Winter 2014 Faculty Activities

Bruce Ackerman


Reviving Democratic Citizenship, 41 POL. & SOC’Y 309 (2013), available at http://pas.sagepub.com/content/41/2/309.abstract

Republican Peter King Takes the Lead, HUFFINGTON POST, Oct. 13, 2013

Canceling the Shutdown, Playing by the Rules (with I. Ayres), L.A. TIMES, Oct. 4, 2013

Surveillance and the FISA Court, L.A. TIMES, Sept. 24, 2013

Why Legal Education Should Last For Three Years, WASHINGTON POST, Sept. 6, 2013

Bait and Switch, FOREIGN POLICY, Sept. 3, 2013

How the Internet Can Save Journalism, HUFFINGTON POST, Aug. 7, 2013

Breach or Debate, FOREIGN POLICY, Aug. 1, 2013

To Save Egypt, Drop the Presidency, N.Y. TIMES, July 11, 2013

Oversight Now, FOREIGN POLICY, June 11, 2013

Send Judges to Guantanamo, Then Shut It (with E. Fidell), N.Y. TIMES, May 3, 2012

Ian Ayres

Lectures And Addresses

• “Tops, Bottoms, and Versatiles: What Straight Views of Penetrative Preferences Could Mean for Sexuality Claims Under Price Waterhouse “ (with R. Luedeman), American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, May 18, 2013

• “The No Reading Problem in Consumer Contract Law” (with A. Schwartz), American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, May 18, and University of Chicago Law School, May 14, 2013

• “Measuring Fiduciary and Investor Losses in 401(k) Plans” (with Quinn Curtis), American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, May 18, 2013

• “Compensating Differentials in Gender and Racial Gaps Among Young Lawyers” (with R. Brooks), American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, May 18, 2013


Diversification Across Time, 39 J. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT 73 (Winter 2013) (with B. Nalebuff)

Canceling the Shutdown, Playing by the Rules, LOSANGELESTIMES.COM (Oct. 4, 2013) (with B. Ackerman)

Jack M. Balkin

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Least Dangerous Branch at 50: Alexander Bickel and the New Deal-Civil Rights Regime,” Southeastern Law Schools Conference, Palm Beach, FL, Aug. 7, 2013

• “The Present State of Constitutional Theory,” American Political Science Association Convention, Chicago, IL, Aug. 31, 2013

• “Long Wars and Technological Change,” Conference on War Powers and the Constitution, Tulane Law School, New Orleans, LA, Oct. 18, 2013


Verdi’s High C, 91 TEX. L. REV. 1687 (2013)

The Court Affirms the Social Contract, in THE HEALTH CARE CASE: THE SUPREME COURT’S DECISION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS (N. Persily, G.E. Metzger & T.W. Morrison eds., Oxford University Press, 2013)

Must We be Faithful to Original Meaning?, 7 JERUSALEM REVIEW OF LEGAL STUDIES 57 (2013)

The American Constitution as “Our Law,” 25 YALE J. L. & HUMAN. 113 (2013)

Sanford Levinson’s Second Thoughts About Constitutional Faith, 48 TULSA L. REV. 169 (2012)

Robert A. Burt

Lectures And Addresses

• Alberico Gentili Lectures, University of Macerata Law School, Macerata, Italy, “Social Order & Disordered Minds,” Apr. 22-24, 2013

• Zuckerman Mind, Brain, Behavior Institute, Columbia University, “Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Brain Research,” May 13, 2013

• Psychology Department, Columbia University, “Social Order & Disordered Minds,” June 17, 2013

• Temple Emanuel, Orange, CT, “God and Humanity in Conflict,” Sept. 27, 2013

• Medical Ethics Program, Yale Medical School, Symposium on Hastings Center Guidelines for Care of the Dying, Oct. 7, 2013

Guido Calabresi

Lectures And Addresses

• Delivered eulogy at the memorial service for Thomas M. Crosby, Minneapolis, MN, June 11, 2013

• Attended The Cambridge Lectures 2013, The Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, Queens’ College, Cambridge, England, and spoke on “The United States Supreme Court and Campaign Financing: Citizens United and the Gospel,” July 7–9, 2013

