Summer 2013 Faculty Activities

Summer 2013 Faculty Activities

Bruce Ackerman


The Supreme Court’s War on the Twentieth Century, HUFFINGTON POST, Jan. 31, 2013

A Militarized Japan? (with T. Matsudaira), LA TIMES,
Jan. 11, 2013

A New Route Around the Fiscal Cliff (with Y. Listokin), HUFFINGTON POST, Dec. 12, 2012

Tax Reform? We Need a Revolution, L.A. TIMES, Nov. 18, 2012

Election Bosses (with I. Ayres), SLATE, Nov. 2, 2012

Anne L. Alstott

Lectures And Addresses

• “Updating the Welfare State: Marriage, the Income Tax, and Social Security in the Age of the New Individualism,” Columbia Law School Tax Policy Colloquium, Oct. 2012

• “Updating the Welfare State: Marriage, the Income Tax, and Social Security in the Age of the New Individualism,” NYU/UCLA Conference, The Code at 100, Oct. 2012

Other Professional Highlights

• “Marriage and the Joint Return,” Marketplace, Apr. 2013

Jack M. Balkin

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Dangerous Thirteenth Amendment,” University of Michigan Faculty Colloquium, Oct. 3, 2012

• “The Supreme Court Term,” Conference of the Counsel of Chief Judges of State Courts, Houston, TX, Nov. 15, 2012

• “Roe v. Wade at 40,” Conference on Roe at Forty; Lawrence at Ten: What the Future Holds, Carnegie Endowment Conference Center, Washington, DC,
Dec. 14, 2012

• “The Health Care Case,” AALS Annual Conference,
New Orleans, LA, Jan. 6, 2013

• “Sexual Freedom and the Constitutional Text,” Conference on Liberty/Equality: The View from Roe’s 40th and Lawrence’s 10th Anniversaries, UCLA Law School, Jan. 19, 2013

• “Verdi’s High C,” Conference on Constitutional Foundations, University of Texas, Austin, TX, Feb. 15, 2013

• “Non-Originalist Uses of History,” Conference on the New Originalism, Fordham Law School, NY, Mar. 2, 2013


The First Amendment Is An Information Policy, 41 HOFSTRA L. REV. 1 (2012)

The Dangerous Thirteenth Amendment, 112 COLUM. L. REV. 1459 (2012) (with S. Levinson)

Room for Maneuver: Julie Cohen’s Theory of Freedom in the Information State, 6 JERUSALEM REV. LEGAL STUD. 79 (2012)

What It Will Take for Barack Obama to Become the Next FDR, THE ATLANTIC ONLINE, Nov. 1, 2012

How Obama Can Prevent Another Debt-Ceiling Crisis, THE ATLANTIC ONLINE, Dec. 9, 2012

Robert A. Burt

Lectures And Addresses

• Jewish Medical Students Association, Yale Medical School, New Haven, Symposium on “Religious Freedom and Male Circumcision,” Oct. 31, 2012

• Yale Medical School Bioethics Program, New Haven, Symposium on “What Is a Good Death,” Nov. 5, 2012

• Greenwall Foundation Bioethics Faculty Scholars Program, New York, “Constructing a Career: Looking Back,” Nov. 29, 2012

• Yale Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, New Haven, Commentary on Richard Weisberg’s lecture, “Flexiphobia,” Dec. 3, 2012

• Renaissance Weekend, Charleston, SC, “Injustice and the Book of Job,” Dec. 29, 2012

• Zuckerman Mind, Brain, Behavior Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY, “The Insanity Offense,”
Apr. 5, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Visiting Senior Research Scientist, Zuckerman Mind, Brain, Behavior Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY, Jan. 1–June 30, 2013

• Advisory Board, Dance for PD, Mark Morris Dance Company, Brooklyn, NY

Guido Calabresi

Lectures And Addresses

• Delivered Talk, “The Place of Torts in Law and Economics: The Significance of the Liability Rule,” at a Symposium, “Law and Economics as Applied Science: The Legacy of Guido Calabresi,” at the 8th Annual Prague Conference on Political Economy, held at CEVRO Institut, School of Legal and Social Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, Oct. 26–27, 2012

• Attended XXV International Conference of “Giordano Dell’Amore” Observatory on the Relations Between Law and Economics, Fondazione Cariplo, on “Individual and Social Rights to Property in the 21st Century,” and gave “Conclusions” to same, Milan, Italy, Nov. 8–9, 2012

• Moderated and spoke at Debate between Steven Calabresi and Akhil Amar, sponsored by the Yale Federalist Society, on “Judicially-Enforced Federalism and the Affordable Care Act,” Yale Law School, Dec. 4, 2012

• “Attended” (virtually, via Skype), greeted the participants, and answered questions at The Società Italiana di Diritto e Economia SIDE (The Italian Society of Law & Economics—ISLE) 2012 Eighth Annual Conference of Law and Economics, University of Rome, Dec. 14, 2012

• Spoke to incoming judges at the Scuola della Magistratura, Villa Castelpulci, Scandicci, Italy, about the job and role of a judge in various legal systems, Jan. 10, 2013

• Spoke to “Eliezer” at Yale, and told “Holocaust Tales” (Italy and the Holocaust), Eliezer at Yale, New Haven, CT, Jan. 28, 2013

• Delivered Lecture, University of Trieste, on “Lawyers, Professors, and Judges: The U.S. Experience,” Trieste, Italy, Mar. 12, 2013

• Delivered Opening Remarks at the 8th International Meeting of the Academy of Barristers (Consiglio Nazionale Forense) on “Faith in the Law: The Law in Times of Crisis and the Crisis in the Law,” Rome, Italy, Mar. 14, 2013

• Attended The 5th Alumni Dinner, YBLSA (Yale Black Law Students Association), delivered Welcome Remarks, and spoke in honor of Clifford L. Alexander, Jr., ’58, the recipient of this year’s Jane M. Bolin Service Award, New Haven, CT, Apr. 6, 2013

• Delivered remarks at the Harold H. Koh Portrait Unveiling, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT, Apr. 11, 2013

• Attended the APALSA/NALSA/SALSA (Asian Pacific American Law Students Association/Native American Law Students Association/South Asian Law Students Association) Alumni Banquet, and introduced Justice Goodwin Liu of the California Supreme Court, Keynote Speaker, New Haven, CT, Apr. 12, 2013

• Introduced Justice Marta Cartabia of the Italian Constitutional Court at an informal luncheon sponsored by the Yale Law Women and the Catholic Law Students Association, and at a seminar at the Law School, Apr. 14, 2013


Obituary, Ronald Dworkin—legal philosopher, TIME Magazine, Mar. 4, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Received honorary degree, Laurea Honoris Causa in Giurisprudenza (Doctor of Laws), at the opening of the academic year, University of Brescia, and delivered a lecture on “Federalism: Causes and Consequences,” Brescia, Italy, Jan. 21, 2013

• Received Award of Distinction for Leadership and Professional Excellence at the 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner of ALMA (Association of Italian LL.M. Graduates), and spoke on “Formalism and Functionalism,” New York, NY, Jan. 24, 2013

