Fall 2010

September 29
Introduction to Law Teaching
Professors Ian Ayres and Reva Siegel

October 6
Introduction to Clinical Law Teaching
Professors Laurel Fletcher and Jeffrey Selbin

October 20
How to Workshop a Paper
Professors Heather Gerken and Scott Shapiro

November 3
Student Work In Progress Presentation
Sophie Brill – “A New National Security Court? The Case for a Provisional Approach to the Guantánamo Habeas Suits”
Faculty Respondent: Muneer Ahmad

November 9
Reflections on My Year Teaching Law in India
Prasad Krishnamurthy '04, Assistant Professor, Berkeley Law School, and former Ruebhausen South Asia Teaching Fellow

November 17
Sarah Russell '02, Assistant Professor of Law, Quinnipiac University
Giovanna Shay '97, Associate Professor of Law, Western New England College School of Law
Professor Tracey Meares '91, Deputy Dean and Walton Hale Hamilton Professor of Law, Yale Law School

November 30
How to Do Legal Scholarship
Panelists: Professors Oona Hathaway and Dan Kahan

Spring 2011

February 16
How to Develop a Research Agenda
Professor Bill Eskridge

March 9
Clinical Law Teaching Panel
Moderator: Professor Michael Wishnie
Professor Margaret Satterthwaite, Associate Professor Clinical Law, NYU
Professor Jon Bauer, Clinical Professor of Law, UCONN

March 23
Academic Teaching Alumni Panel
Professor Amy Kapczynski '03, Visiting Professor of Law and Irving S. Ribicoff Fellow in Law
Professor Serena Mayeri '01, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Professor Minor Myers '03, Assistant Professor, Brooklyn Law School

April 6
Student Work in Progress Presentation
Co-sponsored by Yale Law Women

The Law Teaching Series is supported by the
Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund at Yale Law School.