Summer 2015 Faculty Activities

Bruce Ackerman

Lectures And Addresses

• “Three Paths to Constitutionalism–and their Authoritarian Alternatives,” Distinguished Lecture in the Social Sciences, Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin,
Nov. 6, 2014

• “A General Theory of Constitutionalism and the
Crisis of the European Union,” Daimler Lecture, American Academy in Berlin, Jan. 29, 2015

• “Is There a Progressive Future for America?,” Inaugural Lecture in the “What’s Up America” series, sponsored by the Bundeszentrale fuer Politische Bildung of the Federal Republic, Berlin, Mar. 12, 2015

• “Reactionary Constitutional Moments,” Symposium on We the People: the Civil Rights Revolution, Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Mar. 27, 2015


Preface, DELIBERATION DAY (with James Fishkin), Japanese edition: 2015

Europa, hilf dir selbst! (Europe, Take Care of Yourself!), SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, Feb. 21–22, 2015

Congress, Don’t Be Fooled; Obama Still Believes in Unlimited War, N.Y. TIMES, Feb. 11, 2015

What We Can Learn from the French About Terrorism, HUFFINGTON POST, Jan. 9, 2015

Like the Emancipation Proclamation, Obama’s Order Forces Democracy, L.A. TIMES, Nov. 23, 2014

Obama’s Illegal War, WASH. POST, Nov. 7, 2014

• Podcast: “American Foreign Policy, Iran and the Constitution,” with Louis Fisher and Jeff Rosen, Constitution Center, Mar. 12, 2015, available at

Hillary Clinton’s Bad Beginning, HUFFINGTON POSt,
Apr. 13, 2015

What Shinzo Abe Wants from Washington—And Why He Shouldn’t Get It, HUFFINGTON POST, Apr. 22, 2015

Ian Ayres

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Rule of Probabilities” (with Barry Nalebuff), at “Who Knows?: Law in an Information Society. A Festschrift in Honor of Richard Craswell,” Stanford Law School, Feb. 2015


Beyond Diversification: The Pervasive Problem of Excessive Fees and Dominated Funds in 401(k) Plans (with Quinn Curtis), 124 YALE L.J. 1346 (2015)

Protecting Consumer Investors by Facilitating "Improved Performance’ Competition (with Quinn Curtis), 2015 U. ILL. L. REV. 1 (2015)

Anti-Herding Regulation (with Joshua Mitts), 5 HARV. BUS L. REV. 1 (2015)

Evidence and Extrapolation: Mechanisms for Regulating Off-Label Uses of Drugs and Devices (with Ryan Abbott), 64 DUKE L. J. 377 (2014)

Effect of Perineal Self-Acupressure on Constipation: The PSAC Randomized, Controlled Trial (with Ryan Abbott, Ed Hui & Ka-Kit Hui), J. GEN. INTERNAL MED. (Nov. 2014)

When Whites Get a Free Pass: Research Shows White Privilege is Real, N.Y. TIMES, Feb. 24, 2015

Ending Excessive Police Force Starts with New Rules of Engagement, WASH. POST, Dec. 25, 2014 (with Daniel Markovits)

Obama, the Least Lame President?, N.Y. TIMES, Dec. 22, 2014 (with John Fabian Witt)

Other Professional Highlights

• Amicus curiae brief in Texas Department of Housing and Community Development, et al. v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., Supreme Court No. 13-1731

Jack M. Balkin

Lectures And Addresses

• Keynote Address: “The Causes of Political Dysfunction,” Conference on “Is it Time to Rewrite the Constitution?,” University of Wisconsin, Madison, Nov. 7, 2014

• “The Right of Publicity and the First Amendment,” Conference on The Legal Medium, Yale Law School,
Feb. 28, 2015

• Central Valley Foundation, McClatchy Lecture, “Information Fiduciaries and the First Amendment,” University of California at Davis, Mar. 12, 2015


(Aspen Publishers—Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, 6th edition 2015) (with Paul Brest, Sanford Levinson, Reva Siegel & Akhil Amar)

Robert A. Burt

Lectures And Addresses

• “Malpractice Litigation and Medical Perfectionism:
A Toxic Mix,” Grand Rounds, Department of Urology, Yale Medical School, Feb. 4, 2015

• “False Cures for Conflict in Health Care,” Keynote Address at the Ninth John A. Speziale Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium, Quinnipiac University Law School and Medical School, Mar. 27, 2015



Guido Calabresi

Lectures And Addresses

• Delivered A Lectio magistralis at the University of Ravenna, “Valori e Gusti: il Futuro dell’Analisi Economica del Diritto” (“Tastes and Values: The
Future of Economic Analysis of Law”), Ravenna, Italy, Jan. 8, 2015

• Delivered remarks at Naturalization Ceremony for Thais Sobczak, Faculty Lounge, Yale Law School,
Jan. 30, 2015

• Participated in, and gave closing remarks at XXIX Conferenza dell’Osservatorio, “Giordano Dell’Amore” su “La Trasparenza nel Processo Civile,” Milano, Italia, Feb. 5, 2015

• Moderated “Religion in the Public Service: A Conversation,” between Justice Clarence Thomas ’74, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and Senator John C. Danforth ’63, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, as part of the Debating Law & Religion Services, Yale Law School,
Feb. 12, 2015

• Delivered lecture on “A Broader View of the Cathedral” at a Workshop on Law and Economics of Liability Rules, in honor of Guido Calabresi at the University of Bologna, School of Economics, Management, and Statistics, Bologna, Italy, Mar. 11, 2015

• Replied to paper delivered by Professor Michael
Faure of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, on “Calabresi and Behavioural Tort Law and Economics,” and paper delivered by Professor Enrico Al Mureden
of the University of Bologna Law Faculty, on “Calabresi’s THE COSTS OF ACCIDENTS, Italian Translation, Forty Years Later,” University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, Mar. 11, 2015

• Attended presentation of Guido Calabresi’s book, IL MESTIERE DI GIUDICE (THE JUDGE’S JOB), at the Consiglio di Stato, and replied to the speakers: Giorgio Giovannini, President of the Consiglio di Stato, Avv. Alessandro Pajno, of the Consiglio di Stato, Professor Guido Alpa, President of the Consiglio Nazionale Forense (Appellate Lawyers), Giuliano Amato, Judge of the Corte Costituzionale, Marta Cartabia, Judge of the Corte Costituzionale, and Sabino Cassese, Judge of the Corte Costituzionale and Professor Emeritus of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Palazzo Spada, Rome, Italy, Mar. 12, 2015

• Met privately, at his invitation, with Judges Cartabia and Cassese and Anne T. Calabresi, with the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in his apartments in the President’s Palace (Quirinale), to discuss IL MESTIERE DI GIUDICE, Rome, Italy, Mar. 12, 2015

• Delivered public lecture on “Religione e Diritto: Conflitti e Aiuti” (“Religion and Law: Conflicts and Coherences”), University of Turin, Turin, Italy,
Mar. 18, 2015

• Taught two classes at the IUC (International University College of Turin), (1) “Altruism, Not-for-Profits, and the Economics of Well-Being,” and (2) seminar on Critical Legal Theories, “Four Approaches to Law: How They Would Analyze Whether We Own Our Bodies,” Turin, Italy, Mar. 19, 2015

• Introduced Cornell W. Brooks ’90, President of the NAACP, at luncheon talk co-sponsored by BLSA and
the Yale Law Journal, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT, Apr. 1, 2015