• Participated in a book workshop reviewing—with Justice Samuel Alito; Judge Sabino Casesse of the Italian Constitutional Court; Professor Vicki Jackson, Harvard Law School; Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit; Professor Vincenzo Varano of the University of Florence and New York University Law School, et al.—a book by Professor Vittoria Barsotti of the University of Florence, Professor Paolo Carozza of Notre Dame Law School, and Judge Marta Cartabia of the Italian Constitutional Court on Italian Constitutional Justice in a Global Context, July 11, 2013

• Participated with Justice Samuel Alito, Judge Cartabia, and Judge Sutton in a Question and Answer Session with students and faculty of the University of Florence, July 11, 2013

• Attended Aspen Seminars for Leaders, Aspen Institute Italia Conference, Venice, Italy, and spoke on “Federalism,” July 12–14, 2013

• Addressed Columbia Legal Theory Workshop, on “Of Tastes and Values” (part of upcoming book on THE FUTURE OF LAW AND ECONOMICS), New York, NY, Apr. 22, 2013


Civil Recourse Theory’s Reductionism, 88 INDIANA L.J. 449 (2013)

Dennis E. Curtis

Lectures And Addresses

• Panelist: “Visual Puzzles of Sight, Knowledge, and Judgment” (with Judith Resnik) for the program “Legal Emblems,” Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, New York, NY, Sept. 22, 2013


Inventing Democratic Courts: A New and Iconic Supreme Court (with Judith Resnik), 38 JOURNAL OF SUPREME COURT HISTORY 207 (2013)

Drew S. Days III


A Life in the Law: An Interview with Drew Days, TOURO L. REV. ONLINE, July 14, 2013

Fiona M. Doherty


Indeterminate Sentencing Returns: The Invention of Supervised Release, 88 N.Y.U. L. REV. 958 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Board member, Focus Forward Project, a reentry initiative for federal prisoners

Steven B. Duke


The Future of Marijuana in the United States, 91 OREGON L. REV. 1391 (2013)

Public Service

• Connecticut Commission on Medicolegal Investigations

• Board member, Greater New Haven ACLU

Other Professional Highlights

• University of Arizona Alumni Achievement Award

Robert C. Ellickson

Lectures And Addresses

• Commentator, Session on Property, Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT, June 14, 2013


• LAND USE CONTROLS: CASES AND MATERIALS, Fourth Edition (2013) (with V.L. Been, R.M. Hills & C. Serkin), Aspen Law from Wolters Kluwer

The Law and Economics of Street Layouts: How a Grid Pattern Benefits a Downtown, 64 ALA. L. REV. 463 (2013), a contribution to the 2011-2012 Meador Lecture Series on Boundaries

William N. Eskridge, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• “Marriage Equality and Religious Faith: A Complicated Relationship,” Stanford University School of Law, Oct. 12, 2013

• “Marriage Equality’s Cinderella Moment,” The 2013 Tobriner Lecture, University of California Hastings College of the Law, Sept. 26, 2013

• “Nicole Smith and the Processes of American Law,” Dean’s Lecture, Yale Law School, Sept. 4, 2013


• CASES AND MATERIALS ON CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: THEMES FOR THE CONSTITUTION’S THIRD CENTURY, 5th edition (West Publishing Co., 2013) (co-authored with D. Farber & J. Schacter)

Expanding Chevron’s Domain: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Relative Competence of Courts and Agencies to Interpret Statutes, 2013 WIS. L. REV. 411

Nino’s Nightmare: Legal Process Theory as a Jurisprudence of Toggling Between Facts and Norms, 57 ST. LOUIS U.L. REV. 865 (2012)

Daniel C. Esty

Lectures And Addresses

• “Distributed Generation and the Electric Grid of the Future,” Princeton and Columbia Energy Policy Roundtable, Princeton, NJ, Apr. 26, 2013

• “Connecticut’s First-in-the-Nation Microgrid Strategy: Keeping the Lights on for Key Activities When the Power is Down,” 2nd Microgrids Military and Commercial Summit, Washington, DC, Apr. 30, 2013

• “The Promise of Fuel Cells in the 21st Century Energy World,” Fuel Cell Industry Roundtable, State Capitol, Hartford, CT, May 8, 2013

