Fall 2008

September 17
Introduction to Law Teaching
Professor Reva Siegel

October 1
Behavior on Beaches and What It Tells Us About Law, Norms and Culture: An Empirical Approach to Legal Analysis
Professor Richard Brooks

October 15
Academic Fellowship Panel
Elizabeth Bangs, Director of Harvard's Climenko Fellows, and YLS alumni will discuss post-graduate academic fellowships as a path to law teaching. Co-sponsored by CDO.

November 12
How to Develop a Research Agenda
Professor Bill Eskridge

November 19
Student Work-in-Progress Presentation, co-sponsored by Yale Law Women.

December 10
Clinical Teaching Panel
YLS alumni will discuss clinical teaching and the clinical teaching market. Co-sponsored by CDO.

Spring 2009

February 11
The Law-Teaching Career and Interdisciplinary Scholarship
Professor Nicholas R. Parrillo

February 25
How to Become a Law Professor by Accident
Professor Douglas Kysar

March 25
Academic Teaching - Alumni Panel
Mark Alexander '92, Professor of Law, Seton Hall Law School
Donald Braman '05, Associate Professor of Law, George Washington U. Law School
Adriaan Lanni '99, Assistant Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

April 17
Aspiring Scholars Symposium
Making an Impact as an Emerging Legal Scholar
Professors Peter Lindseth, Yair Listokin, and Nicholas R. Parrillo

April 29
Student Work-in-Progress Presentation, co-sponsored by Yale Law Women.
Mika Morse ’08 - "Young Citizens: A Case Study of Institutionalizing Children's Participation in Community Decision-making"
Faculty Respondents: Professors Alstott and Eskridge

The Law Teaching Series is supported by the
Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund at Yale Law School.