• “Acknowledgment and Reply” to tributes by Dean Richard L. Revesz, Ted Kelly, Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann, Professor Akhil Amar, Professor Kenneth S. Abraham, Professor Kenji Yoshino, Professor Vincenzo Varano, and Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye, in New York University Annual Survey of American Law, Vol. 70 (2014) (Dedicated to Judge Guido Calabresi)

Amy Chua

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Triple Package: Women in Business and Politics,” Keynote Speech for The Gloss Magazine, Look the Business Gala in Connection with Vodafone, Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 22, 2014

• “What Really Defines and Drives Success?: In Conversation with Amy Chua, Jeff Yang, and Vivian Louie,” Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance Summit 2014, Cambridge, MA, Oct. 26, 2014

• “Fireside Chat with Amy Chua,” Morgan Stanley,
New York, NY, Oct. 30, 2014

• “Change Your Beliefs: Parenting, Education, and Self-Esteem,” Ciudad de las Ideas Festival, Puebla, Mexico, Nov. 8, 2014

• “The Triple Package” (with Jed Rubenfeld), Salisbury Forum, Salisbury, CT, Nov. 14, 2014

• “Creativity and Education,” Chosun Conference: Global Leaders Forum 2014, Seoul, Korea, Nov. 20, 2014

• “The Triple Package” (with Jed Rubenfeld), The Mark Twain House, Hartford, CT, Jan. 29, 2015

• “Creativity, Individualism, and Confucian Values,” Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Feb. 1, 2015

• “The Triple Package” (with Jed Rubenfeld), Writers in the Loft, The Music Hall, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Feb. 5, 2015

• “Creativity, Leadership, and Confucian Values,” Central Connecticut State University, New Haven, Feb. 8, 2015

• “Fresh Off the Boat: Conversation with Amy Chua, Awkwafina, Jay Smooth,” The Greene Space, New York, NY, Feb. 9, 2015

• “The Triple Package,” Bernstein Wealth Management Luncheon, Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, PA,
Feb. 10, 2015

• “The Triple Package,” Harvard and Princeton Clubs of Philadelphia, Racquet Club, Philadelphia, Feb. 10, 2015

• “The Triple Package: How Cultural Values Drive Success,” Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, Rockville, MD, Feb. 11, 2015

• “The Triple Package,” Yale Alumni Association of Central New Jersey Winter Dinner, The Beacon Hill Club, Summit, NJ, Feb. 12, 2015

• “Supreme Ambitions: Jurisdiction, Gender, Judging”
(in conversation with David Lat), Yale Law School,
Feb. 25, 2015

• Keynote Address, Lunar New Year Celebration, Central Connecticut State University, Hartford, CT, Feb. 21, 2015


• A Week in the Life of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua,
WALL ST. J., Jan. 25, 2015

Dennis E. Curtis

Lectures And Addresses

• Speaker (with Judith Resnik): “Inventing Democratic Courts,” Colloquium on Culture and Law, New York University Law School, Feb. 17, 2015

• Keynote Speaker (with Judith Resnik): “Inventing Democratic Courts,” International Society of
Barristers 50th Anniversary meeting, Key Biscayne, FL, Mar. 9, 2015

Fiona M. Doherty

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Power to Make People Good: Standard Conditions of Probation and the Enforcement of Rehabilitation,” Prison Law and Policy Roundtable, UCLA School of Law

• “The Ripple Effects of Mass Incarceration,” moderator, Liman Public Interest Colloquium, Yale Law School

• “Punishment Before Trial,” moderator, Liman Public Interest Colloquium and the Bernstein International Human Rights Symposium, Yale Law School

Other Professional Highlights

• Board member, Focus Forward Project, a reentry initiative for federal prisoners

• Member, Criminal Justice Act Attorney Advisory Group, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Robert C. Ellickson

Lectures And Addresses

• “Open Space in Urban Areas: Might There Be Too Much of a Good Thing,” Wolf Family Lecture on the American Law of Real Property, University of Florida College of Law, Gainesville, FL., Feb. 26, 2015

• “Of Baseball Umpires, Dorm Supervisors, and Arbiters of Screenplay Credit: Organizations as Enforcers of Private Norms,” Conference on Order with or without Law: Norms, Communities, Private Enforcers, University of Tulsa College of Law, Tulsa, OK,
Nov. 14, 2014

• Remembrance, Quintin Johnstone 1915–2014, Yale Law School, Nov. 9, 2014

• “Land Registries: Vignettes from the Ancient Past and Prospects in a World of Big Data,” IPRA-CINDER World Congress, Santiago, Chile, Oct. 26, 2014

• “The Politics of Land Development,” hosting Meredith Kane of Paul, Weiss, Yale Environmental Law Speaker Series, Apr. 2, 2014


• Q.Ed., in IN MEMORIAM, QUINTIN JOHNSTONE 1915–2014, Yale Law School Office of Public Affairs, Jan. 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Appointed to serve as an Adviser, Restatement Fourth, Property

William N. Eskridge, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• Conversation with The Honorable Robert Katzmann, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, “Judging Statutes,” Yale Law School Alumni Association, Washington, DC, Jan. 29, 2015

• “Margaret Sanger, Griswold v. Connecticut, and Marriage Equality: From Compulsory Motherhood to Compulsory Heterosexuality,” Celebration of Griswold v. Connecticut, Yale Law School, Mar. 26, 2015


Original Meaning and Marriage Equality, 52 HOUS. L. REV. 1067 (2015) (originally delivered as the Frankel Lecture, 2014)

Daniel C. Esty

Lectures And Addresses

• “A Value Driven Approach to Corporate Sustainability Reporting,” Environmental Law Institute, Washington, DC, Oct. 21, 2014

• “Toward a 21st Century Approach to Climate Change,” 8th Houston Memorial Lecture, United Nations Committee of New Canaan, New Canaan, CT,
Nov. 9, 2014

• “Operationalizing the Business Imperative of Sustainability (and the Death of CSR),” Yale School of Management Economic Development Club, New Haven, CT, Nov. 13, 2014

• “From 20th Century Environmental Protection to 21st Century Sustainability,” Provostial Lecture, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, Dec. 3, 2014

• “Corporate Sustainability Leadership,” World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Future Leaders Program, New Haven, CT, Jan. 28, 2015

• “Global Perspectives on Environmental Awareness: Challenges and Opportunities,” Peace Islands Institute, Hartford, CT, Mar. 26, 2015

• “Climate Change: What Impact Can We Have Now?,” Connecticut League of Women Voters, Keynote Address and Moderator, New Haven, CT, Apr. 10, 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Named a “STAR” Distinguished Visiting Professor, EGADE Business School, Mexico

Owen M. Fiss

Lectures And Addresses

• “To Stand for What is Right,” Eulogy for John Doar, Princeton University, Jan. 24, 2015


• THE IRONY OF FREE SPEECH, Peking University Press
(in Chinese), 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Co-director, Latin American Legal Studies Program (LALS) of Yale Law School

• Co-director, 2015 Yale Law School Middle East Legal Studies Seminar (MELSS), “The Exceptionalism of Tunisia?,” Jan. 9–11, 2015

• Board member, Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, New Haven

• Board member, Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project,
New York

James Forman, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• Keynote Address, “The Other America,” Martin Luther King Day, Vanderbilt University, Jan. 19, 2015

• Keynote Address, “Less Prison, More College: A 21st Century Civil Rights Agenda,” Western Michigan University, Mar. 30, 2015


The Society of Fugitives, THE ATLANTIC, Oct. 2014 (reviewing ON THE RUN: FUGITIVE LIFE IN AN AMERICAN CITY, by Alice Goffman)

