marxuach, Director, Public Policy of the Center for a New Economy
Lyvia Rodríguez del Valle, Executive Director, Corporación del Proyecto ENLACE del Caño Martín Peña
Ingrid M .Vila Biaggi, Founder/President, CAMBIO
Moderator: Efrén Rivera Ramos
Constitutional Failures; Constitutional Revivals
Roberto Gargarella – Reconstructing Constitutionalism in the Americas. The Problem of “Democratic Dissonance”
Samuel Tschorne – The “legitimacy crisis” and the “constitutional problem” in Chile: what is left?
Commentator – Julio César Guanche                                                                                                                
Ximena Benavides – The Painful Rationing: Austerity, Inequality, and Health in Puerto Rico                                                                      
Camila V. Duran and Michelle Ratton – Testing the Limits of Democracy: Taking Fiscal Austerity from Institutions to the Constitution in Brazil
Myrta Morales – Puerto Rico is Not For Sale: Juggling in a legal aid clinic in times of "austerity" and the reign of the Fiscal Control Board in Post-María Puerto Rico
Constanza Salgado – Social Rights, Austerity, and Neoliberalism
Commentator – George Priest 

The Constitutional Dilemmas of Social Democracy
Quito, Ecuador
June 8 - 11
Robert A. Burt Keynote Address
Freedom of Expression and Social Democracy
Robert Post, Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law, Yale Law School
Legitimacy and Social Control
Quality of Democracy, Crime and Criminal Justice in Latin America – an Exploration
Eliezer Gomes da Silva, Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, Brazil
The Sentimental Constitution: Prostitution, Sex Work, and Human Trafficking in Colombia
Esteban Restrepo, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Commentator: Marcelo Ferrante, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina 
Discrimination and Difference
Discrimination in Labor Law and the Private Sphere 
Lucas Grosman & Florencia Saulino, Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina
Legalising Norms Related to Sexual, Gender and Bodily Diversity in the Inter-American Human Rights System
Tracy Robinson, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Commentator: Julieta Lemaitre, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia 
Indigenous Peoples and Liberal Values
State Law and Indigenous Law: Coordination or Subordination 
Salvador Millaleo, Universidad de Chile
When Justice Does Not Allow Peace: The Need to Apply Transitional Justice Measures to Protect the Isolated Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador
Daniela Salazar, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
The Intercultural Key in the Recognition of Electoral Pluralism in Mexico
Mauricio del Toro, Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación, Mexico
Commentator: Ángel Oquendo, University of Connecticut
Democracy Roundtable on Ecuador
Panelists: Francisco Herrera Arauz, Executive Director of Ecuadorinmediato
María Paula Romo, Law School Dean, Universidad Internacional del Ecuador
Farith Simon, Law School Dean, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Moderator: Roberto Gargarella, Universidad de Buenos Aires / Universidad Torcuato di Tella
International Human Rights Tribunals
The Future of International Human Rights Tribunals: Deference to States or Cooperative Division of Labor? (A View from Europe)
Marisa Iglesias, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Non-Compliance with Decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: An Empirical Analysis
Eduardo Bertoni, Director of the National Data Protection Authority, Argentina
Inter-American Human Rights Law and Judicial Backlash
Jorge Contesse, Universidad Diego Portales / Rutgers University
Commentator: Carlos Rosenkrantz, Corte Suprema de la Nación, Argentina
Judicial Authority within the Judiciary
Colombia’s Constitutional Court Doctrine on ‘the Substitution of the Constitution’
Juan González Bertomeu, ITAM, Mexico
“The Court, it is I”: Individual Judicial Review in Brazil and its Implications for Constitutional Theory
Diego Werneck Arguelhes, Fundação Getulio Vargas – Rio de Janeiro
Concentrated Fidelity. The Willingness of Lower Courts to Follow the Mexican Supreme Court’s Edicts
Karina Ansolabehere, FLACSO – Mexico
Commentator: Jamal Greene, Columbia University
Investment, Self-government, and Rights
Investment Arbitration and Human Rights: Cases in Peru and Ecuador from a Comparative Approach
Rodrigo Polanco, Universidad de Chile
Extractive Industries (Mining and Petroleum) in Cuba: A Vision from the Law and Proposals for the Future.
Michel Fernández, Oficina de Regulación Ambiental y Seguridad Nuclear, Cuba
(presented by Carlos Alzugaray, Unión Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba)
Economic Crisis, Democracy, and Rights: The Case of Puerto Rico
Efrén Rivera, Universidad de Puerto Rico
Commentator: Sebastián Elias, Corte Suprema de la Nación, Argentina
Political Solidarity and the Ties that Bind
Democratic Representation: Against Direct Democracy
Rodrigo Correa, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile
The Relevance of Fraternity
Amalia Amaya, Investigaciones Filosóficas-UNAM, Mexico
Commentator: Leticia Vita, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Law, the Environment, and Current Crises in Global Capitalism
Havana, Cuba
June 9 – 12, 2016
Welcoming Comments - Dr. Eusebio Leal, Official Historian of the City of Havana
Panel 1: Slavery Past and Present
Claire Priest – Cuba's Transformation through the Lens of the Sugar Industry (English) (Español)
Rebecca Scott – How does the law put an analogy to work? Discerning 'a condition analogous to that of a slave' in contemporary Brazil (English) (Español)
Commentator: Efrén Rivera Ramos
Panel 2: Constitutional Revolutionism
Julio Antonio Fernández – Why does Cuba need a new Constitution? (Español) (English)
Julio César Guanche – Cuba's 1940 Constitution: A Reinterpretation (Español) (English)
Alejandro Madrazo – The Right to Revolution: Popular Sovereignty, Revolution, and the Fragility of the Rule of Law in Mexico (English) (Español)
Commentator: Mylai Burgos
Panel 3: Cuba Roundtable 
Rafael Hernández, Editor-in-Chief of Temas
Armando Fernández Soriano, Antonio Nuñez Jiménez Foundation
Ricardo Torres Pérez, University of Havana, Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy
Moderator: Carlos Alzugaray
Robert A. Burt Keynote Address: Daniel Markovits – Meritocracy and Its Discontents
Panel 4:  Egalitarianism 
Antonio Barreto – Resolving Deep Fractures – Cuba, the United States and Robert Burt’s Institutional Egalitarianism (Español) (English)
Esteban Pereira – Private Law and Poverty (Español) (English)
Commentator: Pablo Ruiz-Tagle
Panel 5: The Environment and Vulnerable Populations
Thula Pires – Environmental Injustice, Environmental Racism, and the Framework for Socio-racial Stratification in Sacrificial Zones: the Case of the Santa Cruz Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro  (Portugues) (English) (Español)
Nancy Yañez – The Social and Environmental Equity Problems of the Chilean Water System from the Perspective of Fundamental Rights (Español) (English)
Commentator:  Elvira Méndez Chang
Panel 6: Strategies for Protecting the Environment
Pablo Larrañaga – Troubled Waters: Towards a New Regulatory Regime for Water in Mexico (Español) (English)
Ana Maria Nusdeo – Sustainability and Law.  Possible Institutional Answers (English) (Español)
Orlando Rey – Environmental Law as Guarantor of Social Justice (Español) (English)
Patrick Wieland – Free Market Environmentalism in Peru: The Ups and Downs of a New Wave of Environmental Regulation (English) (Español)
Commentator: Carol Rose
Panel 7: Liberal, Neoliberal, and Illiberal Rights 
Paula Ahumada – Constitutional Neoliberalism. The case of freedom of expression in Chile (Español) (English)
Marcelo Alegre – Populism and human rights. Oil and Water? (Español) (English)
Ronaldo Macedo – Freedom of Expression: What Lessons Should We Learn from U.S. Experience? (English) (Español)
Commentator: Caio Pereira

