Fall 2012

Oct. 3
Introduction to Law Teaching
Professor Reva Siegel

Oct. 24
How to Workshop a Paper
Professors Heather Gerken, Scott Shapiro, Tracey Meares

Oct. 31
Law Teaching: An Introduction to Clinical Teaching
Professor Michael Wishnie

Nov. 14
Pathways to Law Teaching: Clerkship, Fellowship, PhD?
Professors David Marcus and Nicholas Parrillo; Assistant Dean Gordon Silverstein

Spring 2013

February 6
Law Teaching: Publishing: What, How, When and Why?
Professors Daniel Markovits and David Marcus

February 20
Law Teaching: Clinical Legal Education
Professors Sarah Russell and Troy Elder

March 27
Law Teaching: The View from the Other Side: What do Hiring Committees Really Want?
Professors Peter Siegelman and Tracey L. Meares

April 3
Law Teaching: How to Survive (and Thrive) on the Law Teaching Job Market
Professors Julia Simon-Kerr and Andrew Verstein

April 17
Law Teaching: The ‘Teaching’ in Law Teaching
Professors Abbe R. Gluck and Harold Hongju Koh