Heather K. Gerken

Lectures And Addresses

• “Normalizing the New Normal,” The New Normal in Election and Political Law, Yale Law School, Apr. 2015

• “The Loyal Opposition,” Wesleyan University, Apr. 2015

• Convenor, Roundtable on Samuel Isscaharoff’s FRAGILE DEMOCRACIES, Yale Law School, Mar. 2015

• The David C. Baum Lecture, “Windsor’s Mad Genius: The Interlocking Gears of Rights and Federalism,” University of Illinois Law School, Feb. 2015

• “The Interlocking Gears of Rights and Structure,” Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, Jan. 2015

• “How to Teach the Socratic Method with a Heart,” Duke Law School Teaching Colloquium, Jan. 2015

• Panelist, “Show me the Money: How Transparency in Political Donations Could Change American Elections,” Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University, Nov. 2014

• Convening Yale: “Dark Money and Shadow Parties: The Real Problem with Citizens United?,” Yale School of Management, Oct. 2014


The Interlocking Gears of Rights and Structure: Why the Critics are Wrong about U.S. v. Windsor (Boston University’s Annual Distinguished Lecture),
95 B.U. L. REV. 487 (2015)

Living Under Someone Else’s Law, DEMOCRACY JOURNAL 24 (Spring 2015) (with James Dawson)

Slipping the Bonds of Federalism, 128 HARV. L. REV. 85 (2014)

The Political Safeguards of Horizontal Federalism, 113 MICH. L. REV. 57 (2014) (with Ari Holtzblatt)

The Right to Vote: Is the Amendment Game Worth the Candle?, 23 WM. & MARY L. REV. 11 (2014)

How to Teach the Socratic Method with a Heart, 21 THE LAW TEACHER 24 (Fall 2014)

Polarization at the Local Level, MARQUETTE LAWYER 13 (Fall 2014)

• On Voting Rights, Amendments Are Too Hard to Achieve and Enforce, N.Y. TIMES ONLINE (Nov. 4, 2014)

Other Professional Highlights

• Symposium Devoted to “Federalism and Nationalism: Time for a Détente?” Childress Lecture, St. Louis University School of Law

• Member, Outside Review Team, Moritz Law School, Ohio State

Abbe R. Gluck

Lectures And Addresses

• “Why Health Lawyers Must be Public-law Lawyers: Health Law in the Modern Regulatory State,” The Stuart Rome Lecture, University of Maryland School of Law, Nov. 2014

• “Nationalism as the New Federalism,” Comment in honor of Heather Gerken’s Childress Lecture, St. Louis University School of Law, Oct. 2014

• “Unorthodox Lawmaking, Unorthodox Rulemaking,” BU Law School Faculty Workshop, Mar. 2015; Harvard Law School Public Law Workshop, Apr. 2015; Columbia Law School, Apr. 2015

• “The New Health Care Federalism,” Harvard Law School Health Law Workshop, Mar. 2015

• “The ACA in its Legal and Political Context,” UConn Conference on the 5th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Hartford, CT, Apr. 2015

• “Federalism in the Age of Statues,” National Association of Attorneys General Annual Conference, Mar. 2015



Introduction, The Law of Medicare and Medicaid at 50, YALE J. HEALTH POL’Y, LAW & ETHICS, Apr. 2015

How States’ Rights Shapes King v. Burwell, POLITICO, Mar. 5, 2015

• King v. Burwell Isn’t About Obamacare,” POLITICO,
Feb. 27, 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Elected chair of the American Association of Law Schools Section on Legislation and Law of the Political Process, Jan. 2015

• Awarded Yale Law Women Teaching Award, Feb. 2015

Oona A. Hathaway

Professional Highlights

• Appointed Special Counsel to the General Counsel for National Security Law, U.S. Department of Defense (on leave from Yale Law School 2014–2015)

Paul W. Kahn

Lectures And Addresses

• “Identity and Representation in Politics and Film,” Philosophy Department, Penn State University

• “The Jurisprudence of Religion in a Secular Age:
From Ornamentalism to Hobby Lobby,” Penn State Law School

• “Religious Ornamentalism,” Ramat Gan College, Israel

• “Love and Respect,” Minerva Project, Nazareth, Israel

• “Freedom and Method,” Tel Aviv University Law School

• “Political Theology and the Arab Spring,” Middle East Legal Studies Seminar, Venice, Italy

• Commentator, panel discussion of Professor Kahn’s work on political theology, 2015 Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Vancouver


A Failed Strategy Cost the Democrats, AL JAZEERA,
Nov. 14, 2015

Harold Hongju Koh

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Human Rights Treaties,” Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University Law and Public Affairs, Oct. 20, 2014

• Panel on Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Law to Surveillance, 25th Annual Legal Advisers’ Meeting, United Nations, NY, NY, Oct. 28, 2014

• “Transnational Arbitration Against Big Tobacco,” Bloomberg Philanthropies, NY, NY, Nov. 13, 2014

• “When U.S. Treaty Powers and State Law Collide—The Controversy over Implementing the 2005 Hague Convention,” Forum of the Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial Law, NYU Law School, NY, NY, Nov. 24, 2014

• Moderator, “Peace and Justice,” Richard C. Holbrooke Forum, American Academy in Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Dec. 18–21, 2014

• “A Commentary on ‘Judgment at Nuremberg,’” 2015 AALS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Jan. 2, 2015

• “Law and the Hero: Thurgood Marshall,” 2015 AALS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Jan. 3, 2015

• “Post 9/11 Challenges,” National Security Law Breakfast, 2015 AALS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Jan. 3, 2015

• “National Security Lawyering,” NYU Abu Dhabi,
Jan. 8, 2015

• “The Crime of Aggression,” Law and Globalization Seminar, Yale Law School, Feb. 10, 2015

• “How to End the Forever War,” Milbank Tweed Forum, NYU Law School, NY, NY, Feb. 11, 2015

• “A Smart Power Approach to U.S. Foreign Policy,” Faculty Workshop, University of Miami School of Law, Feb. 16, 2015

• “Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of CABA v. Christopher,” University of Miami, Miami, FL,
Feb. 16, 2015

• Crafting an Authorization for Use of Military Force Against ISIL,” Future of War Conference, New America Foundation, Washington, DC, Feb. 24, 2015

• “The Legal Adviser’s Duty to Explain,” Conference on the Role of International Legal Advisers, British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London, UK FCO, Feb. 26, 2015

• “Reflections on Thirty Years of Lawyering,” NYU Shanghai, Shanghai, China, Mar. 13, 2015

• “U.S. International Engagement Through Respect for the Rule of Law and Use of ‘Smart Power,’” Peking School of Transnational Law, Shenzhen, China,
Mar. 14, 2015

• “The U.S. Relationship to Human Rights and International Law,” Hostler Institute on World Affairs, San Diego State University, Mar. 16, 2015

• “Public Purpose in International Law: Rethinking Regulatory Sovereignty in the Global Era,” Forum of the Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial Law, NYU Law School, NY, NY,
Mar. 23, 2015

• Keynote Address, BLAPA (Black Latino Asian Pacific American Alumni) Dinner, NYU Law School, NY, NY, Mar. 27, 2015

• “Senator Eagleton and the War Powers,” Thomas F. Eagleton Seminar, St. Louis University Law School,
Mar. 30, 2015

• “The Future of the Restatement (Fourth) of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States,” American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Apr. 10, 2015

• “Implementing the Crime of Aggression,”
Georgetown Law School Faculty Workshop, Washington, DC, Apr. 11, 2015


Reflections on the Law and Politics of the Kosovo Case, Chapter 18, in THE LAW AND POLITICS OF THE KOSOVO ADVISORY OPINION (M. Wood & M.
Milanovic eds., 2015)

