SELA 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico

June 8 - 10

Democracy, Austerity, and Law

Session 1 - Corruption, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

Mariana Mota Prado and Marta Machado – The Promises and Perils of Using Criminal Law to Fight Corruption: The Lava Jato Case   

Francisco Saffie – Illicit Transnational Money Flows as a Problem for Democracy                 

Commentator – José Roldán Xopa              

Session 2 - Proportionality

Natalia Angel-Cabo – The Constitution and the City: Reflections on judicial experimentalism in urban code

Francisca Pou Giménez – Proportionality without a Culture of Justification 

Commentator – Victor Ferreres                                                                                                 

Session 3 - Lawmaking Across Borders

Laura Clérico – Lack of European and Inter-American Consensus and the Argument from Comparative Law

Conrado Hübner Mendes – Cosmopolitan Sovereigns: Accounting for Domestic Climate Policy                                                                                         

Noah Novogrodsky – Winning Transnationalism                                                                

Commentator – Rocío Villanueva                                                                                                             

Session 4 - Freedom of Speech

Paula Ahumada – Democracy and the Problem of Money                                      

Ronaldo Porto Macedo Junior – Fake News and its Menace to Free Speech                                                                                                                   

Roberto Saba – The Metaphors of Freedom of Speech

Esther Vicente – Criminalizing Protest in Puerto Rico          

Commentator – Owen Fiss                           

Session 5 - Robert A. Burt Keynote

“Perdonen mi tristeza”

Luce López-Baralt, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico

Session 6 - Constitutional Failures; Constitutional Revivals

Roberto Gargarella – Reconstructing Constitutionalism in the Americas. The Problem of “Democratic Dissonance”

Samuel Tschorne – The “legitimacy crisis” and the “constitutional problem” in Chile: what is left?

Commentator – Julio César Guanche                                                                                                               

Session 7 - Austerity

Ximena Benavides – The Painful Rationing: Austerity, Inequality, and Health in Puerto Rico                                                                     

Camila V. Duran and Michelle Ratton – Testing the Limits of Democracy: Taking Fiscal Austerity from Institutions to the Constitution in Brazil

Myrta Morales – Advancing Rights and Social Justice in Puerto Rico                               

Constanza Salgado – Social Rights, Austerity, and Neoliberalism

Commentator – George Priest


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