SELA 2019
Gender and Equality
Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 6-9, 2019
The Nature of Rights: Their Value and Drawbacks
Jamal Greene: “Rights Absolutism” 
Daniela Salazar & “Advocating for Women's Rights in the Era of the Rule 
Shelley Cavalieri:  of Rights”
Verónica Undurraga:  “Translating empirical evidence into constitutional language”
Commentator: Fernando Atria          
Court-centered Strategies of Advocacy  
Lidia Casas:                 “Chile’s ‘win-win’ abortion law (for its opponents)”
Isabel Jaramillo:          “Aggressive certiorari grants for structural interventions in Colombian abortion cases”
Rocío Villanueva:       “Violence against women, legal reasoning, and corruption”
Commentator: Tracy Robinson
Politically-centered Strategies of Advocacy
Paola Bergallo:          “‘Shifting legal visions’ in the context of abortion law reform”
Emiliano Buis:           “Reproducing discourse: emotional language in the debates over abortion in Argentina”
Commentator: Francisca Pou Giménez            
The Impact of Competing Ideals: Conscience, the Sanctity of Life, and the Intimacy of Family
Rodolfo Figueroa:      “Term-based abortion in Chile’s constitutional jurisprudence”
Eliezer Gomes da Silva:  “Femicide as an enduring global issue”
Doug NeJaime & “Conscience Wars”
Reva Siegel:           
Commentator: Noah Novogrodsky
Sexual Harassment in the University
Jaime Couso: “Sexual assault and harassment on campuses: fairness for victims and defendants?”
Mónica González Contró: “Using university policy to combat sexual harassment”
Pedro Salazar Ugarte: “Affirmative consent in university policies”
Commentator: Pablo Ruiz-Tagle
Autonomy as a Constitutional Value
Mylai Burgos:           “Autonomy in the new Cuban constitution”
Laura Saldivia: “The paradigm of autonomy: analyzing the depathologization of body practices”
Commentator: Martín Farrell
The Construction of Difference
Chloé Georas: “From Sexual Explicitness to Invisibility in Resistance Art: Coloniality, Rape Culture and Technology”
Alejandro Madrazo: “La Patria: Rape, Territory and National Identity”
Thula Pires:              “The Limits of Democracy in Ladin Amefrica”
Commentator: Carol Rose
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