SELA 2022

Fixing the Ship at Sea:  Threats to Democracy and Efforts to Rebuild

Santiago de Chile, June 9-12, 2022

Session 1:        Using the Judiciary to Resist Authoritarianism

Leonardo Filippini:     “Constitutional Interpretation: Rupture and Continuity in the Face of Authoritarian Legacy”

Diego Arguelhes:    “Judicial Populism in Brazil”

Elizabeth Iglesias:    “Militant Democracy for the Multitude:  Universal Jurisdiction, International Criminal Law and the Conditions of Possibility for the Defense of Human Rights

Commentator:        Eleonora Lozano 

Session 2:        Strategies for Creating and Maintaining Authoritarianism 

Conrado Hubner Mendes: “Bolsonaro’s Strategy for Undermining the Constitution without Passing Legislation"

Daniela Urosa:      “The Role of Constitutional Courts in Illiberal Latin American Democracies”

José Ignacio Hernández:    “Constitutional Authoritarian-Populism and Presidential Reelection in El Salvador”

Commentator:        Javier Couso

Session 3:        Property, Democracy, and Inequality

Guillermo Arribas:    “How Has State Action and Land Titling Policy Affected Customary Propoerty in Peruvian Housing”

Nahuel Maisley:    “Law and Democracy in the Globalization of Infrastructure as an Asset Class”

Commentator:        Claire Priest

Session 4:         International Courts, Transitional Justice, and Democracy (part 1)

José Luis Sardon:     “The Flawed Structure of the IACtHR”

Jorge Contesse:    “Judicial Interactions and Human Rights Contestations in Latin America”

Commentator:        Rodrigo Correa 

Session 5:        International Courts, Transitional Justice, and Democracy (part 2)

Tracy Robinson:    “The Fledgling Caribbean Court and a Divided Guyana”

Alberto Puppo:    “Transitional Justice, Redemption, and Humanity”

Commentator:        Leticia Vita 

Session 6:     Inventing the “Other” and its Consequences for Democracy

Thiago Amparo:      “Police Necropolitics as Crisis of Democracy in Brazil”

Carlos Portugal Gouvêa:    “Patriarchy and Racism in Brazilian Corporate Governance: Implications for Equality and Democracy”

Madeleine Plasencia:   “Actor Networks in the Borderlands – The Apposition of Reproductive Rights along the Mexican-American Border”

Commentator:        Eleanor Brown 

Session 7:         The Legitimacy of Populism (part 1)

Fernando Atria:     “The Form of Law and the Concept of the Political”

Roberto Gargarella:    “‘Conversation Among Equals’ as a Model to Address the Crisis of Constitutional Democracy”

Commentator:        Gabriel Bouzat

Session 8:        The Legitimacy of Populism (part 2)    

Myrta Morales Cruz:     “The 2019 Puerto Rican Protests: Mobilization in the ‘Age of Neoliberalism’”

Julio  César Guanche     “Cuba:  Political Conflict, Social Change, Rights, and Citizenship”
and Carlos Alzugaray 

Commentator:         Renata Bregaglio

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