SELA 2015

Twenty Years of SELA

Friday, June 20: The Evolution of Society

Panel 1: The Politics of Economics
Mariana Pargendler: Law and Economics in the South: the Role of Brazilian Courts (English) (Spanish)
Claire Priest: The Stamp Act and American Institutional and Economic History (English)
Commentator: Francisco Saffie

Panel 2: Economic and Social Rights
Carlos Alzugaray: The Political Logic Behind the Process of “Updating the Economic Model in Cuba”
Fernando Atria: Social Contract, Social Rights, Socialism (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Rodolfo Figueroa

Panel 3: Strategies for Development
Ximena Benavides: Economic Development and State Owned Enterprises (English)
Rodrigo Polanco: Lessons Learned and Lessons to Be Learned: Investment Law and Development for Developed Countries (Spanish) (English)
Mariana Mota Prado: Institutional Bypasses in Brazil: Overcoming Ex-Ante Resistance to Institutional Reforms (English) (Spanish)
Commentator: Eleonora Lozano

Saturday, June 21: The Work of the Founders

Panel 4: Owen Fiss on the Modern Democratic State: Free Speech and Adjudication
Victor Ferreres: Arbitration, Democracy and the Rule of Law: Some Reflections on Owen Fiss’s Theory (Spanish) (English)
Carol Rose: Owen, Me, and the Siege of Chicago (English) (Spanish)
Commentator: George Priest