• “The Rapidly Changing Energy Landscape of New England,” New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners, Groton, CT, June 11, 2013

• “Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy: Setting Our State Apart for the Future,” Conn. Business and Industry Association Annual Energy and Environmental Conference, Waterbury, CT, June 19, 2013

• “Achieving Grid Parity in Renewable Energy Pricing,” Aspen institute Clean Energy Forum, Aspen, CO, June 21, 2013

• “Chinese and American Energy Choices: Common Challenges, Differing Perspectives,” Environmental and Sustainability Development Leadership Program, Yale University, New Haven, CT, June 27, 2012

• “The Centennial Kickoff: The Amazing 100 Year History of Connecticut State Parks,” Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, CT, Aug. 1, 2013

• “Ratepayer Benefits of Competition in the Retail Electric Marketplace,” National Energy Marketers Association, Hartford, CT, Sept. 11, 2013

• “Creating Flexibility in the Electric Grid Through the Integration of Distributed Generation,” ISO-New England Regional System Planning Meeting, Boston, MA, Sept. 12, 2013

• “Sustainable Development and the Road to Global Progress, Prosperity, and Health,” Global Scholars Symposium, Oxford, England, Sept. 21, 2013

• “Cheaper, Cleaner, and More Reliable Energy in Connecticut: You Can Bank on It,” Carbon Markets Investors Forum, Sept. 24, 2013, New York City

• “The Natural Gas Expansion Opportunity for Connecticut: A Game Changer,” North American Gas Forum, Oct. 1, 2013, Washington, DC

Owen M. Fiss


“La misión democrática de la Universidad,” Academia. Revista sobre Enseñanza del Derecho, Departamento de Publicaciones de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Año 10, Número 20, Año 2012, 269–286 (in Spanish)

“El mundo en que vivimos,” El Cronista del Estado Social y Democrático de Derecho, May 2013, 20–31 (in Spanish)

“Dos caras del Estado,” Libertad de expresión. Entre tradición y renovación. Ensayos en homenaje a Owen Fiss, ed. Esteban Restrepo Saldarriaga, Ediciones Uniandes, Bogotá, Colombia, 2013, 21–32 (in Spanish)

Other Professional Highlights

• Co-director of the Latin American Legal Studies Program (LALS) and the Middle East Legal Studies Seminar (MELSS) at Yale Law School

• Board member of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (New Haven) and the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (New York)

• Member of Advisory Selection Committee, Fellowship Program, Open Society Institute, NYC

James Forman, Jr.

Lectures And Addresses

• “Developing a Progressive Agenda Against Crime and Over-Incarceration,” Soros Justice Fellows, New York, NY, Apr. 16, 2013

• “Mass Incarceration in the Nation’s Capital,” Michigan Law School Legal Theory Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, Apr. 17, 2013

• “America’s Black State: Race, Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC,” Robina Conference, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, Apr. 25, 2013

• “America’s Black State: Race, Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC,” Criminal Justice Roundtable, University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, IL, Apr. 26, 2013

• “Marijuana Decriminalization and the Politics of Responsibility,” Law and Society Annual Conference, Boston, MA, May 30, 2013

• “Finding the Balance: Ensuring Public Safety, Ending Mass Incarceration and Protecting Civil Rights,” NAACP LDF Conference, Washington, DC, June 6, 2013

• “The Roots of Prosecutorial Discretion: How Mandatory Minimums Came to Washington, DC’s Local Courts,” American Association of Law Schools Criminal Justice Conference, San Diego, CA, June 10, 2013

• “The Next Great Crime Control Challenge: Policing for Citizenship,” 9th Circuit Judicial Conference, San Diego, CA, July 15, 2013

Heather K. Gerken

Lectures And Addresses

• 2013 Boden Lecture, “Dark Money and the Future of Political Parties: The Real Problem with Citizens United,” Marquette University Law School, Oct. 2013

• Convener, Symposium, “Federalism as the New Nationalism,” Yale Law School, July 2013

• Implications and Possible Reform, “Voting Rights After Shelby County v. Holder,” Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, July 2013