Sunset and Supersede: Striking the Right Balance in the AUMF against ISIL, available at http://justsecurity.org/20570/sunset-supersede-striking-balance-authorization-military-force-aumf-isil/, Mar. 2, 2015

The Torture Report Is Only the First Step, available at http://foreignpolicy.com/2014/12/12/the-torture-report-is-only-the-first-step/ http://justsecurity.org/18372/torture-report-step/, Dec. 12, 2014

America’s “Unequivocal Yes” to the Torture Ban, available at http://justsecurity.org/17551/americas-unequivocal-yes-torture-ban/, Nov. 18, 2014

Other Professional Highlights

• Judge for International Final Round, 2015 Jessup
Moot Court Competition, Washington, DC

• Keynote Speech, 2015 Duke Law School
Hooding Ceremony

• Honorary LL.D., Quinnipiac University School of Law, Hamden, CT

• 2015 Visiting Committee, Harvard Kennedy School
of Government

• Filed Brief Amicus Curiae for Foreign and Comparative Law Experts in Support of Petitioners in Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage case), available at http://www.law.yale.edu/documents/pdf/News_&_Events/KohBrief3-9-15.pdf

Douglas A. Kysar

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Forest and the Trees: Environmental Law at YLS,” YLS Executive Committee Luncheon, Oct. 24, 2014

• Panelist, “Pope Francis and the Environment: Why His New Climate Encyclical Matters,” Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Yale Divinity School, Apr. 10, 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Designed and led a new course, “A Communion of Subjects: Law, Environment, and Religion,” with
Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, offered jointly by the Schools of Law, Divinity, and Forestry & Environmental Studies

John H. Langbein

Public Service

• Connecticut Commissioner of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

• Attended Meeting of Drafting Committee on Divided Trusteeship, Washington, DC, Mar. 26–29, 2015


Destructive Federal Preemption of State Wealth Transfer Law in Beneficiary Designation Cases:
Hillman Doubles Down on Egelhoff
, 67 VANDERBILT L. REV. 1665 (2014)

Lectures And Addresses

• Panelist, Yale Law School Federalist Society Symposium on Intellectual Diversity in Law School Faculties, New Haven, CT, Nov. 1, 2014

• “The Role of Uniform State Laws in the Development of American Trust Law,” Conference on Uniform Law Commission Archives, University of Texas School of Law, Jan. 26, 2015

• British Academy Law Lecture: “The Four Epochs of Jury Trial in England,” London, England, Mar. 17, 2015

Yair Listokin

Lectures And Addresses

• “Law and Macroeconomics,” Stanford University Law School, Law and Economics Seminar, Oct. 2014

• “Law and Macroeconomics,” Boston College Law School Faculty Workshop, Mar. 13, 2015

• “Comments on Information and the Aim of Adjudication: Truth or Consequences?,” Stanford
Law School Conference in Honor of Richard Craswell, Feb. 6, 2015


Bounded Institutions, 124 YALE L.J 336 (2014)

The Vickrey-Clarke-Groves Pivotal Mechanism as an Alternative to Voting for Organizational Control, 16 THEORETICAL INQUIRIES IN LAW 267 (2015)

Tax Expenditure Estimates Approximate Revenue Estimates, 145 TAX NOTES 701 (2014)

Other Professional Highlights

• Appointed Shibley Family Fund Professor of Law

Jonathan R. Macey

Lectures And Addresses

• The Leaders’ Club, The University Club, New York, NY, Oct. 21, 2014

• “Activist Investors and Short-Termism,” Federalist Society, National Lawyers’ Convention, Washington, DC, Nov. 13, 2014

• “Insider Trading and other SEC Enforcement Claims: The Difference between the SEC Bringing a Civil Action in Federal Court or an Administrative Proceeding before an SEC Administrative Law Judge,” Association of the Bar of the City of New York Continuing Legal Education Program, Mar. 2, 2015

• “SEC Enforcement of Insider Trading Laws,” The Wall Street Journal, “Opinion Journal,” Television Broadcast, Mar. 12, 2015


Finding Order in the Morass: The Three Real Justifications for Piercing the Corporate Veil, 100 CORNELL L. REV. 99 (2014)

Are Any Creditors ‘Particularly Deserving’?: On the Enduring Attraction of the Ring-Fence Approach to Cross-Border Insolvencies of Financial Institutions,
31 YALE J. ON REG. 695 (2014)

Theories of Regulatory Risk: The Surprise Theory, the Arbitrage Theory, and the Regulatory Mistake Theory, in RISK MANAGEMENT IN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, (Shahin Shojai and George Feiger eds.) (Euromoney Books, 2013)

Sublime Myths: An Essay in Honor of the Shareholder Value Myth and the Tooth Fairy, 91 TEXAS L. REV. 911 (2013) (book review)

Professor Grundfest’s Latest Reply Flip-Flops Allegations and Further Demonstrates that He and Commissioner Gallagher Wrongfully Accused the SRP, THE HARVARD LAW SCHOOL FORUM ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND FINANCIAL REGULATION, Jan. 6, 2015

Professor Grundfest’s Reply Demonstrates that He and Commissioner Gallagher Wrongfully Accused the SRP, THE HARVARD LAW SCHOOL FORUM ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND FINANCIAL REGULATION, Dec. 21, 2014

SEC Commissioner, Law Professor Wrongfully Accuse SRP of Securities Fraud, THE HARVARD LAW SCHOOL FORUM ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND FINANCIAL REGULATION, Dec. 15, 2014

An Insider-Trading Watershed, WALL ST. J., Dec. 12, 2014

Argentina’s Disturbing New Low, NAT’L REV. ONLINE,
Oct. 31, 2014

Other Professional Highlights

• Guest Contributor, Harvard Corporate, Governance Blog

• Member, Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative’s Working Group on Capital Markets

• Member, Economic Advisory Board, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

• Chair, Yale University Advisory Committee on
Investor Responsibility

• Member, Yale Committee on Athletics

• Board of Managers, St. Thomas’s Day School

• Board of Directors, Yale Youth Hockey Association

Tracey L. Meares

Lectures And Addresses

• Keynote speaker at Centre for Justice Innovation “Better Courts” Conference, London, Feb. 4, 2014

• Speaker, Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice Summit for the Northern District of California at the Presidio, Mar. 11, 2015

• Justice Collaboratory Conference—Policing Post Ferguson, Apr. 2015


The Law and Social Science of Stop and Frisk, 10 ANN. REV. L AND SOC. SCI. 335 (2014)

Rightful Policing: New Perspectives in Policing Bulletin (with Peter Neyroud), Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, 2015, NCJ 248411

Programming Errors: Understanding the Constitutionality of Stop-and-Frisk as a Program, Not an Incident, 82 U. CHI. L. REV. 159 (2015)

Other Professional Highlights

• Yale Law School group headed by Tracey Meares and Tom Tyler received part of $4.75-million collaborative agreement to launch the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, Sept. 22, 2014

• Named by President Obama to serve on his Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Dec. 19, 2014

• Named director of newly launched Justice Collaboratory, Jan. 2015

Noah A. Messing

Lectures And Addresses

• Victorian Bar, Melbourne, Teacher Training Program for the Bar’s Legal Writing Faculty, Feb. 28, 2015

• Melbourne Law School, “Legal Writing at the Next Level,” Mar. 4, 2015

• Victorian Bar, Melbourne, “Judicial Views of Written Advocacy Skills,” Mar. 16, 2015