• Judged Final Argument of the Eighth Annual Immigration Law Moot Court Competition, with Honorable Ilana Rovner, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, and Honorable Robert Katzmann, U.S. Court of Appeals for 2nd Circuit, New York University School of Law, Feb. 24, 2013

• Dedicatee of the 70th Volume of the Annual Survey of American Law, New York University School of Law. Spoke in reply to comments by Dean Richard L. Revesz, Theodore F. Kelly, Editor-in-Chief, New York University Annual Survey of American Law, Kenneth S. Abraham, Akhil R. Amar, The Honorable Robert A. Katzmann, The Honorable Judith S. Kaye, Vincenzo Varano, and Kenji Yoshino, held at New York University School of Law, Feb. 26, 2013

• Visited Northwestern University School of Law as the 2013 Howard J. Trienens Visiting Judicial Scholar where I taught classes, met faculty and students, and addressed the Law School, answering questions about judging, teaching, and legal education, Chicago, IL,
Apr. 7–10, 2013

Dennis E. Curtis

Lectures And Addresses

• Presenter: “Representing Justice,” National Association of Women Judges, Miami, FL, Nov. 8, 2012 (with Judith Resnik)

• Panelist: “Visual Sources for Legal History: Reflections on Narratives of Representing Justice,” Roundtable, American Society for Legal History Conference, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 10, 2012 (with Judith Resnik)

• Panelist: “A Renaissance Remnant: The Political Iconography of Justice,” College Art Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY, Feb. 16, 2013 (with Judith Resnik)


• Federal Grievance Panel, D. Connecticut

Mirjan R. Damaska


• Unacknowledged Presences in International Criminal Justice, 10 J. INT’L CRIM. JUST. 1239–1256 (2012)

• Should National and International Justice be Subjected to the Same Evaluative Framework, in G. Sluiter et al., INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, 1418–22 (Oxford 2013)

Drew S. Days III

Lectures And Addresses

• Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Lecture on Constitutional Law, University of California, Davis School of Law, Davis, CA, Nov. 14, 2012

Fiona M. Doherty

Lectures And Addresses

• American Bar Association, Fall Institute: Sentencing, Reentry, Juvenile Justice, and Legal Education, Panel Member on “U.S. Prosecutions of Foreign Crimes: Challenges and Debates,” Oct. 26, 2012

Other Professional Highlights

• Launched Samuel Jacobs Criminal Justice Clinic at
Yale Law School

• Board member of the Focus Forward Project, a reentry initiative for federal prisoners

Robert C. Ellickson

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Law and Economics of Street Layouts: How a Grid Benefits a Downtown,” Law and Economics Workshop, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Jan. 15, 2013

• Roundtable on Kai Raustiala & Christopher Sprigman’s THE KNOCKOFF ECONOMY, University of Notre Dame Law School, South Bend, IN, Jan. 18, 2013

• Panelist, “The Effect of Street Layouts on Real Estate Value,” National Conference of the Yale Alumni Real Estate Association, New Haven, CT, Mar. 8, 2013


• The Costs of Complex Land Titles: Two Examples from China, 1 BRIGHAM–KANNER PROPERTY RIGHTS CONF. J. 281 (2012)

• The Entitlements of Unallied Hunters After a Sequential Capture, 63 UNIV. TORONTO L.J. 126 (2013)

William N. Eskridge, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• “Beyond Backlash: How Constitutional Litigation Has Advanced Marriage Equality in the United States, 1970–2012,” Distinguished Lecture, Boston University School of Law, Boston, MA, Nov. 15, 2012

• “Rules for Statutory Interpretation and Dilemmas for Legislative Drafting,” Keynote Address, First International Conference on Legislative Drafting and Law Reform, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, DC, Mar. 8, 2013

• “The Clash Between Religious Liberty and LGBT Equality in the Georgetown Gay Rights Case (1987),” Presentation, Symposium on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Gay Rights Coalition of Georgetown v. Georgetown University, Washington, DC, Mar. 20, 2013


The New Textualism and Normative Canons, 113 COLUM. L. REV. 531 (2013) (review essay, analyzing Scalia & Garner, READING LAW (2012))

Backlash Politics: How Constitutional Litigation Has Advanced Marriage Equality in the United States,
93 BOST. U.L. REV. 275 (2013)

Daniel C. Esty

Lectures And Addresses

• “Clean Energy in the 21st Century: The Connecticut Model,” Columbia University Earth Summit, New York, Mar. 29, 2013

• “Environmental Protection in the 21st Century,” LEAP Dinner talk, New Haven, Feb. 28, 2013

• “A 21st Century Approach to Energy and Environmental Policy: CT Leading the Way,” Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Wednesday Seminar Series, Feb. 27, 2013

• “Energy in the 21st Century,” Yale Undergraduate Energy Club, Feb. 26, 2013

• “Future of Environmental Careers Executive Roundtable,” Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Feb. 22, 2013

• “Climate Change Policy,” Yale Climate and Energy Institute Symposium on Air Quality, Climate Change, and Land Management, Feb. 8, 2013

• “Clean Energy Finance: The Connecticut Model,” R20 (Regions for Climate Action) Annual Conference, Vienna, Jan. 31, 2013

• “Green Technology in the World of Work,” Porter and Chester, Enfield, Jan. 15, 2013

• “Connecticut’s Environmental Agenda for 2013,” CT League of Conservation Voters Annual Environmental Summit, Hartford, CT, Dec. 6, 2012

• “21st Century Environmental Protection: The Connecticut Model,” Environmental Business Council, Hartford, CT, Nov. 30, 2012

• “Rethinking Energy and Environmental Policy,” Environmental and Public Utilities sections of the CT Bar, Hartford, Nov. 28, 2012

• “Low-Carbon Innovation and Investment,” Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, Washington, DC,
Nov. 13, 2012

Other Professional Highlights

• “Green Coast Sustainability Leadership Award 2012,” LiveGreen Connecticut 2012

• “Charles Remington Award for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship,” New Haven Land Trust

Owen M. Fiss

Lectures And Addresses

• “Even in a Time of Terror,” Information Society Project, Yale Law School, Feb. 20, 2013


Even in a Time of Terror, 31 YALE L. & POL’Y REV. 1 (2013)

The Democratic Mission of the University, 76 ALB. L. REV. 735 (2013)

• “Doar/Fiss,” A Conversation with John Doar, conducted as part of the “Voices of the Civil Rights Division, Then and Now” program in Washington, DC, 44 MCGEORGE LAW REV. 269 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

Moderator, “Proportionality Theory,” Mar. 11, 2013, Yale Law School

• Moderator, Yale Law School Middle East Legal Studies Seminar, The Arab Spring Continued: The Promise of Change and Sources of Resistance, Jan. 11–13, 2013, Rabat, Morocco

• Co-director of the Latin American Legal Studies Program (LALS) and the Middle East Legal Studies Seminar (MELSS) at Yale Law School

• Board member of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (New Haven) and the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (New York)