Panel 5: Owen Fiss on Equality and Community
Lucas Grosman: Antisubordination and Beyond (English)
Roberto Saba: The Legal Academy According to Owen Fiss (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Carlos Rosenkrantz

Panel 6: Robert Burt and the Dignity of the Individual Spirit
Mary Beloff & Laura Clerico: The Right to Dignity and Vulnerable Groups (Spanish) (English)
Laura Saldivia: The Right to Gender Identity in Argentina: Context, Originality, and the Need for World-Wide Promotion (Spanish)
Commentator: Martin Böhmer

Panel 7: The Constitution in Conflict: Robert Burt and Judicial Supremacy
Marcio Grandchamp: Judicial Authority, Egalitarianism, and the Demands of Justice (English) (Spanish)
Pedro Salazar: One Case, Four Postulates, and a Sincere Concern (With Regards Constitutional Justice in Mexico) (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Pablo Ruiz-Tagle

Sunday, June 22: Rights at Risk

Panel 8: Judges and Human Rights
Julieta Lemaitre: Civilization, Barbarism, and the War on Drugs: The Normalization of Violent Death in Mexico and Colombia (Spanish)
Eliezer Gomes da Silva: Human Rights at the State Level: National Human Rights Institutions and Ministérios Públicos in Latin America – beyond the Paris Principles (Portuguese) (English) (Spanish)
Commentator: Alejandro Madrazo

Panel 9: Freedom of Expression and Collective Self-Government
Paula Ahumada: Freedom of Expression in Latin America: From Protecting Dissent to the Necessity of a Public and Robust Debate (Spanish) (English)
Mylai Burgos & Julio Cesar Guanche: Citizen Participation in the Cuban State (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Eduardo Bertoni

Human Rights: Theoretical Possibilities and Practical Challenges

Thursday, June 6

Keynote: David Dyzenhaus, Law as Public Conscience

Friday, June 7

Panel 1: What are Rights?
Marisa Iglesias -- A Margin of Appreciation Doctrine for the European Convention on Human Rights: In Search of a Balance between Democracy and Rights in the International Sphere [Spanish] [English]
Samuel Tschorne -- Towards an Expressive Approach to Rights: Hart's Theory of Rights [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Francisca Pou Gimenez

Panel 2: The Inter-American System of Rights
Aida Torres -- The Independence of International Human Rights Courts: The Case of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights [English] [Spanish]
Angel Oquendo -- The Politicization of Human Rights [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Cristina Rodríguez

Panel 3: The International Obligation for Accountability
Jorge Contesse -- The New Last Word: Control of Conventionality and the Possibility The Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the “Duty of Conventionality” [Spanish]
Roberto Gargarella -- International Courts, Mass Crimes, and Democracy [Spanish] [English]
Comments by Carlos Rosenkrantz

Panel 4: The Corporation as Perpetrator
Béatriz Eugenia Sánchez & René Urueña -- Human Rights, Forced Displacement, and Development in Colombia: Consideration of the Impact of International Law on Domestic Policy 
Noah Novogrodsky -- Sideways Advocacy [English] [Spanish]

Comments by Carol Rose

Saturday, June 8

Panel 5: New Forms of Constitutionalism
Javier Couso -- Radical Democracy and the “New Latin American Constitutionalism” [Spanish] [English]
Julio César Guanche & Julio Antonio Fernández -- Rights and Guarantees in Cuba: Background and a Proposal [Spanish] [English]
Carlos Portugal Gouvêa -- The Managerial Constitution: Understanding What Works in the Constitutional Protection of Human Rights [English]
Comments by Viviane Neptune

Panel 6: Democratic Legitimacy
Tom Tyler -- Achieving peaceful regime change: Why do losers consent? [English] [Spanish]
Fernando Muñoz -- The “Right of the People”: Plebeian Uprising in the Age of Its Technical Irreproducibility [Spanish] [English]
Gonzalo Zegarra -- Trust-Contract Democracy: Political Economy & Political Philosophy of the Social Contract and its Failures [Spanish] [English]
Comments by Diego Wernecke Arguelhes

Democracy Roundtable: The Havana Peace Negotiations

  • Sergio Jaramillo, High Commissioner for Peace
  • Juanita Léon, Director, La silla vacía
  • Angelika Rettberg, Professor and Department Chair, Political
  • Science Department, Universidad de los Andes
  • María Emma Wills, Center for National Memory

