The Constitutional Dilemmas of Social Democracy
SELA 2017

Quito, Ecuador

June 8 - 11

Thursday, June 8

Robert A. Burt Keynote Address

Robert Post                 Freedom of Expression as Foundation of Democracy (tent.)

Friday, June 9

Legitimacy and Social Control

Eliezer Gomes da Silva    Quality of Democracy, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Latin America -- An Exploration (Portuguese) (English) (Spanish)

Esteban Restrepo             The Sentimental Constitution: Prostitution, Sex Work, and Human Trafficking in Colombia (Spanish) (English)

Commentator:                 Marcelo Ferrante

Indigenous Peoples and Liberal Values

Salvador Millaleo        State Law and Indigenous Law: Coordination or Subordination (Spanish) (English)

Daniela Salazar            When Justice does not Allow Peace: The Need to Apply Transitional Justice Measures to Protect the Isolated Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (Spanish) (English)

Mauricio del Toro       The Intercultural Key in the Recognition of Electoral Pluralism in Mexico (Spanish) (English)

Commentator:            Ángel Oquendo                                  

Discrimination and Difference

Lucas Grosman and Florencia Saulino            Discrimination in Labor Law and the Private Sphere

Tracey Robinson         Legalising Norms Related to Sexual, Gender and Bodily Diversity in the Inter-American Human Rights System (English) (Spanish)

Commentator:            Julieta Lemaitre

Democracy Roundtable

International Human Rights Tribunals

Marisa Iglesias            The Future of International Human Rights Tribunals: Deference to states or cooperative division of labor? (Spanish) (English)                    

Eduardo Bertoni          Non-compliance wiht Decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: An Empirical Analysis (Spanish) (English)

Jorge Contesse            Inter-American Human Rights Law and Judicial Backlash (English) (Spanish)

Commentator:             Carlos Rosenkrantz

Judicial Authority within the Judiciary

Juan Gonzalez Bertomeu         Colombia's Constitutional Court Doctrine on 'the Substitution of the Constitution' (Spanish) (English)

Diego Arguelhes         “The Court, it is I”: individual judicial review in Brazil and its implications for constitutional theory (English) (Spanish)                             

Karina Ansolabehere   Concentrated Fidelity: The Willingness of Lower Courts to Follow the Mexican Supreme Court's Edicts (Spanish) (English)

Commentator:            Jamal Greene

Investment, Self-government, and Rights

Rodrigo Polanco         Investment Arbitration and Human Rights: Cases in Ecuador and Peru from a Comparative Approach (English) (Spanish)         

Michel Fernández        The Extractive Industry in Cuba: A legal perspective and proposals for the future (Spanish) (English)

Efrén Rivera                Economic Crisis, Democracy, and Rights: the Case of Puerto Rico (Spanish) (English)

Commentator:            Sebastian Elias

Political Solidarity and the Ties that Bind

Rodrigo Correa           Democratic Representation: Against Direct Democracy (Spanish) (English)

Amalia Amaya            The Relevance of Fraternity (Spanish) (English)

Commentator:             Leticia Vita