• Member of Advisory Selection Committee, Fellowship Program, Open Society Institute, NYC

James Forman, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• “Building Trust With Disadvantaged Communities: Lessons from Five Departments,” Executive Session on Police Leadership, St. Petersburg, FL, Nov. 28, 2012

• Keynote Address, “Solitary Confinement: Is Reform Possible?,” Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, MI,
Feb. 2, 2013

• “Marijuana Decriminalization and the Politics of Responsibility,” Quinnipiac Law School Faculty Workshop, Hamden, CT, Mar. 4, 2013

• “Marijuana Decriminalization and the Politics of Responsibility,” Berkeley Law School Faculty Workshop, Berkeley, CA, Mar. 12, 2013

• “America’s Black State: Race, Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C.,” Cornell Law School Faculty Workshop, Ithaca, NY, Apr. 5, 2013

•”The Strange History of Criminal Justice in Washington, DC,” Open Society Foundation, Washington, DC,
Apr. 8, 2013

• “America’s Black State: Race, Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC.,” Georgetown Law School Faculty Workshop, Washington, DC, Apr. 9, 2013

• Keynote Address, “Choosing the Future: Putting Education at the Center of Juvenile Justice Reform,” UNLV Law School, Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 12, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Fellowship, Open Society Foundation, 2013–2014

Heather K. Gerken

Lectures And Addresses

• “Dark Money and Shadow Parties,” William & Mary Law School, Mar. 2013

• “Horizontal Federalism,” William & Mary Law School, Mar. 2013

• “Horizontal Federalism,” Constitutional Roundtable, University of Toronto Law School, Mar. 2013

• “Progressive Federalism,” Harvard Federalist Society and the Yale Law Women, Harvard Law School,
Mar. 2013

• “Lobbying as the New Campaign Finance,” Lobbying Roundtable, NYU Law School, Mar. 2013

• “A Public Financing Model for Lobbying,” Under the Influence? Interest Groups, Lobbying, and Campaign Finance, The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, Buffalo, NY, Mar. 2013

• A National Conversation on American Unity, Bipartisan Policy Center Commission on Political Reform, Town Hall Meeting, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA, Mar. 2013

• “Shadow Money, Shadow Parties, and the Future of American Democracy,” NYU-Abu Dhabi Institute,
Abu Dhabi, Feb. 2013

• “Three Views of the Cathedral,” Is America Governable?, University of Texas Law School, Jan. 2013

• “Indexing Election Performance and the Use of Data in Elections,” Moderator, Voting in America 2012, Elections Initiatives, Pew Center on the States,
Dec. 2012

• “Politics, Corporations, and the First Amendment,” NELF CEO Forum, Boston, MA, Dec. 2012

• “Election Administration in 2012,” Political Law Symposium Dinner, George Washington University Law School, Nov. 2012

• “Federalism and Federal Power,” Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention, Washington, DC,
Nov. 2012

• Order of the Coif Lecture, “Not Your Father’s Federalism,” Pepperdine Law School, Nov. 2012

• Keynote Address, “Campaign Finance and Shadow Parties: The Future of American Politics,” The 2012 Election in Comparative and Historical Perspective, The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, Boston College, Oct. 2012

• Order of the Coif Lecture, “Not Your Father’s Federalism,” Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University, Oct. 2012

• “Not Your Father’s Federalism,” Tulsa Law Review Legal Scholarship Symposium to Honor the Work of Heather Gerken, University of Tulsa College of Law, Oct. 2012

• Insight Lecture, Race, Dissent, and Decentralization, Rockefeller University, Oct. 2012


• Exit, Voice, and Disloyalty, 62 DUKE L.J. 1349 (2013)

Make It Easy: The Case for Automatic Registration, 28 DEM. J. 17 (2013)

• Déjà vu All Over Again: Courts, Corporate Law, and Election Law, 126 HARV. L. REV. 86 (2013) (with M. Kang)

Federalism(s), 53 WM. & MARY L. REV. 1549 (2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• Senior Adviser, Obama for America Reelection, 2011-2012. Member of the National Election Protection Team and the Boiler Room “Legal Brain Trust”

• Proposed creating a “Democracy Index” in 2007. The proposal was incorporated into three separate bills (sponsored by Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Representative Steve Israel). Worked closely with the Pew Foundation, which released an Election Performance Index in the spring of 2013

• Honoree, “Not Your Father’s Federalism,” Tulsa Law Review Legal Scholarship Symposium Honoring the Work of Heather Gerken, University of Tulsa College of Law

• Featured in the BOSTON GLOBE’s Ideas Section, “How to Fix America from Below”

• Commissioner, Bipartisan Policy Center Commission on Political Reform

Abbe R. Gluck

Lectures And Addresses

• The Bloomberg Administration’s Legal Legacy, New York City Bar Association and Fordham Law School; co-convener as outgoing chair of the NYC Bar Association’s NYC Affairs Committee and moderator of Bloomberg’s Health Law Legacies Panel,
Nov. 27, 2012

• “Statutory Interpretation from the Inside: An Empirical Study of Congressional Drafting, Delegation, and the Canons,” Northwestern, Duke, George Washington, Yale, and Rutgers-Camden Faculty Workshops, Oct. 14, 2012; Nov. 9, 2012; Jan. 10, 2013; Feb. 20, 2013; and
Apr. 4, 2013

• Yale American Constitution Society Scholarship Workshop, “Statutory Interpretation from the Inside,” Nov. 2012

• The Constitution and Unwritten Law Roundtable, Notre Dame Law School, Mar. 22, 2013, “The Federal Common Law of Statutory Interpretation”

• Moderated panels on Health Reform and Health Law Careers, sponsored by the Yale Health Law and Policy Students Association, Jan., Mar., and Apr. 2012


• A Conversation with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 25 COLUM. J. GENDER & L. 1 (2013) (with Gillian Metzger)

• The Federal Common Law of Statutory Interpretation: Erie for the Age of Statutes, 54 WM. & MARY L. REV. 753 (2013)

• Federalism from Federal Statutes: Health Reform, Medicaid and the Old-Fashioned Federalists’ Gamble, in THE HEALTH CARE CASE 274 (Persily et al. eds., 2013) (also published in the FORDHAM L. REV.)