The Federalis(m) Society, 36 HARV. J. L. & PUB. POL’Y 943 (2013)

Abandoning Bad Ideas and Disregarding Good Ones for the Right Reasons: Reflections on a Festschrift, 48 TULSA L. REV. 535 (2013)

Goodbye to the Crown Jewel of the Civil Rights Movement,” SLATE (June 2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Featured as one of the 26 Best Law Teachers in the Country, in WHAT THE BEST LAW TEACHERS DO (Harvard University Press, 2013)

• Featured in THE ATLANTIC “Ideas of the Year” 2013 Issue, “States Rights are for Liberals” (June 2013)

• Member, Advisory Committee to the Standing Committee on Election Law

Abbe R. Gluck

Lectures And Addresses

• Statutory Interpretation from the Inside, Rutgers-Camden Law School Faculty Workshop, Apr. 2013

• “Health Reform Three Years In: What It Is, What It Isn’t and What Remains to be Done,” Yale Law School Alumni Association, NYC Annual Luncheon Keynote Speaker, New York, May 2013

• “Health Reform: Who’s In, Who’s Out,” Yale Medical School Public Policy Lecture Series, New Haven, May 2013

• “Health Reform, Federalism and Public Law,” Health Law Professors 2013 Annual Conference, Newark, NJ, June 2013

• “Empirical Legal Studies and Statutory Interpretation,” Law and Society Conference, Boston, MA, June 2013

• “Ready to Launch: Introduction to ObamaCare,” Yale ISPS Health Conference, New Haven, Sept. 2013

• Statutory Interpretation from the Inside—Part II: Temple Law School Faculty Workshop (Sept. 2013); Brooklyn Law School Faculty Workshop (Oct. 2013)

• Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, Oct. 2013


Statutory Interpretation from the Inside—An Empirical Study of Congressional Drafting, Delegation and the Canons, 65 STAN. L. REV. 901 (2013) (with L. Bressman)

Other Professional Highlights

• Appointed to the Executive Committee, Yale ISPS Health, Yale’s new interdisciplinary health team

• Helped to relaunch the Yale Interdisciplinary Health Workshop, co-sponsored by YLS and ISPS

• Appointed to the Executive Committee, AALS Section on Legislation and the Law of the Political Process

• Featured in THE ATLANTIC “Ideas of the Year” 2013 issue, “States Rights are for Liberals”

Henry Hansmann

Lectures And Addresses

• Presented paper on “The Performance of Foundation-Owned Companies” (with Steen Thomsen) at the University of Oslo, University of Amsterdam, Copenhagen Business School, Tilburg University, and Toulouse School of Economics, May–June, 2013

• Presented paper on “The Evolution of Shareholder Voting Rights: Separation of Ownership and Consumption” (with Mariana Pargendler) at the Comparative Law and Economics Forum, Rio de Janeiro, June 14–15, 2013

Oona A. Hathaway

Lectures And Addresses

• Moderated Session on Globalization, Foreign Policy, and National Security, Yale Law Alumni Weekend, Yale Law School, Oct. 2013

• Led Conversation on Enforcement of International Law, Yale Law School Global Constitutions Conference, Oct. 2013

• Drones: Present and Future, International Bar Association, Boston, MA, Oct. 2013

• “Syria,” Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC Radio (NPR), Sept. 2013

• “Grotius and War,” New York University School of Law, New York, NY, Sept. 2013 (with S. Shapiro)

• “The War to End War,” Theories Des Relations Internationales, Projet de Recherche CERI, Sciences Po, Paris, June 2013

• “When War was Legal,” Conference on the Status of International Law and International Human Rights, Institute for Law and Philosophy at the University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, CA, May 2013

• Debate with Douglas Feith on International Law, Yale Federalist Society, New Haven, CT, Apr. 2013

• Hosted Conference on Internet Governance, Foreign Affairs in the Internet Age Initiative, Yale Law School, Apr. 2013

• “New Haven Goes to Washington: How an Innovative YLS Seminar Enables Students to Tackle Cutting-Edge International and National Security Law Questions,“ DC YLS Alumni Association, Washington, DC, Apr. 2013

• “U.S. v. Bond,” American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Apr. 2013


