The Information Society Project
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Jul 1
RT @filippotrevisan: Great series finale and great collaboration @DigIntLab @yaleisp -- looking forward to our next partnership! #Access #accessibility #InternetGovernance #Disability @idpp_global @InternetGov https://t.co/6HcTSaUp6l
The Information Society Project
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Jun 30
RT @RebeccaCrootof: So excited that my beloved @yaleisp will have such a great leader! @chinmayiarun has big shoes to fill (@nikenberger is a rock star!) but I can't wait to see where she takes the fam. https://t.co/kaUtIaAARB


(August 2021 | Report)
A Taxonomy of Harms and a Path Forward for the Federal Trade Commission
Rebecca Kelly Slaughter
(May 2021 | Report)
Dan Geer

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