• Victorian Bar, Melbourne, “Overview of Written Advocacy,” Mar. 23 & 25, 2015

• Victorian Bar, Melbourne, “Advanced Techniques for Using Facts in Your Submissions,” Mar. 30, 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Co-directed Yale Law School’s Supreme Court Advocacy Clinic, Fall 2014

• Organized, with Judith Resnik and the Yale Law Journal, “Arbitration, Transparency, and Privacy: A Seminar,”
Oct. 23, 2014

John D. Morley

Lectures And Addresses

• Oxford University Law and Finance Seminar, “Why Law Firms Collapse”

• London School of Economics Corporate Law Roundtable, “Why Law Firms Collapse”

• Yale Law School Faculty Workshop, “Why Law Firms Collapse”


The Flawed Mechanics of Mutual Fund Fee Litigation, 32 YALE J. ON REG. 1 (2015)

Other Professional Highlights

• Reporter for the Uniform Law Commission’s Drafting Committee for the Uniform Divided Trusteeship Act

Nicholas R. Parrillo

Lectures And Addresses

• Invited Commentator, Panel on “Law, the State, and the Challenge of American Nationhood in the 19th Century,” American Society for Legal History, Denver, CO, Nov. 8, 2014

• “Federal Agencies in Contempt of Court: A Preliminary Inquiry,” Northwestern University Public Law Colloquium, Oct. 28, 2014

• “Remarks on Against the Profit Motive,” Awards Dinner of the ABA Section on Administrative Law, Washington, DC, Oct. 16, 2014


The Salary Revolution and the Marks of Government’s Distinctness: A Response to Jon Michaels, HARV. L. REV. FORUM 128, no. 99, Feb. 10, 2015

Robert C. Post

Lectures And Addresses

• “Academic Freedom and the First Amendment,” Odyssey Lecture (in the Political Theory Project), Brown University, Oct. 30, 2014

• “Compelled Commercial Speech,” Fourth Annual C. Edwin Baker Lecture for Liberty, Equality, and Democracy,” West Virginia University College of Law, Nov. 14, 2014

• “Academic Freedom and Legal Scholarship,” Luncheon Keynote, AALS Annual Convention, Washington, DC, Jan. 4, 2015

• “Academic Freedom: Speech, Assembly, Disruption,” spoke on a panel at the MLA annual convention, Vancouver, Canada, Jan. 9, 2015

• Discussed “In Our Time: The Great War at 100,” Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard, Feb. 13, 2015

• “The First Amendment, Knowledge, and Academic Freedom,” 24th Hugo L. Black Lecture on Freedom of Expression, Wesleyan University, Feb. 19, 2015

• Talk on “Gay Rights and the Supreme Court,” and an analysis of the film Philadelphia, New-York Historical Society, Feb. 27–28, 2015


Adam Smith’s First Amendment (with Amanda Shanor), 128 HARV L. FORUM 165 (2015)

Academic Freedom and the Constitution, in WHO’S AFRAID OF ACADEMIC FREEDOM (Akeel Bilgrami & Jonathan R. Cole eds., Columbia University Press, 2015)

Trust in the Legal System Must Be Regained (with Martha Minow), BOSTON GLOBE, Dec. 9, 2014, available at http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2014/12/09/after-michael-brown-eric-garner-trust-legal-system-must-regained/ySfGQ3UrhSuWFi1hVH0z2K/story.html

Other Professional Highlights

• Member, Advisory Board of the Coalition of Freedom, National Constitution Center

J. L. Pottenger, Jr.

Professional Highlights

• Awarded the Leadership Legacy Award by the Dwight Hall at Yale Center for Public Service and Social Justice

• Mortgage Foreclosure Litigation Clinic has filed amicus briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court (Bank of America, N.A. v. David B. Caulkett), as well as in the Supreme Courts of Florida (Lewis Brooke Bartram v. U.S. Bank National Association); Maine (Homeward Residential Inc. v. Marianne A. Gregor and Bank of America, N.A. v. Scott Greenleaf); and Connecticut (MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. v. Dannel P. Malloy, Governor). The briefs address issues ranging from federal bankruptcy in the context of foreclosure; to res judicata and collateral estoppel; to the nature of—and flaws found in—the modern mortgage servicing industry. All of these cases fit with the Clinic’s overall policy goals of achieving economic justice for struggling homeowners, and constructing an increased oversight role on banks for state and local judicial and legislative authorities.

Claire Priest

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Stamp Act and American Institutional and Economic History,” Center for Historical Enquiry and the Social Sciences, Yale University, Oct. 31, 2014


• The End of Entail: Information, Institutions, and Slavery in the American Revolutionary Era, LAW & HISTORY REV. (May 2015)

The Stamp Act and American Institutional and Economic History (with Justin du Rivage), 88 S. CAL. L. REV. (May 2015)

• Two articles selected for ECONOMICS OF LEGAL HISTORY (D. Klerman ed. 2015), a volume of “the most important works examining legal history from an economic perspective”: Creating an American Property Law: Alienability and Its Limits in American History, 120 HARV. L. REV. 385 (2006); and Currency Policies and Legal Development in Colonial New England, 110
YALE L.J. 1303 (2001)

George L. Priest

Lectures And Addresses

• Presented a paper, “The Evolution or Design of the Common Law: The Unexplained Sources of the Common Law,” Mont Pelerin Society 2015 Meeting, Lima, Peru


Bork’s Strategy and the Influence of the Chicago School on Modern Antitrust Law, 57 J. LAW & ECON. S1 (2014)

Ronald Coase, Firms and Markets, MAN AND THE ECONOMY, Volume 1, Issue 2 at 143 (De Gruyter, 2014)

Apple Should Win Its E-Book Appeal, WALL ST. J., Dec. 14, 2014 at A13

W. Michael Reisman

Lectures And Addresses

• Institut De Droit International (IDI) Meeting for the 10th Commission in Paris, France, Jan. 23, 2015

• Delivered Keynote Speech entitled “Bribery in International Investment Law: Some ‘What-If’ Questions” at the Ninth Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration Juris Conference, Washington, DC,
Feb. 26, 2015

• Delivered Lecture entitled “Combatting Bribery in International Law,” Faculty of Law Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, Mar. 15, 2015

• Delivered Keynote Lecture entitled “Why ‘Fair and Equitable Treatment’ Must Be a Dynamic Concept in International Investment Law” for the 2015 International Conference on Good Governance and Transparency in Public and Private Sectors, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand,
Mar. 17, 2015

• Delivered Public Lecture entitled “Challenges to International Law in the Twenty-First Century” for the Thai Society of International Law and the International Law Department, Faculty of Law Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand,
Mar. 19, 2015

• Conference Commentator for the Keynote Presentation “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Foreign Bribery and Corruption but Were Afraid to Ask” for the 12th Annual ITA-ASIL Conference entitled “Corruption in International Arbitration: Evidence and Remedies,” Washington, DC, Apr. 8, 2015

• Delivered the 2015 Charles N. Brower Lecture on International Dispute Resolution entitled “Canute Confronts the Tide: States vs. Tribunals and the Evolution of the Minimum Standard in Customary International Law” for the 109th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, Washington, DC, Apr. 9, 2015

• Moderated the Hudson Medal Luncheon by Pierre-Marie Dupuy, for the 109th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, Washington, DC, Apr. 10, 2015


edition) (Foundation Press, 2015)

Fifteenth Annual Grotius Lecture Response, in AMERICAN UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL LAW REVIEW,
p. 1003–1008, 29:5 (2014)

Foreword, in ETHICS IN INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION, Catherine A. Rogers (Oxford University Press, 2014)