On Syria, a U.N. Vote Isn’t Optional, N.Y. TIMES, Sept. 3, 2013 (with S. Shapiro)

Attacking Syria without the U.N. Approval Would Be A Mistake, WASH. POST, Aug. 28, 2013 (with S. Shapiro)

Consent-Based Humanitarian Intervention, 46 CORNELL INT’L L.J. (2013) (with J. Brower, R. Liss, T. Thomas & J. Victor)

The Power to Detain: Detention of Terrorism Suspects After 9/11, YALE J. INT’L L. (2013) (with S. Adelsberg, S. Amdur, P. Levitz, F. Pitts & S. Shebaya)

The Treaty Power: Its History, Scope, and Limits, CORNELL L. REV. (2013) (with S. Amdur, C. Choy, S. Deger-Sen, H. Nix, J. Paredes & S. Pei)

Fighting the Last War: The United Nations Charter in the Age of the War on Terror, in THE U.N. CHARTER (J. Lambert & I. Shapiro eds., 2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Counsel of Record, Amicus Brief for Yale Law School Center for Global Legal Challenges, U.S. v. Bond, U.S. Supreme Court (Aug. 2013) (merits stage)

• Adviser to the Domestic Effect of Treaties section on the American Law Institute’s Restatement Fourth, Foreign Relations Law of the United States project

• Co-Chair, American Society of International Law Annual Meeting Planning Committee

• Executive Committee, American Society of International Law

Paul W. Kahn

Lectures And Addresses

• “Politics and the Necessity of Narrative,” Syracuse University, Apr. 25, 2013

• “Chief Justice Marshall and the Law of Nations, “ University of Helsinki, May 9, 2013

• “Naturalizing Violence: The Law of Nations at the Origin of American Law,” University of Copenhagen, May 14, 2013


The Politics of the President’s Use of Force, ALJAZEERA, available at http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/9/9/syria-conflict-thepoliticsofthepresidentaasuseofforce.html


Amy Kapczynski


Engineered in India: Patent Law 2.0, NEW ENG. J. MED. (July 17, 2013)

The Continuum of Excludability and the Limits of Patents, 120 YALE L. J. 1900 (2013) (with T. Syed)

Polymorphs and Prodrugs and Salts (Oh My!): An Empirical Analysis of “Secondary” Pharmaceutical Patents (with C. Park & B. Sampat), PLOS ONE 7(12): e49470. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0049470

S. Blair Kauffman

Lectures And Addresses

• Keynote Speaker, Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries, Shanghai, China, “New Opportunities for 21st Century Law Libraries,” June 2013

• Moderator, ABA Section of International Law, London, “From Legal Education to Legal Solutions: Preparing for Global Legal Practice,” October 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Certificate of Appreciation, IFLA Section on Law Libraries, Singapore, August 2013

Harold Hongju Koh

Lectures And Addresses

• “How to End the Forever War?,” Oxford Union, May 7, 2013

• Inaugural Thomas Bingham Lecture, Bingham Centre, London, “21st Century Problems, 20th Century Law,” May 8, 2013

• 2013 Oliver Smithies Lectures, Balliol College, Oxford University, “International Law as Smart Power: The International Dimension and the Constitutional Dimension,” May 14 & 16, 2013

• “International Law as Smart Power,” Inaugural International Law Lecture, U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, May 29, 2013

• “International Law as Smart Power,” Faculty of Law, Queen’s University, Belfast, May 30, 2013

• 2013 Lloyd Cutler Distinguished Visiting Lecture, American Academy in Berlin, “International Law as Smart Power,” June 4, 2013

• “U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy and International Law,” Humboldt University Faculty of Law, June 3, 2013

• “International Law as Smart Power,” Young Scholars Laboratory, European University Institute, Florence, June 7, 2013

• “A Conversation about Counterterrorism,” Chatham House, London, June 12, 2013

• “International Law as Smart Power,” Keynote Address, Australia-New Zealand Society of International Law, Canberra, Australia, July 4, 2013

• 2013 Sir George F. Turner Lecture, “International Law as Smart Power,” Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne, July 8, 2013

• “International Law in the 21st Century,” Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, Sydney, July 10, 2013