Henry Hansmann

Lectures And Addresses

• Presented paper on “Virtual Ownership and Managerial Distance: The Governance of Industrial Foundations” at the Ninth Annual NYU/PENN Conference on Law and Finance, Feb. 9, 2013

• Gave a talk on “Shareholder Value as a Managerial Norm” at the conference on “Rethinking ‘Shareholder Value’ and the Purpose of the Corporation” at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Mar. 7–8, 2013


A New View of Nineteenth-Century Corporate Voting Restrictions: Evidence from Brazil, England, and France, BUSINESS HISTORY (2013) (with M. Pargendler)

Legal Entities as Transferable Bundles of Contracts 111 MICH. L. REV. 715–58 (2013) (with K. Ayotte)/p>

Oona A. Hathaway

Lectures And Addresses

• Debate with Douglas Feith on International Law, Yale Federalist Society, New Haven, CT, Apr. 2013

• Hosted Conference on Internet Governance, Foreign Affairs in the Internet Age Initiative, Yale Law School, Apr. 2013

• “New Haven Goes to Washington: How an Innovative YLS Seminar Enables Students to Tackle Cutting-Edge International and National Security Law Questions,” DC YLS Alumni Association, Washington, DC, Apr. 2013

• “U.S. v. Bond,” American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington DC, Apr. 2013

• “The Legality of Drones,” Yale University, International Student Union, Feb. 2013

• “The Legality of Autonomous Weapons Systems,” Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, Dec. 2012

• “Potential Application of Self-Defense Principles,” Advisory Committee on International Law, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, Dec. 2012

• Boston University School of Law, Faculty Workshop, “The Law of the World,” Nov. 2012

• The State of Jurisprudence, Antwerp, Belgium, “The Law of the World,” Oct. 2012 (with Scott Shapiro)

• Cyber-War Conference, University of PennsylvaniaSchool of Law, “The Law of Cyber Attack,” Oct. 2012

• American University, “Presidential Power Over International Law: Restoring the Balance,” Oct. 2012


The Power to Detain: Detention of Terrorism Suspects After 9/11, YALE J. INT’L L. (2013) (with Samuel Adelsberg, Spencer Amdur, Philip Levitz, Freya Pitts & Sirine Shebaya)

The Treaty Power: Its History, Scope, and Limits, CORNELL L. REV. (2013) (with Spencer Amdur, Celia Choy, Samir Deger-Sen, Haley Nix, John Paredes & Sally Pei)

Fighting the Last War: The United Nations Charter in the Age of the War on Terror, in THE U.N. CHARTER (Joseph Lambert & Ian Shapiro eds., 2013)

Tortured Reasoning: The Intent to Torture Under International and Domestic Law, 52 VA. J. INT’L L. 791 (2012) (with Aileen Nowlan & Julia Spiegel)

Between Power and Principle, in THE ROLE OF ETHICS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW (Donald Earl Childress III ed.) (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

The Law of Cyber-Attack, CAL. L. REV. (2012) (with Rebecca Crootof, Philip Levitz, Haley Nix, Aileen Nowlan, William Perdue & Julia Spiegel)

The Relationship Between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law in Armed Conflict, MINN. L. REV. (2012) (with Rebecca Crootof, Philip Levitz, Haley Nix, William Purdue, Chelsea Purvis & Julia Speigel)

International Law at Home, YALE J. INT’L L. (2012) (with Sara Solow & Sabria McElroy) (examines the enforcement of international treaties in U.S. courts in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Medellin v. Texas).

Other Professional Highlights

• Appointed Adviser to the Domestic Effect of Treaties section on the American Law Institute’s Restatement Fourth, Foreign Relations Law of the United States project

• Advisory Committee on International Law for the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, Committee Member (reappointed)

• Yale University MacMillan Center, New Haven,
CT, Professor of International and Area Studies

• American Society of International Law Executive Council

• Appointed Co-Chair, American Society of International Law, Annual Meeting Planning Committee

• Counsel of Record, Amicus Brief for Yale Law School Center for Global Legal Challenges, U.S. v. Bond, U.S. Supreme Court (October 2012) (certiorari stage)

Paul W. Kahn

Lectures And Addresses

• “Law and Sacrifice,” Sir Thomas More Lecture Series for the Conservative Party of the Yale Political Union

• “Political Theology and the Popular Imagination,” at Religion and Politics in a Post-Secular World: The Seventh Annual Telos Conference, New York, NY

• Participated in “Teaching Law & Humanities,” symposium at Princeton University

• “Judicial Voice and the Problem of Legitimacy,” Philosophy and Political Theory series, Berkeley Law School


Imagining Warfare, EUR. J. INT’L L., Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 199–226

S. Blair Kauffman

Lectures And Addresses

• Faculty Development Program, Stetson Law School, “Service-Centered Law Libraries of the 21st Century,” Nov. 2012

• AALS Program Moderator, “Leveraging Library Services and Resources,” Jan. 2013

• Connecticut General Assembly, Joint Committee on Judiciary, testimony in support of the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act (UELMA), Feb. 13, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• AALS Committee on Libraries and Technology, Program Planning

• Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries, Advisory Committee

• Connecticut Judicial Branch, Reappointed to Library Advisory Committee

Harold Hongju Koh

Lectures And Addresses

• George and Mathilde Dreyfous Lecture, Tulane Law School, “International Law and Emerging Technologies”

• Herbert Mitau Lecture, Macalester College, “International Law as Smart Power”

• Working in the Government, American Society of International Law Annual Meeting

• Plenary Address, American Association of Law Schools’ Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA


21st C International Law Making, 101 GEORGETOWN L.J. 725 (2013)

International Law in Cyberspace: Remarks of Harold Koh, 54 HARV. INT’L L.J. ONLINE 1 (2012), available at http://www.harvardilj.org/2012/12/online_54_koh/

Other Professional Highlights

• Sterling Professor of International Law, Yale Law School

• Honorary J.D. degree, American University

• 2013 William Green Award for Professional Excellence, University of Richmond School of Law

• Council, American Law Institute

• Editorial Board, Foundation Press

• Fellow, Jonathan Edwards College

• Amicus Brief of Foreign and Comparative Law Scholars, Hollingsworth v. Perry (U.S. S. Court)

Douglas Kysar

Lectures And Addresses

• “Behavioral Economics and Environmental Law,” University of California–Los Angeles School of Law, Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 10, 2013


Cost Benefit Analysis: Mend It or End It?, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW FORUM 29 (Nov./Dec. 2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• Conference Organizer, Global Climate Policy Without the United States: Thinking the Unthinkable,
Nov. 9–10, 2012

John H. Langbein

Public Service

• Connecticut Commissioner of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

• Attended Meeting of Joint Editorial Board for the Uniform Trust and Estates Acts, Chicago, IL, Oct. 6–7, 2012

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Vanishing Trial: Causes and Implications,” Kravitz Memorial Symposium, Connecticut Bar Foundation, New Haven, CT, Dec. 4, 2012

• “Why Trial Vanished: The Diverging Paths of Criminal and Civil Justice,” University of Tel Aviv Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv, Israel, Mar. 18, 2013; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mar. 19, 2013


The Disappearance of Civil Trial in the United States, 122 YALE L.J. 522 (2012)

The Demise of Trial in American Civil Procedure: How It Happened, Is It Convergence with European Civil Procedure?, in TRUTH AND EFFICIENCY IN CIVIL LITIGATION: FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS OF FACT-FINDING AND EVIDENCE-TAKING IN A COMPARATIVE CONTEXT 119 (C.H. van Rhee & Alan Uzelac eds., 2012)

Understanding the Short History of Plea Bargaining, 36 DANKOOK L. REV. 993 (2012) (Korean translation, article originally published in 13 LAW & SOC’Y REV. 261 (1979))

Yair Listokin

Lectures And Addresses

• “Tax Expenditure Salience,” Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, Palo Alto, CA

