SELA 2024

June 7-9, 2024


          The Possibilities of Environmental Justice

Florencia Saulino – “Environmental Rights, Collective or Individual?”

Salvador Millaleo – “Fair Energy Transition and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America”

Pablo Rueda-Saiz & Alexandra Huneeus – “Territory-as-Victim in Post-Conflict Colombia”

Commentator: Carol Rose

          Today’s Threats to Political Freedom

Sebastián Guidi & Gilad Abiri – “The Platform Federation”

Catalina Pérez Correa – “Is Democracy Possible in a Militarized State?”

Leonardo Filippini – “University Autonomy, the Constitution, and Democracy”

Adriana Cruz and Tiago Santos – “Racial Citizenship in Brazil and the US”

Commentator: George Priest

          Strategies for Representing the Most Vulnerable

Mauricio del Toro – “Vulnerability and Political Representation in Mexico”

Adilson Moreira – “Thinking as a Black Jurist”

Ana Micaela Alterio – “Translating Political Subjects into Legal Categories”

Madeleine Plasencia – “‘Color-Blind’ Constitutional Interpretation”

Commentator: Roberto Saba

          The Saga of Constitution Making in Chile

Rodrigo Correa – “The Paradoxical Chilean Constitutional Moment”

Javier Couso – “How Neutral Should a Constitution Be? An Approach from Chile’s Experience”

Veronica Undurraga – “The Role of Expertise: Reflections on the Second Round”

Roberto Gargarella – “The Theory of Constitutional Assemblies: Some Lessons from Latin America”

Commentator: Paula Ahumada

          Paths to Transition in the Caribbean

Michel Fernandez and Julio Antonio Fernandez – “Cuba”

Irwin Stotzky – “Haiti”

Efrén Rivera – “Puerto Rico”

     Commentator: Tracy Robinson

          The Authority of the Inter-American Human Rights Convention

Daniela Urosa – “Time to Revisit the Status of the United States in the Inter-American System”

Nahuel Maisley – “Two Axes for Conceptualizing the Tension between the Inter-American System and Constitutional Democracies”

Elvira Mendez Chang – “International Obligations v. Constitutional Norms”

     Commentator: Renata Bregaglio

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