Judith Resnik

Lectures And Addresses

• Co-Convenor: Roundtable “Judging Immigration: Approaches for Improving the Immigration Court Adjudication Process,” Yale Law School, Oct. 17, 2014

• Presented paper: “Bordering by Law,” Yale Faculty Workshop, Oct. 20, 2014

• Discussant: “Arbitration, Consent, Consumers, Employees, and the Fine Print,” film screening and discussion hosted by the American Constitution Society and the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program, Yale Law School, Oct. 22, 2014

• Presented paper: “The Public in the Private of Arbitration, and the Private in Courts,” for Arbitration, Transparency, and Privatization, a Seminar co-hosted by the Arthur Liman Public Interest Fund, Quinnipiac-Yale Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop, and Yale Law Journal, Oct. 23, 2014

• Moderator: “Courts on Trial: Judging and Its Alternatives,” Yale Law School Alumni Weekend,
Oct. 25, 2014

• Queen’s University, Toronto, Canada, Oct. 30–31, 2014

–Keynote Speaker: “Inventing Democratic Courts,” Gibson Memorial Lecture

–Presented paper: “Representing What? Women, Judges, and Equality in the United States,” Feminist Legal Studies Queen’s

• Keynote Address: “On Not Taking Public Courts for Granted,” Yale Law School 4th Annual Doctoral Scholarship Conference, Nov. 14, 2014

• Moderator: “Judging Statutes,” A Conversation with the Honorable Judge Robert Katzmann, Yale Law School, Nov. 18, 2014

• Speaker: “Progressive Primer” on Procedure, sponsored by the American Constitution Society, Yale Law School, Dec. 1, 2014

• Presenter: “The Invention of Courts,” American Academy of Arts & Sciences 2013th Stated Meeting, Harvard Club, New York, NY, Dec. 4, 2014

• Commentator: “Developments in Global Governance and Administrative Law,” Justification Beyond the State, Yale Political Theory Workshop, Yale University, Dec. 5, 2014

• Moderator: “Litigating at a Disadvantage,” Fourth Annual Immigration Litigation Roundtable, Yale Law School, Dec. 6, 2014

• Presenter: American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

–“Hesitations about the Heroic,” for the panel “Law and the Heroic,” for Section on Law and the Humanities, Jan. 3, 2015

–“Contracting Remedies” for the panel Structural Reform Litigation at 60, for Section on Remedies,
Jan. 4, 2015

• Speaker: “Lost in the Fine Print,” Examining the Impact of Forced Arbitration, sponsored by Alliance for Justice and Society of American Law Teachers, Washington, DC, Jan. 3, 2015

• Co-presenter (with Johanna Kalb and Yale Law School students Corey Guilmette, Joshua Nuni & Devon Porter): “Understanding Administrative Segregation: A Preliminary Overview,” Association of State Corrections Administrators, Long Beach, CA,
Feb. 7, 2015

• Speaker (with Dennis Curtis): “Inventing Democratic Courts,” Colloquium on Culture and Law, New York University, Feb. 17, 2015

• Presented paper: “Diffusing Disputes: The Public in the Private of Arbitration, the Private in Courts, and the Erasure of Rights,” at a faculty workshop, University of Miami, Mar. 6, 2015

• Keynote Speaker (with Dennis Curtis): “Inventing Democratic Courts,” International Society of
Barristers 50th Anniversary meeting, Key Biscayne, FL, Mar. 9, 2015

• Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN, Mar. 24–25, 2015

–Public Lecture: “Inventing Democratic Courts”

–Seminar: The Politics of Architecture and the Built Environment

–Seminar: “Representations of Justice,” in The Art of the West II

–Faculty Workshop: “Constructing the Foreign”

• Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, St. Mary’s College, St. Mary’s City, MD, Mar. 31, 2015

–Public Lecture: “Representing What? Women, Judging, and Justice in the United States”

• Panelist: “Consumer Arbitration at a Crossroads,” Center for the Study of Private Law, Yale Law School, Apr. 8, 2015

• Co-convener and Moderator: “Detention on a Global Scale,” Robert L. Bernstein International Human Rights Fellowship Symposium, Arthur Liman Public Interest Program Eighteenth Annual Colloquium, Yale Law School, Apr. 9–10, 2015

Publications And Testimony Submitted

Women in Detention: The Need for a National Agenda, Liman Program Statement (with Johanna Kalb and Megan Quattlebaum), The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States, Hearing Before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights, Dec. 9, 2014

Can Less Confidentiality Mean More Fairness in Campus Sexual Assault Cases? (with Alexandra Brodsky and Claire Simonich), THE NATION, Feb. 23, 2015

Women in Detention: The Need for National Reform, Liman Program Statement (with Johanna Kalb), Public hearing, Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections, Mar. 11, 2015

Other professional highlights

• Reappointed as Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, 2015–2016

• Adviser, Restatement of the Law, The Law of American Indians through the American Law Institute

Cristina Rodríguez

Lectures And Addresses

• “Immigration and National Consensus,” Florida State College of Law Faculty Workshop (Jan. 2015), George Washington Law School Faculty Workshop (Feb. 2015)

• “Immigration and the Future of Civil Rights,” Presidential Plenary Speaker, Eastern Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY, Feb. 2015

• “Prosecutorial Discretion and the Separation of Powers,” Berkeley Law School Faculty Workshop (Mar. 2015), Columbia Legal Theory Workshop (Apr. 2015)

• “The Political Value of Manufactured Crisis,” Invited Lecture, Humanities on the Edge Series, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Apr. 2015

Roberta Romano

Lectures And Addresses

• Keynote speaker, “For Diversity in the International Regulation of Financial Institutions: Critiquing and Recalibrating the Basel Architecture,” ZEW and University of Mannheim MaCCI Law and Economics Conference on Financial Regulation and Competition

• Panelist, Conference on The New Political Economy of Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation, Yale University


Regulating in the Dark and a Postscript Assessment of the Iron Law of Financial Regulation, 43 HOFSTRA L. REV. 25 (2014)

Getting Incentives Right: Is Deferred Bank Executive Compensation Sufficient? (with Sanjai Bhagat & Brian Bolton), 31 YALE J. ON REG. 523 (2014)

• FOUNDATIONS OF CORPORATE LAW (2d ed.), Chinese translation by Prof. Luo Peixin (Peking University Press)

Other Professional Highlights

• Elected, Board of Directors, Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (formerly ISNIE)

• Appointed, Program Committee, International Society for New Institutional Economics 19th Annual Meeting 2015

Carol M. Rose

Lectures And Addresses

• “Reflections on the Use of Land: What We Have Learned,” conference on The Use of Land at 40, Harvard Law School & Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Oct. 16, 2014

• “Private Claims on the Public Lands: Lessons from Politics, Past and Present,” University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 13, 2014

• “Were Racially Restrictive Covenants Dignity Takings?,” IIT-Chicago Kent Law School, Apr. 6, 2015


Author’s Introduction, Panel Discussion on Saving the Neighborhood: Racially Restrictive Covenants, Law, and Social Norms, 56 ARIZ. L. REV. SYLLABUS 11 (2014)

Other Professional Highlights

• Attended Board of Editors meeting, Foundation Press, Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 14, 2014

Susan Rose-Ackerman

Lectures And Addresses

• Inaugural Lecture: “Is Impact Assessment Democratic? Tensions in Public Policymaking in the EU and the US,” Hertie School, Berlin

• “Due Process of Lawmaking,” Gothenburg, Sweden, Quality of Governance Institute; Faculty of Law, Jena, Germany; Max Planck Institute, Bonn; Sorbonne, Paris