• “Tax Expenditure Salience,” Conference of the National Tax Association, Providence, RI

• “American’s Preferences for Tax Increases and Spending Cuts,” UCLA Law School Tax Seminar

• “Bounded vs. Unbounded Institutions,” Brooklyn Law School Faculty Seminar


American’s Preferences for Tax Increases and Spending Cuts, 138 TAX NOTES, Volume 10, Apr. 9, 2013 (with S. Listokin-Smith and S. Mesele)

I Like To Pay Taxes: Taxpayer Support for Government Spending and the Efficiency of the Tax System 66 TAX LAW REVIEW 101 (with D. Schizer) (featured in Taxes: A Love Story, BOSTON GLOBE, Apr. 7, 2012

We the People Fix the Budget, SLATE, Dec. 20, 2012 (with S. Listokin-Smith)

A New Route Around the Fiscal Cliff, HUFFINGTON POST, Dec. 12, 2012 (with B. Ackerman)

Jonathan R. Macey

Lectures And Addresses

• “Material Inside Information as Intellectual Property,” address at XXV International Conference of the Giordano Dell Amore Observatory on the relationship between law and economics on “Individual and Communal Rights to Property in the 21st Century,” The University of Milan, Nov. 8, 2012

• A series of eight lectures on Law and Economics in Corporate Governance delivered at Bocconi University, Milan, Oct. and Nov. 2012

• A series of four seminars on Corporate Finance given to Ph.D. students in law, economics, and finance at Bocconi University in Milan, Nov. 2012

• Executive Compensation Panel Discussion, sponsored by the Yale Law School Chapter of the American Constitution Society (ACS), with Arthur Kohn, Cleary Gottleib Steen & Hamilton, and Stephen Brown, TIAA-CREF, Mar. 4, 2013

• Panel Discussion with Sheila Bair, former Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Ethics and the Financial Crisis, sponsored by the Yale Law and Business Society, Feb. 15, 2013

• Presentation to the Yale Corporation Committee on Investor Responsibility, Feb. 23, 2013

• Lecture on Crony Capitalism, The Federalist Society, Annual Student Convention, The University of Texas Law School, Austin, TX, Mar. 1, 2013

• Lecture on Universities and Ethical Investing, Princeton University, Mar. 7, 2013

• Interview, “The Catskill Review of Books,” on the issue of Wall Street Reputation, aired on WJFF 90.5 FM and dozens of affiliated stations



Enforcing Self-Regulatory Organizations’ Penalties and the Nature of Self-Regulation, 40 HOFSTRA L. REV. 963 (2012)

• Opinion analysis: “That which does not kill the SEC may make the agency stronger,” SCOTUSblog (Feb. 28, 2013, 12:04 PM), available at http://www.scotusblog.com/2013/02/opinion-analysis-that-which-does-not-kill-the-sec-may-make-the-agency-stronger/

• Argument recap: “We’re from the government and we’re here to win,” SCOTUSblog (Jan. 15, 2013, 10:50 AM), available at http://www.scotusblog.com/2013/01/argument-recap-were-from-the-government-and-were-here-to-win/

• Argument Preview: “Too bad both sides can’t lose this one,” SCOTUSblog (Jan. 7, 2013), available at http://www.scotusblog.com/2013/01/argument-preview-too-bad-both-sides-cant-lose-this-one/

It’s All Shadow Banking, Actually, 31 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 593 (2011–2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• Economic Advisory Board, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”)

• Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Visiting Fellow and Member John and Jean De Nault Task Force on Property Rights, Freedom & Prosperity, Stanford University

• Chair, Yale University Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility

Nicholas R. Parrillo

Lectures And Addresses

• “Leviathan and Interpretive Revolution: The Administrative State, the Judiciary, and the Rise of Legislative History, 1890–1950,” American Society for Legal History, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 9, 2012, and Duke Law School Faculty Workshop, Feb. 15, 2013

Robert C. Post

Lectures And Addresses

• Delivered the 2012 Davis, Markert, Nickerson Lecture on Academic and Intellectual Freedom, “The Constitutional Meaning of Academic Freedom,” at the University of Michigan Law School, Nov. 1, 2012

• Delivered the keynote at the Third Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium at Loyola University Chicago School of Law: “Expertise and Freedom of Speech,” Nov. 2, 2012

• Spoke on “The First Amendment Rights of Physicians” at UCLA School of Law, Jan. 18, 2013

• Spoke on “Comparative Constitutional Law” at Cardozo Law School, Mar. 14, 2013

• Spoke on “The Sacralization of the Person: Dignity, Humanities, and Human Rights,” at the National Humanities Center in North Carolina, Mar. 22, 2013


Filling the Federal Bench (with D. Schuker), L.A. TIMES, Dec. 14, 2012, at A37 (available at http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-post-obama-judicial-nominees-20121214,0,800049.story)

Frank’s Way, 125 HARV. L. REV.. F. 218 (2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• Adviser for the American Law Institute’s forthcoming Restatement Third, Information Privacy Principles

J.L. Pottenger, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• Keynote speaker, Tenth International Clinical Legal Education Conference, Durham, UK, “Tales From a Policy Clinic: Triumph, Tragedy, and Tribulation—But No ‘Trials’”

Other Professional Highlights

• Re-elected Board President, New Haven Legal Assistance Association

W. Michael Reisman

Lectures And Addresses

• Delivered The School of International Arbitration Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Annual Lecture entitled “ ‘Case Specific Mandates’ v. ‘Systemic Implications’: How Should Investment Tribunals Decide?” London, UK, Nov. 8, 2012

• Conducted a “Question & Answer with W. Michael Reisman” event hosted by International Center for Dispute Resolution “ICDR” at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer London Office, UK, Nov. 9, 2012

• Panelist on “Is There a Need to Rebalance the Investor-State Relationship?”at the Seventh Columbia International Investment Conference: Reframing the Investor-State Relationship: From Criticism to Constructive Engagement,” Columbia University, New York, Nov. 14–15, 2012

• Spoke on “The Narrowing Divide Between Private and Public International Law,” at the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program 2012 at the United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC, Nov. 16, 2012

• Spoke at the Roundtable on “State-to-State Investment Treaty Arbitration: Dead End or New Frontier?” hosted by the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment (VCC) and the Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration (CICIA) at Columbia Law School, New York, Nov. 29, 2012

• Panelist on “Issues and Trends Relating to State Attribution” at the World Bank Group’s Law, Justice and Development Week 2012: Opportunity, Inclusion and Equity, The World Bank in Washington, DC, Dec. 13, 2012

• Delivered paper entitled “Reflections on the Judicialization of the Crime of Aggression” for a panel on “The Rome Statute, the ICC, and the Pursuit of Justice” at the Yale Law School’s Visit of Luis Moreno Ocampo for his Inaugural Gruber Distinguished Lecture in Global Justice, Jan. 28, 2013, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT

• Delivered Paper entitled “The PCA’s Contribution to Inter-State Arbitration” for the ASIL/PCA Conference in Honor of Howard M. Holtzman Research Center for the Study of International Arbitration and Conciliation, New York University Law School, Feb. 11, 2013

• Delivered Opening Remarks at the Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable on Corporations and Arbitration sponsored by the Yale Law School Center for the Study of Corporate Law, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT,
Mar. 1, 2013

• Attended the 10th Annual ITA-ASIL Conference “Gateway Issues in International Arbitration,” Washington, DC, Apr. 3, 2013

• Discussant of the Fifteenth Annual Grotius Lecture at the 107th ASIL Annual Meeting in Washington, DC,
Apr. 3, 2013

• Attended the 107th American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Apr. 3–6, 2013

• Attended the American Journal of International Law Board of Editors’ Spring Meeting at the 107th ASIL Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, Apr. 3, 2013

• Spoke at the Curatorium Lunch for The Hague Academy of International Law and Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers Luncheon to introduce the paperback edition of THE QUEST FOR WORLD ORDER AND HUMAN DIGNITY IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: CONSTITUTIVE PROCESS AND INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENT, Washington, DC, Apr. 4, 2013

• Attended and gave remarks at the Annual Dinner of the 107th ASIL Annual Meeting, Washington, DC,
Apr. 5, 2013

• Delivered the Luncheon Keynote Address at the New York Law School Symposium “Solving Global Problems: Perspectives from International Law and Policy,” New York Law School, New York, NY, Apr. 12, 2013


• Paperback edition of THE QUEST FOR WORLD ORDER AND HUMAN DIGNITY IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: CONSTITUTIVE PROCESS AND INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENT, General Course on Public International Law, Pocketbooks of The Hague Academy of International Law (2012)

Sovereign Wealth Funds and National Security (with Patrick DeSouza), in SOVEREIGN INVESTMENT: CONCERNS AND POLICY REACTIONS (K. Sauvant, L. Sachs & W. Schmit Jongbloed eds.), p. 283 (2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• Reappointed by the Governments of Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, and France as President of the Arbitration Tribunal of the Bank for International Settlements

• General Editor of 14-volume series in the new forthcoming AMERICAN CLASSICS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW

Judith Resnik

Lectures And Addresses

• Panelist: “Equality’s Frontiers: Courthouses Opening and Closing,” as part of a symposium for the Inaugural Gruber Distinguished Lecture in Women’s Rights, Yale Law School, Oct. 19, 2012

• Speaker: “Representing Justice,” National Association of Women’s Judges, Miami, FL, Nov. 8, 2012 (with Dennis Curtis)

• Panelist: “Visual Sources for Legal History: Reflections on Narratives of Representing Justice,” “Visual Resources for Legal History: Reflections on Representing Justice” Roundtable, American Society for Legal History Conference, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 10, 2012 (with Dennis Curtis)

• Panelist: “Advancing Appointed Counsel,” Yale Immigration Litigation Roundtable, Yale Law School, Nov. 30, 2012

• Speaker: “What is Causing the Landscape of Vanishing Trials?,” The Judge Mark R. Kravitz Inaugural Symposium, “Exploring the Vanishing Trial Phenomenon,” Connecticut Bar Foundation,
New Haven, CT, Dec. 4, 2012

• Principle paper presenter: “Bordering by Law: The Migrations of Law, Crimes, Sovereignty, and the Mail,” American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy Annual Meeting (NOMOS), New Orleans, LA, Jan. 4, 2013

• Panelist: “‘The Times They Are A Changin’: Leveraging Library Services and Resources to Respond to Evolving Faculty Scholarly and Curricular Needs,” Association of American Law Schools, New Orleans, LA, Jan. 5, 2013

• Panelist: “Long-Term Isolation: Policies and Practices,” presented at the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) Winter Meeting, Houston, TX, Jan. 26, 2013 (with Hope Metcalf, Sia Sanneh, Jamelia Morgan, Haran Tae & Alyssa Work)

• Discussant: “Supermax Administration and the Eighth Amendment,” at Prison Scholarship Roundtable, University of Michigan, Feb. 1, 2013

• Panelist: “A Renaissance Remnant: The Political Iconography of Justice,” College Art Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY, Feb. 16, 2013 (with Dennis Curtis)

• Moderator: Screening and Discussion of “Gideon’s Army,” presented by The Yale Law Journal and the Arthur Liman Program, Yale Law School, Mar. 7, 2013

• Presented paper: “Gideon at Guantánamo: Democratic and Despotic Detention,” co-authored with Hope Metcalf, at the Symposium: The Gideon Effect: Rights, Justice, and Lawyers Fifty Years After Gideon v. Wainwright, co-sponsored by The Yale Law Journal and the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program, Yale Law School, Mar. 8, 2013

• Speaker: “Justice, Identity, and Rights,” on the panel “Women and the Politics of Representation,”
presented by Yale Women New York City and Yale Women Faculty Forum, Yale Club of New York City,
Mar. 28, 2013

• Moderator: “Bringing Profiling into Public View: Documenting Discrimination on Film,” “Migrants and Defendants: 30 Years of Rights Claims,” 16th Annual Liman Colloquium: Navigating Boundaries: Immigration and Criminal Law, Yale Law School,
Apr. 5, 2013

• Speaker: “In Medias Res: Comparative (In)Equalities,” on the panel “Feminist Approaches to International Law—The Legacy of Two Decades,” Human Rights, Gender and the Law: The State of Equality in Comparative Perspective, Albany Law School,
Apr. 12, 2013


Constitutional Entitlements to and in Courts: Remedial Rights in an Age of Egalitarianism: The Childress Lecture, 56 ST. LOUIS U. L.J. 916 (2012)

Equality’s Frontiers: Courts Opening and Closing, 122 YALE L.J. ONLINE 243 (2013)

Globalization(s), privatization(s), constitutionalization and statization: Icons and experiences of sovereignty in the 21st century, 11 INT’L J. CONST. L. (I·CON) 162 (2013)

Hear the Other Side: Miranda, Guantánamo, and Public Rights to Fairness and Dignity, in LAW AND THE QUEST FOR JUSTICE (eds. Marjorie S. Zatz, Doris Marie Provine & James W. Walsh, Quid Pro Books, 2013)

Old and New Depictions of Justice: Reflections, Circa 2011, on Hill-Thomas, in I STILL BELIEVE ANITA HILL (eds. Amy Richards and Cynthia Greenberg, The Feminist Press, 2012)

Opening the Door: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Law’s Boundaries, and the Gender of Opportunities 25 COLUM. J. GENDER & L. 81 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Interview, BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action, presented by Joshua Rozenberg, March 12, 2013, available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01r5ln5

• Roger Baldwin Medal of Library Selection Committee, 2012–2013, ACLU

• Co-Chair, Judicial Academic Network, National Association of Women Judges

Roberta Romano

Lectures And Addresses

• Agency, Partnership, LLCs and Unincorporated Associations Section panel, Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, “Larry Ribstein’s Scholarship: An Assessment”