Moderator: Helena Alviar, Dean, Universidad de Los Andes School of Law

Sunday, June 9

Panel 7: Symbols of Justice and Injustice
Esteban Restrepo -- Justice of Images, Justice through Images: A Few Notes to Consider the Relationship between Criminal Law and the Representation of Mass Atrocity [Spanish] [English]
Paulina Ochoa Espejo -- What Is Wrong With Border Fences? [English] [Spanish]
Comments by Bo Burt

Violence, Legitimacy, and Public Order
June 7 – 10
Mexico City

Thursday, June 7

Keynote: Tom R. Tyler – Legitimacy and the Maintenance of Public Order

Friday, June 8

Panel 1 – Drugs and Violence
Julieta Lemaitre – The Peace at Hand: War and Peace in Colombia’s 1991 Constituent Assembly (Spanish) (English)
Mariana Mota Prado – Police Reform in Violent Democracies in Latin America (English) (Spanish)
Catalina Pérez Correa – Federalism and Community Security: Policing as a Federal Affair (Spanish)
Commentator: José Antonio Guevara

Panel 2 – Poverty and Law
Ana Paula de Barcellos – Cash Transfer Programs and Their Possible Side Effects: The Brazilian Bolsa Familia Case (English)
Myrta Morales-Cruz – Lawyers and “Social” Movements: The story of the Puerto Rico "Zero Evictions" Coalition (English)
Commentator: Gabriel Bouzat

Panel 3 – Institutionalized Marginalization
Jaime Couso – Mapuche People and Criminal Law (Spanish) (English)
James Forman, Jr. – Racial Critiques of Mass Incarceration: Beyond the New Jim Crow (English) (Spanish)
Alejandro Madrazo – Criminal and Enemy in the Political Imagination of the War on Drugs (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Mónica González Contró

Saturday, June 9

Panel 4 – Liberalism and the Limits of State Regulation
Marcelo Alegre – Secularism, Atheism and Democracy (Spanish) (English)
Lucas Grosman – Drugs under the Constitution (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Daniel Markovits

Panel 5 –The Institutions of a Working Democracy
José Luis Sardón – Democracy without Political Parties (Spanish) (English)
Lucas Sierra – Supermajority Legislative Requirements and the Constitutional Court in Chile (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Roberto Gargarella

Panel 6 – Democracy Roundtable
Presidential Politics and the Future of Democracy in Mexico

  • María Amparo Casar, Professor, CIDE, Commentator, Canal 11
  • Ciro Murayama, Professor, UNAM, Columnist, La Crónica
  • Isaac José Woldenberg Karakowski, Director, Nexos Magazine

Moderator: Karina Ansolabehere

Sunday, June 10

Panel 7 – North-South Dynamics in Legal Education
Muneer I. Ahmad – Development Lawyering: Toward a Critical Pedagogy and Practice of Encounter (English) (Spanish)
Daniel Bonilla – Between Equality and Subordination: Legal Clinics in the Global North and South (English)
Isabel Cristina Jaramillo – Mapping Academic Exchanges: Beyond the North-South Divide (English)
James Silk – From Empire to Empathy? Clinical Collaboration Between the Global North and the Global South (English)
Commentator: Ronaldo Porto Macedo

June 9 – 12
San José, Costa Rica

Panels and Presenters:

The New Latin American Constitutionalism
Carlos Portugal Gouvea: Social Rights against the Poor (Portuguese) (English)
Samuel Tschorne: The Authoritarian Constitutional Tradition and Chilean “Stability” (Spanish) (English)
Francisca Pou Giménez: The Constitutionalization of Language Rights in Latin America: A Preliminary Discussion (Spanish) (English)

Sexuality and the Theory of Rights
Verónica Undurraga: Variations of the “Non-demandability” Argument for Legal Abortion and their Consequences for Constitutional Decisions (Spanish) (English)
Neus Torbisco Casals: Beyond the Feminism vs. Multiculturalism Dispute on Group Rights: Towards a Participatory Approach (English)
Commentator: Ángel Oquendo

Property Rights
Claire Priest: Creating an American Property Law (English)
Alejandro Madrazo Lajous: Genes and TRIPs: “No Man’s Land” Revisited? (English) (Spanish)
Hiram Meléndez-Juarbe: Technopolitics and Copyright Regulation (Spanish)
Commentator: Ana Maria Nusdeo

Technological Innovations and Legal Orderings
Chloé Georas: The “Internet-museum” and Digital Debris (Spanish)
Alfredo Bullard: Law in Science Fiction (Spanish) (English)
Noah Novogrodsky: After AIDs (English) (Spanish)
Commentator: Carol Rose