Other Professional Highlights

• Fellow,Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, until July 1, 2015

Peter H. Schuck

Lectures And Addresses

• Conference on WHY GOVERNMENT FAILS SO OFTEN, AND HOW IT CAN DO BETTER, Notre Dame Law School, Chicago

• Presentations on the book to: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York; Administrative Conference of the United States, Washington, DC; Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC; Brookings Institution, Washington, DC; National Association of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, Albuquerque, NM; Yale Law School; Boston College Law School; Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA; Harvard University, Program on Constitutional Government, Cambridge, MA; “Everything Financial” radio program; Liberty Fund radio program

• Faculty workshop on “Five Hard Issues and How to Think About Them” (book-in-progress), University of California at Berkeley Law School

• Faculty workshop on “Deporting Criminal Immigrants from Overcrowded Prisons,” NYU Law School

• Guest lecturer at New York University political science course, on birthright citizenship

• Federalist Society discussion with Philip Howard, Berkeley, CA

• Al-Jazeera America television, debate on birthright citizenship

• “Can We Make Government Work,” Brookings Institution, Washington, DC


Review of Peter Wallison, Hidden in Plain Sight, BARRON’S, May 2, 2015

Review of Edward Kleinbard, We Are Better Than This, BARRON’S, Mar. 2, 2015, available at http://online.

• Huffington Post, Racism and Racialism are Different, Dec. 22, 2014, available at http://www.

Why Congress Can Impeach Obama, N.Y. TIMES, Nov. 21, 2014, available at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/22/opinion/the-impeachment-of-obama-on-immigration-may-be-legal-but-its-wrong.html?module=Search&mabReward=relbias%3Aw%2C%7B%221%22%3A%22RI%3A8%22%7D

The Complicated Rules of Citizenship, L.A. TIMES, Nov. 21, 2014, available at http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-schuck-citizenship-birthright-immigration-20141123-story.html

• “Should those who attack the nation have an absolute right to remain its citizens?,” EUDO Citizenship Forum, available at http://eudo-citizenship.eu/commentaries/citizenship-forum/citizenship-forum-cat/1268-the-return-of-banishment-do-the-new-denationalisation-policies-weaken-citizenship?showall=&start=2

• “Interview: The Deep-Rooted Problems with Government,” WASH. POST, Oct. 20, 2014, available at http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/

Other Professional Highlights

• Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley (law school and graduate school of public policy), Spring 2015 semester

Reva Siegel

Lectures And Addresses

• “Backlash, Abortion, and Marriage Equality” on panel on “The Least Dangerous Branch,” Yale Law School Alumni Weekend, Oct. 25, 2014

• Connecticut Law Review Symposium on Privacy Laws Today, Keynote: “Griswold at 50—How Conflict Entrenched the Right to Privacy,” Nov. 14, 2014

• Yale Law School Faculty Workshop, presented manuscript of “Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics,”
Dec. 8, 2014

• American Constitution Society Progressive Scholarship Workshop, Yale Law School, presented manuscript of “Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics,” Dec. 9, 2014

• “Casey and the Clinic Closings,” Undue Burden Workshop, Morrison & Foerster, New York, NY,
Dec. 12, 2014

• American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting, Section on Constitutional Law—Liberty-Equality: Gender, Sexuality, and Reproduction—Griswold v. Connecticut Then and Now, “How Conflict Entrenched the Right to Privacy,” Jan. 3, 2015

• American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting, Section on Legal History, “Engendering Equality: A Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States, and New Voices in Legal History,” introduced Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and moderated panel, Jan. 3, 2015

• Stanford Law School, presented manuscript of “Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics,” Jan. 12, 2015

• American Constitution Society, Yale Law School, “Backlash, Abortion, and Marriage Equality,”
panel on “Is It Time for Marriage Equality? CERTainly,” Feb. 10, 2015

• Duke Law School Faculty Workshop, presented manuscript of “Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics,”
Feb. 23, 2015

• Constitutional Developments of the Coming Decade, American Constitution Society Academic Advisory Board, Washington, DC, Mar. 14, 2015

• University of Southern California Law School Faculty Workshop, presented manuscript of “Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics,” Mar. 23, 2015

• “Griswold—Fifty Years Young: How Conflict Entrenched the Right to Privacy,” Yale Law School,
Mar. 26, 2015

• American University Washington College of Law, Symposium on Griswold at Fifty, “How Conflict Entrenched the Right to Privacy,” Mar. 30, 2015

• European University Institute, Discussion of “Legal Mobilization and Countermobilization in the Field of Abortion Law in Latin America,” Apr. 10, 2015


Meador Lecture: Race-Conscious but Race-Neutral: The Constitutionality of Disparate Impact in the Roberts Court, 66 ALA. L. REV. 663 (2015)

Griswold at 50: How Conflict Entrenched the Right to Privacy, 124 YALE L.J. F. (2015)

Contraception as a Sex Equality Right, 124 YALE L.J. F. (2015) (with Neil Siegel)

Kate Stith

Lectures And Addresses

• “Wither Federal Criminal Law,” Fordham Law School Lecture Series on Advanced Criminal Law, Oct. 21, 2014

• “Conversation with Justices Sam Alito ’74, Sonia Sotomayor ’79, and Clarence Thomas ’74,” Woolsey Hall, Yale University, Oct. 25, 2014

• “Quintin Johnstone: His Many Careers,” Memorial Service, Yale Law School, Nov. 9, 2014

• “The Grand Jury and the Police: Ferguson, MO, and Staten Island, NY,” Yale Law School, Dec. 10, 2014

• “The Public Service of John Danforth and Clarence Thomas,” Yale Law School, Feb. 12, 2015

• Moderator, “The Editor and the Lawyer” (David Shribman & Fritz Byers), Feb. 17, 2015

• “Stan Wheeler, Jazz, and Social Science,” Mar. 1, 2015

• “Karen Dunn ’06: A Non-Linear Career,” Mar. 30, 2015

• “Plea Bargaining—Theory and Practice,” University of Minnesota School of Law, Apr. 10–11, 2015

• “Lillian Goldman Perpetual Scholarship Fund 20th Anniversary,” speaker, Apr. 14, 2015

Other Professional Highlights

• Chair, Dean of Students Search Committee,
Yale Law School

• Vice-Chair, Committee on Professional Responsibility, Connecticut Bar Association Journal of Law, Board
of Advisors

• The Green Bag, Editorial Advisory Board

• Federal Sentencing Reporter, Advisory Board

• Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, Board of Advisors

Tom R. Tyler

Lectures And Addresses

• “Building Trust in the Police,” Moving Beyond Ferguson, symposium for law enforcement CEOs organized by the FBI, New Britain, CT, Oct. 16, 2014

• “Procedural Justice and the Courts,” presentation
at the annual meeting of the Judges of Maine,
Oct. 23, 2014

• “Legitimacy and the Courts,” keynote address, National Juvenile Defender Organization, Louisville, KY, Oct. 25, 2014

• “Can Jury Instructions Address Problems with Bias in Perceptions of Video Evidence?,” presentation at the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies
(with R. Sommers), University of California, Berkeley, Nov. 8, 2014

• “Popular Legitimacy and the Exercise of Legal Authority,” presentation at the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (with J. Jackson), University of California, Berkeley, Nov. 8, 2014

• Discussant, Avani Sood, presentation at the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, University of California, Berkeley, Nov. 9, 2014

• “Popular Legitimacy and the Exercise of Legal Authority,” American Society of Criminology (with J. Jackson), San Francisco, Nov. 21, 2014

• “Popular Legitimacy and American Policing,” School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Nov. 24, 2014