• Fordham University School of Law and Max-Planck-Institute Luxembourg Journal of Corporate and Financial Law and Fordham Corporate Law Center Symposium on “Harmonization Versus Diversification of Global Financial Regulations”

• George Mason Law School/Law & Economics Center, Transatlantic Law Forum, The Rule of Law and the Administrative State in Crisis, Panel on Financial Oversight: United States

• Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Hofstra University Maurice A. Deane School of Law (Public Lecture: “Regulating in the Dark”; Faculty Workshop: “For Diversity in the International Regulation of Financial Institutions: Critiquing and Recalibrating the Basel Architecture”)


Reforming Compensation in a World of Government Bailouts: Properly Incentivizing Financial Institutions’ Executives, SHANGHAI JAIO TONG U. L.J. (Winter 2013) (with Sanjai Bhagat) (translator: Professor Shen Wei)

Regulating in the Dark, 1:1 JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVES (2013)

Carol M. Rose

Lectures And Addresses

• Presented: Psychologies of Property, Emory Law School, Atlanta, GA, Nov. 7, 2012

• Presented: Common Themes for the Future of Property Rights, Panel on A Prospective Look at Property Rights, AALS Joint Program of Natural Resources and Property Law Sections, Jan. 7, 2013

• Presented: Wolf Family Lecture: Property Law and the Rise, Life, and Demise of Racially Restrictive Covenants, University of Florida Levin College of Law, Mar. 13, 2013



Peter H. Schuck

Lectures And Addresses

• “High-Skill Immigration,” Caplin Conference on High-Skill Immigration, Washington, DC

• “Refugee Burden-Sharing: Fifteen Years Later,” Israel Democracy Institute, Jerusalem, Israel

• “Migration and America’s Future,” Boston College
conference on migration

• “American Exceptionalism,” conference in honor of James Q. Wilson, Boston College


Valdosta and the Future of the Authoritarian Campus, Jan. 21, 2013, available at http://www.mindingthecampus.com/originals/2013/02/valdosta_and_the_future_of_the.html

Drone Strikes: Beyond Citizenship, L.A. TIMES, Feb. 17, 2013

When Law Schools Teach Advocacy as a Skill, Jan. 22, 2013, available at http://www.mindingthecampus.com/originals/2013/01/when_law_schools_teach_advocac.html

What Happens to the ‘Bad Apples’: An Empirical Study of Suspensions in New York City Schools, 87 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 2063-2086 (2012) (with M. Matera &
D. I. Noah)

Vicki Schultz

Lectures And Addresses

• “Meaningful Work, A Meaningful Life,” presented to University of San Francisco Law School students,
San Francisco, CA, Nov. 1, 2012

• “Will Marriage Make Gay and Lesbian Couples Less Egalitarian? A Cautionary Tale,” presented at University of San Francisco School of Law School Faculty Workshop as part of their Centennial Celebration Speaker Series, San Francisco, CA,
Nov. 2, 2012

• Speech to Texarkana Independent School District Distinguished Alumni Award, Student Leadership Breakfast, Texarkana, TX, Dec. 14, 2012

• “Inspiration,” speech presented in acceptance of Texarkana Independent School District, Distinguished Alumni Award for 2012, Texarkana, TX, Dec. 14, 2012

• “Will Marriage Make Gay and Lesbian Couples Less Egalitarian? A Cautionary Tale,” presented at American University Washington College of Law Faculty Workshop, Washington, DC, Feb. 1, 2013

• Presenter, Harvard Business School Symposium, Gender & Work: Challenging Conventional Wisdom, Cambridge, MA, Feb. 28, 2013


Four frameworks for reading constitutional jurisprudence on anti-discrimination, in Marie Mercat-Bruns, EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION LAW: A DIALOGUE ON AMERICAN LEGAL DOCTRINE (Dalloz, 2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Hosted guest speaker, Professor Kelly Stoner, Oklahoma University School of Law, who spoke to student groups on the Adoptive Parents v. Baby Girl case now pending before the United States Supreme Court, Apr. 8 and 9, 2013

Reva B. Siegel

Lectures And Addresses

• Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights, Yale Law School, “Equality’s Frontiers: How Congress’s Section 5 Power Can Secure Transformative Equality,” Oct 19, 2012

• Yale Law School Alumni Weekend, remarks in memory of Nicholas deB. Katzenbach, Oct. 20, 2012

• Yale Law School Doctoral Scholarship Conference, Keynote, “Social Movement Conflict and Constitutional Change,” Nov. 30, 2012

• Princeton University, “Abortion and ‘the Woman Question’ at Roe’s 40th,” Dec. 6, 2012

• American Historical Association Annual Meetings, New Orleans, “Roe at 40,” Panel chair and commentator, Jan. 3, 2013

• U.C.L.A. School of Law, Liberty/Equality: The View from Roe’s 40th and Lawrence’s 10th Anniversaries, “Equality Arguments for Abortion Rights,” Jan. 18, 2013

• Yale Law School, “Roe at 40,” Jan. 22, 2013

• Yale University Political Theory Workshop, presented manuscript of “The Law (and Politics) of Disparate Impact,” Jan. 23, 2013

• Yale Law School Faculty Workshop, presented manuscript of “The Law (and Politics) of Disparate Impact,” Feb.18, 2013


Equality Arguments for Abortion Rights, 60 U.C.L.A. L. REV. DISC. 160 (2013) (with Neil Siegel)

Equality’s Frontiers: How Congress’s Section 5 Power Can Secure Transformative Equality, 122 YALE L.J. ONLINE 267 (2013)

Equality and Choice: Sex Equality Perspectives on Reproductive Rights in the Work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 25 COLUM. J. GENDER & L. 63 (2013)

James J. Silk

Lectures And Addresses

• Panelist, “Law Clinics and the Challenges of Transnational Human Rights Advocacy,” SciencesPo Law Clinic Inaugural Conference – Social Justice in the Age of Economic Globalization: The Role of Law Clinics in Human Rights Advocacy, SciencesPo Law School, Paris, Mar. 2013

• Moderator, “The International Investment Regime and Human Rights,” panel, RebLaw 2013, 19th Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference, Yale Law School,
Feb. 2013

John G. Simon

Other Professional Highlights

• The Taconic Foundation, of which John Simon was a trustee for 52 years and president for 46 years, has completed the first chapter of its long history of activity in the fields of civil rights, urban education, and neighborhood-based community development. That chapter ended with the retirement of the foundation’s long-serving trustees, who elected as their successors the grandchildren of the late Audrey and Stephen Currier, Taconic’s founders. The new trustees, having re-named the foundation the Taconic Foundation for Social Justice, will continue to work in areas of activity similar to those pursued by Taconic over the past half-century.