Faith and Politics
Peter Schuck: The Influence of Religious Organizations on Government in the U.S. (English) (Spanish)
Fernando Atria Lemaitre: Living under Dead Ideas: Law as the Will of the People (Spanish) (English)
Commentator: Jaime Couso

Democracy Roundtable: Authoritarian Populism
Javier Couso (Moderator)
Roberto Gargarella
Pedro Salazar Ugarte
Gonzalo Zegarra Mulanovich

Insecurity, Democracy, and Law
June 10 - 13, 2010
Santiago, Chile


Panel 1: The Limits of Criminal Law
Mariana Pargendler & Diego Arguelhes - Collateral Costs of Violence: How Insecurity is Shaping Legal Institutions in Brazil English / Portuguese / Spanish
Roberto Gargarella - Penal Coercion in Contexts of Unjust Inequality Spanish / English
Juan G. Bertomeu - Democracy + Guarantees Spanish / English
Mateo Taussig - Pirate Trials, the ICC, and Mob Justice: Forms of Sovereignty in Kenya English / Spanish
Comments by Daniel Markovits

Panel 2: Equality and Punishment
Gabriel Bouzat - Inequality, Crime, and Security in Argentina Spanish / English
Lourdes Peroni - Security and Inequality: Unprotected and Targeted? Spanish / English
Ezequiel Nino - Crime, Poverty, and Inequity in Latin America: Different Sides of the Same Coin Spanish / English
Comments by Noah Novogrodsky

Panel 3: Imprisonment
Ana Paula de Barcellos - Urban Violence, Prison Conditions, and Human Dignity English / Spanish
Leonardo Filippini - Imprisonment and Criminal Discourse Spanish / English
Owen Fiss - Imprisonment without Trial English / Spanish
Comments by Marco Abarca and Mario Ramos-Reyes

Panel 4: Institutional Structures
Mariana Mota Prado - A Tragedy of Privates: Private Security Services in Latin America English / Spanish
Raúl Mejía - The Use of the Military as Police in Mexico Spanish / English
Pedro Salazar Ugarte - Redefining Security and Reexamining Policy to Identify the Causes of Insecurity in Mexico Spanish / English
Comments by Rodrigo Correa

Panel 5: Security and the Nation-State
William Vázquez-Irizarry - Exception and Necessity: The Possibility of a General Theory of Emergency Spanish / English
Pablo Larrañaga - A "Welfarist" Approach to the Constitutional Analysis of Security Policies Spanish / English
Paul Kahn - Criminal and Enemy in the Political Imagination English / Spanish
Comments by Antonio Barreto

Law and Sexuality

Asunción, Paraguay

June 11 – 14, 2009

Full Program Available Here

Panel 1 – The Foundational Ideals

Marcelo Alegre – Conscientious Objection vs. Civil Disobedience: The Resistance of Health Service Providers | Spanish | English |
Bo Burt – Choice, Liberty, and Equality | Spanish | English |
Fernando Muñoz – Political Pornography | English | Spanish |
Commentator/Moderator: Lucas Grosman

Panel 2 – The Politics of Identity
Ana Maria Nusdeo and Carlos de Salles – Homosexual Adoption | Spanish | English |
Laura Saldivia – Reexamining the Binary Construction of Sexuality | Spanish | English |
Kenji Yoshino – The Judicial Closet and the Legislative Altar | Spanish | English |
Commentator/Moderator: Esther Vicente

Panel 3 – Reproductive Rights
Karina Ansolabehere – Law and Morals in Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina | Spanish | English |
Alejandro Madrazo – The Debate over Reproductive Rights in Mexico | Spanish | English |
Reva Siegel – Dignity and Reproductive Rights | Spanish | English |
Commentator/Moderator: Martín Farrell

Panel 4 – Children’s Sexuality
Antonio Bascuñan – Liberalism and Modern Sex-Crimes | Spanish | English |
Jaime Couso – The Sexuality of Minors in the Criminal Law | Spanish | English |
Mónica González Contró – Sexual Rights of Children and Adolescents | Spanish | English |
Commentator/Moderator: Catalina Perez Correa

Panel 5: The Role of the Church
Julieta Lemaitre Ripoll – The Catholic Church as an Illegitimate Political Actor | Spanish | English |
Isabel C. Jaramillo – Reproductive Rights as a Shield against the Church | Spanish | English |
Mario Ramos-Reyes – Christian Ethics and Modernity | Spanish | English |
Commentator/Moderator: Francisca Pou