• “Building Trust in the Police,” FBI meeting for police leaders in New England, Foxwoods, CT, Feb. 9, 2015

• Workshop on “Empirical Research in Law Schools,” American Association of Law Schools, Washington, DC, Jan. 4, 2015

• “Legitimacy and Policing,” testimony before the Presidential Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Washington, DC, Jan. 13, 2015

• “Legitimacy as a Legal Concept,” Division de Estudios Juridico, CIDE, Mexico City, Feb. 23, 2015

• “Popular Legitimacy and American Policing,” Law and Psychology Preconference, Society for Social and Personality Psychology, San Diego, Feb. 26, 2015

• “Psychology and Economics: Convergence and Conflict,” keynote address, UCLA School of Law,
Mar. 6–7, 2015

• “Trust and Confidence as a Policing Issue,” Law Enforcement Executive Summit, Northern District of California, San Francisco, Mar. 11, 2015

• “The Consequences of Being the Target of Suspicion,” Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington, Mar. 13, 2015

• “The Consequences of Being the Target of Suspicion,” University of Montreal Law School, Montreal,
Mar. 17, 2015

• “Gaining Public Trust and Confidence: Legitimacy and Pretrial Practices,” Roundtable on Pretrial Practices, John Jay, New York, Mar. 19, 2015

• “Legitimacy and the Exercise of Legal Authority,” University of New Hampshire, Watson Lecture,
Mar. 26, 2015

• “Legitimacy and Cooperation with Legal Authorities,” Criminal Division, U.S. Attorneys Office, New Haven, CT, Mar. 27, 2015

• “Procedural Justice: How the Public Evaluates Courts,” Seminar for Chief Justices, National Judicial Institute, Ottawa, CA, Mar. 30, 2015

• “Legitimacy and American Law,” Brooklyn Law School, Apr. 6, 2015

• “Legitimacy and Criminal Justice” (with Tracey Meares), Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, Apr. 9, 2015


Justice is Not Blind: Visual Attention Exaggerates Effects of Group Identification on Legal Punishment, (with Y. Granot, E. Balcetis & K.E. Schneider),

How do the Courts Create Popular Legitimacy? (with J. Sevier), ALBANY L. REV. 77, 101–143 (2014)

The Salience of Social Contextual Factors in Appraisals of Police Interactions with Citizens: A Randomized Factorial Experiment (with Anthony Braga, Christopher Winship, Jeffrey Fagan & Tracey L. Meares), JOURNAL OF QUANTITATIVE CRIMINOLOGY, 30, 599–627 (2014)

Street Stops and Police Legitimacy (with J. Fagan & A. Geller), JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES 11(4), 751–785 (2014)

Aggressive Policing and the Mental Health of Young Urban Men (with A. Geller, J. Fagan & B.G. Link), AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH 104(12),
2321–2327 (2014)

Thinking about Judges and Judicial Performance (with D. B. Rottman), ONATI SOCIO-LEGAL SERIES 4(5), 1046–1070 (2014)

James Q. Whitman

Lectures And Addresses

• “Presumption of Innocence or Presumption of Mercy?,” Boston University Law School, Harvard Law School, University of Virginia Law School, Princeton Program in Law and Public Affairs

• “Traditional Honor and Modern Law: Splendor and Danger,” Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

• “Religion and the Law,” Katholieke Universiteit Leuven at Kortrijk


A Letter from America, ZEITSCHRIFT DER SAVIGNY-STIFTUNG FÜR RECHTSGESCHICHTE (Germanistische Abteilung) 132 (2015): 441–462

The Transition to Modernity, OXFORD HANDBOOK OF CRIMINAL LAW, eds. M. Dubber and T. Hörnle (Oxford, 2015): 84–110

Other Professional Highlights

• Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, accompanied by a conference organized around Professor Whitman’s work on honor and
the law

Michael J. Wishnie

Lectures And Addresses

• “Emerging Issues in Veterans Law,” University of Memphis Law Review Annual Symposium, Memphis, TN, Mar. 2015

• “The Immigration Crisis and Prospects for Reform,” World Affairs Council of Connecticut, Hartford, CT,
Feb. 2015

• “Emerging Issues in Veterans Law,” The Benchers,
New Haven, CT, Feb. 2015

• “Immigration and Criminal Justice in Connecticut,” Michigan Journal of Law Reform Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI, Feb. 2015

• “Crimmigration in Connecticut: Resistance and Reform,” Denver University Law Review Annual Symposium, Denver, CO, Feb. 2015

• “Clinic Design: Theory and Practice,” Tenth Anniversary Conference, Committee of Chinese Clinical Legal Educators, Beijing, China, Dec. 2014

• “Clinical Legal Education in the United States,” Central China Normal University School of Law, Wuhan, China, Dec. 2014

• “The Military Record Correction Boards Fail,” Court of Federal Claims Annual Judicial Conference, Washington, DC, Nov. 2014


Yale Law School Veterans Clinic Advocates for Marginalized Veteran Populations, ACCESS TO JUSTICE, Vol 2., No. 1 (ABA Section of Litigation: Summer 2015)

Other Professional Highlights

Cowles v. McHugh, 2014 WL 5668543 (D.Conn. Nov. 4, 2014) (denying government motion to reconsider prior holding that Army had misdiagnosed veteran with “adjustment disorder” and violated its own discharge regulations and remanding to Army Board for Correction of Military Records)

Reid v. Donelan, ___ F.Supp.3d ___, 2014 WL 6973634 (D.Mass. Dec. 10, 2014) (rejecting ICE narrow interpretation of class-wide relief order, holding detainees subject to final order also entitled to bond hearing, and requiring ICE to provide expanded notice to class members)

In re – (Boston VARO Jan. 2015) (on reconsideration, holding U.S. Air Force Reserve veteran who flew C-123 “spraybirds” contaminated with Agent Orange from use in Vietnam was exposed to herbicides and entitled to service-connected disability benefits)

In re – (ABCMR Mar. 2015) (on remand from U.S. District Court, granting application of Vietnam veteran who earned Purple Heart but later received bad conduct discharge attributable for undiagnosed PTSD, to upgrade discharge status to general under honorable conditions)

• South Asian Bar Association of CT, Community Service Award, to the Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic, Yale Law School, Oct. 2014

John Fabian Witt

Lectures And Addresses

• “Slavery and the Laws of War,” New-York Historical Society, Sept.–Nov. 2014

• Chair and Commentator, Kitty Preyer Honorary Panel, American Society for Legal History, Denver, Nov. 8, 2014

• “Modernism and Antimodernism,” Connecticut Celebrates! 100th Anniversary of the Richard C. Lee Courthouse, New Haven, Oct. 30, 2014

• “Law and Responsibility,” keynote address, Yale Law School Graduate Students Conference, Nov. 15, 2014

• “Lincoln’s Code,” Southern Methodist University and the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Dec. 3, 2014

• “Making Sense of the Laws of War: Three Lessons from Abraham Lincoln,” Branford College Fellows Lecture, New Haven, CT, Feb. 19, 2015

• “Two Humanitarianisms,” Stanford Law School Faculty Workshop, Palo Alto, Mar. 18, 2015

• The Semi-Annual LW403 Lecture, United States Military Academy at West Point, Mar. 25, 2015


• “Obama, the Least Lame President?,” N.Y. TIMES, Dec. 21, 2014 (with Ian Ayres)

Other Professional Highlights

• “How Much Does it Cost to Say ‘I’m Sorry?’” NPR’s Radiolab, Dec. 23, 2014

• Inducted into the Society of American Historians