Kate Stith

Lectures And Addresses

• Panelist, Workshop on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Yale Law School, Nov. 5, 2012

• “Cuba’s Judicial System: The Revolution and the Courts,” Hotel Central Parque, Havana, Cuba, Nov. 11, 2012

• Moderator, Advisors Meeting, ALI Model Penal Code: Sentencing, Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 7, 2013

• Commentator, Graduate Works-in-Progress Symposium, Yale Law School, Apr. 3, 2013

• “Schools of Thought,” Greenways: Coming Home, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, Apr. 6, 2013


Principles, Pragmatism, and Politics: The Evolution of Washington State’s Sentencing Guidelines, 76 LAW & CONTEMP. PROBS. 105 (2013)

Commentary on the 1974 C. Vann Woodward Report to the Fellows of the Yale Corporation, in AMERICAN COUNCIL OF TRUSTEES AND ALUMNI, FREE TO TEACH, FREE TO LEARN 31, Apr. 2013 (with J.A. Cabranes)

Other Professional Highlights

• Faculty, Inaugural Yale Alumni Cultural Exploration in Cuba, Nov. 8–15, 2012

• Faculty Sponsor, Poynter Fellow in Journalism David Shribman, Yale University, Jan. 23, 2013

• ABA Criminal Justice Section Special Task Force on the Reform of Federal Sentencing for Economic Crimes
(Apr. 12, 2013–present)

• Adviser, The Journal of Law

• Board of Advisers, The Green Bag

• Advisory Board, Federal Sentencing Reporter

• Board of Advisors, Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

• Board of Editorial Advisors, Connecticut Lawyer

Alec Stone Sweet

Lectures And Addresses

• “A Cosmopolitan Legal Order: Constitutional Pluralism and Rights Adjudication in Europe,” Faculty of Law, University of Bocconi, Milan, Nov. 29, 2012


Trustee Courts and the Judicialization of International Regimes: The Politics of Majoritarian Activism in the ECHR, the EU, and the WTO (with T. Brunell), J. LAW & COURTS 1 (1) 2013: 61-88

Tom R. Tyler

Lectures And Addresses

• “Legitimacy and the Exercise of Legal Authority,” Vanderbilt Law School, Oct. 18, 2012

• “The Legitimacy of the United States Supreme Court,” Chicago-Kent Law School, Chicago, Nov. 16, 2012

• Inaugural lecture Macklin Fleming Chair, Yale Law School, Dec. 10, 2012

• “Legitimacy in Everyday Law,” Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (Preconference on Law), New Orleans, Jan. 17, 2013

• “Empirical Research on Intellectual Property,” New York University School of Law, Feb. 28, 2013

• “Corporate Law Reform,” Georgetown University Law School Conference on White Collar Crime, Washington, DC, Mar. 15, 2013


Justice and Effective Cooperation, SOCIAL JUSTICE RESEARCH 25, 355-375 (2012)

Shaping Citizen Perceptions of Police Legitimacy: A Randomized Field Trial of Procedural Justice (with L. Mazerolle, S. Bennett & E. Antrobus, CRIMINOLOGY 51, 1–31 (2012)

Why Do People Comply with the Law?: Legitimacy and the Influence of Legal Institutions (with J. Jackson, B. Bradford, M. Hough, A. Myhill & P. Quinton, BRIT. J. CRIMINOLOGY, 52, 1051-1071 (2012)

The Psychology of Cooperation, in E. Shafir (ed.) THE BEHAVIORAL FOUNDATIONS OF POLICY, Princeton University Press/Russell Sage Foundation (2013)

Public Attitudes and Punitive Policies (with L. Rankin), in J. Dvoskin, J.L. Skeem, R.W. Novaco & K.S. Douglas eds., USING SOCIAL SCIENCE TO REDUCE VIOLENT OFFENDING (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• American Psychology-Law Society 2013 Best Book Award

James Q. Whitman

Lectures And Addresses

• THE VERDICT OF BATTLE: Author Meets Readers, American Society for Legal History, Nov. 2012

• Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University and Stanford Law School, Feb. 2013

• Interview with New Books in Military History, Mar. 2013

• Vanderbilt Law School: “The Failure of Retributivism in the American Common Law”

Michael J. Wishnie

Lectures And Addresses

• The Civil Rights Consequences of State and Local Responses to Immigration and Immigrants, AALS Annual Meeting, New Orleans

Other Professional Highlights

• Brizuela v. Feliciano, No. 3:12-cv-226-JBA (D.Conn.) (settlement obliging CT Department of Corrections to disregard civil immigration detainers for four years except in limited circumstances)

• In re D- (Board of Veterans’ Appeals) (granting disability benefits for Marine veteran of Vietnam suffering bladder cancer, an illness not presently designated as presumptively attributable to Agent Orange exposure)

• In re Trotman (Board of Veterans’ Appeals) (granting disability benefits, including $76,000 retroactive payment, to Air Force veteran suffering PTSD)

• In re Venter (Hartford VARO) (on reconsideration, granting disability and survivor benefits to widow of Navy veteran of Vietnam who died of form of leukemia not presently designated as presumptively attributable to Agent Orange exposure)

• In re Y- (Conn. Bd. of Pardons and Parole) (granting provisional pardon for all convictions of Connecticut Army veteran)

• LatinoJustice/PRLDEF, Community Justice Leader Award, to the Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic, Yale Law School

• Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association, Community Service Award, to the Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic, Yale Law School

John F. Witt

Lectures And Addresses

• Emory University, “Sherman at Atlanta: The Moral Structure of the Laws of War,” Oct. 22, 2012

• Yale Law Library Book Talk, “Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in American History,” Oct. 23, 2012

• University of Michigan, “Emancipation’s Hidden Legacy: Lincoln and the Laws of War,” Oct. 26, 2012

• Harvard Law School International Law Workshop, “Two Conceptions of Suffering in War,“ Nov. 1, 2012

• American Society for Legal History, St. Louis, chaired panel on “Law and the Modern Warfare State,”
Nov. 9, 2012

• Fordham Law School Faculty Workshop, “Two Conceptions of Suffering in War,” Jan. 17, 2013

• “Inventing the War Crime,” Yale Law School Gruber Conference, Jan. 29, 2013

• New-York Historical Society, Seminar leader on “The Supreme Court in the Age of Holmes and Brandeis,” Feb. 6, 2013

• International Security Studies and Grand Strategy Lecture, Yale University, “Lincoln’s Code,” Apr. 2, 2013

• Gilder-Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, Yale University, “Lincoln’s Code, “Apr. 8, 2013

• Library of Congress Center for the Book, Washington, DC, “Lincoln’s Code,” Apr. 9, 2013

• Temple University, “Constructing the Story of the Union Blockade, 1861-1865,” Apr. 12, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Awarded the Bancroft Prize for distinguished work in American history

• Finalist, Pulitzer Prize in History

• New York Times Notable Book for 2012

• New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice

• Kirkus Books Best of 2012 Top 25 Nonfiction Books
of 2012

• Willard Hurst Book Prize of the Law and Society Association

Stephen Wizner

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Role of Remorse in the Criminal Justice System,” Annual Meeting, American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, Montreal, Canada, Oct. 28, 2012

• Moderator, Panel on “Robert Cover & Religious Legal Theory,” Conference on Religious Legal Theory, Touro Law Center, Apr. 11, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Re-Appointed, Sackler Professor of Law by Special Appointment, Tel Aviv University