SELA 2020 to be held in Santiago, Chile, from June 12-14, 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19. It will be rescheduled for June 2021


Protecting Freedom through the Law

Michel Fernández & Julio Antonio Fernández: “Authoritarianism vs. the People’s Power in Cuba”

Caio Mario Pereira Neto:  “Fake News, Freedom of Speech and Fairness of Elections: the Role of Electoral Courts”

Commentator: María Agnes Salah


Robert A. Burt Keynote Address

Samuel Issacharoff, NYU School of Law: “Fragile Democracies”


The Legitimacy of Populism

Fernando Atria: “The Turn from the Democratic to the Populist Principle”

Roberto Gargarella: “Against ‘Democratic Erosion’: 20 Years of Deliberative Assemblies”

Myrta Morales Cruz: “The 2019 Puerto Rican Protests: Mobilization in the ‘Age of Neoliberalism’”

Commentator: Gabriel Bouzat 


International Courts, Transitional Justice, and Democracy (part 1)

José Luis Sardon: “The Flawed Structure of the IACtHR”

Jorge Contesse: “International Justice for Constitutional Democracy?”

Commentator: Rodrigo Correa 


International Courts, Transitional Justice, and Democracy (part 2)

Tracy Robinson: “The Fledgling Caribbean Court and a Divided Guyana”

Alberto Puppo: “Transitional Justice, Redemption, and Humanity”

Commentator: Leticia Vita 


Inventing the “Other” and its Consequences for Democracy (part 1)

Lucas Sierra: “Immigration in Chile: Problems of and Challenges for Identity Politics”

Camila Duran:  “Understanding institutional change and gender discourse at the International Monetary Fund”

Commentator: Eleanor Brown 


Inventing the “Other” and its Consequences for Democracy (part 2)

Thiago Amparo:  “Whiteness and Autocratic Constitutionalism in Brazil and the United States”

Nancy Yañez:  “An Analysis of the Indigenous Consultation Processes in Latin America”

Commentator: Renata Bregaglio

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