2004 - 2005 Schedule

Scott R. Peppett, University of Colorado School of Law
"Contractarian Economics and Bargaining Ethics: The End of the Legal Profession and the Beginning of Professional Pluralism"

Russell Korobkin, UCLA School of Law
"Roadblocks to the Road Map: A Negotiation Theory Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

Adam Galinsky, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Richard E. Speidel, Northwestern University Law School

Margaret L. Shaw, Principle, ADR Associates/JAMS
"Mediation Practice in and Era of Change: A View from the Trenches"

Phyllis A. Bernard, Oklahoma City University School of Law
"Harmonizing Systems and Cultures of Dispute Resolution"

Catherine A. Rogers, Louisiana State University
"Regulating International Arbitrators: A Consent-Based Approach to Enforcement of Misconduct-Tainted Awards"

Michael Moffitt, The University of Oregon School of Law
"What We Think and What We Say: An Exploration of Mediator Transparency"

John A. List, The University of Maryland and National Bureau of Economic Research
"Bargaining for Baseball Cards"
Yale Law School, Room TBA