• “A Career in Human Rights,” New South Wales Bar, International Human Rights Section, Sydney, July 10, 2013

• “Obama’s Global Legal Strategy,” New South Wales Bar, Sydney, July 10, 2013

• “International Law as Smart Power,” Faculty of Law, NZ Centre for Public Law, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, July 15, 2013

• Benjamin Gupta Lecture, Oxford Human Rights Programme, “Obama’s Human Rights Strategy,” July 23, 2013

• “Obama and Humanitarian Intervention,” Center on Constitutional Governance, University of Indiana Maurer School of Law, Sept. 12, 2013

• “International Law as Smart Power,” 2013 George P. Smith Lecture, University of Indiana Maurer School of Law, Sept. 13, 2013

• “Obama’s Harfleur,” Yale Global Constitutionalism Seminar, Sept. 28, 2013

• “How Should I Live my Life as a Lawyer?,” Yale Law School, Sept. 30, 2013

• “Globalization, Foreign Policy, and National Security,” Alumni Weekend panel, Oct. 5, 2013

• Athenaeum Program, “Is There An Obama-Clinton Doctrine?,” Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA, Oct. 8, 2013

• Keynote Speech, Global Justice Forum, Columbia Law School, Oct. 11, 2013

• “21st Century Global Legal Strategy,” 2013 Tamisiea Distinguished Lecture, University of Iowa College of Law, Oct. 17, 2013


International Criminal Justice 5.0, 38 YALE J. INT’L L. 525 (2013)

The Case for International Law (with M. Doyle), 92 FOREIGN AFFAIRS 162 (2013)

In Memoriam, Detlev F. Vagts (1929-2013) (with W. Dodge & H. Buxbaum), available at http://opiniojuris.org/2013/08/23/in-memoriam-detlev-f-vagts-1929-2013/

Syria and the Law of Humanitarian Intervention, Parts I, II, III, available at http://justsecurity.org/2013/09/26/koh-syria/; justsecurity.org

Ending the Forever War: A Progress Report, available at http://justsecurity.org/2013/10/28/ending-war-progress-report

Strike on Syria for Chemical Weapons—Not Illegal, YALEGLOBAL, available at http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/content/strike-syria-chemical-weapons-%25E2%2580%2593-not-illegal

Other Professional Highlights

• Honorary LL.D., American University, Washington College of Law

• Honorary Bencher, Lincoln’s Inn, London

• Honorary Counsellor, American Society of International Law

• Board of Editors, Foundation Press

• Counselor, Restatement (Fourth), Foreign Relations Law of the United States

• Elected to Council, American Law Institute

• Celebrated third Boston Red Sox World Championship in nine years (attending Games 2 of ALCS and World Series)!

Douglas Kysar


Climate Change and the International Court of Justice: Seeking an Advisory Opinion on Transboundary Harm from the Court, YALE CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & POLICY REPORT, Aug. 14, 2013, available at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2309943

John H. Langbein

Lectures And Addresses

• “What the Law Requires of Investment Fiduciaries and Why,” Federated Investors Conference on Investment Advisors and the Management of Assets Subject to Trusts, New York, NY, May 22, 2013

• “The Old and the New Law of Torture,” Keynote address, International Conference on Judicial Torture and the Law of Evidence, University of Geneva, Switzerland, June 13–14, 2013

Public Service

• Connecticut Commissioner of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

• Attended Annual Meeting, Boston MA, July 5–9, 2013


Major Reforms of the Property Restatement and the Uniform Probate Code: Reformation, Harmless Error, and Nonprobate Transfers, 38 ACTEC LAW JOURNAL 1 (2012) (American College of Trust and Estate Counsel)

Yair Listokin

Lectures And Addresses

• “American’s Preferences for Tax Increases and Spending Cuts,” American Law and Economics Association Conference, Nashville TN, May 17, 2013

• “Ready Benefits,” Loyola Law School of Los Angeles Tax Colloquium, Aug. 19, 2013

• “Bounded vs. Unbounded Institutions,” Yale Law School Faculty Seminar, Sept. 9, 2013


Tax Expenditure Salience, 15 AMERICAN LAW AND ECONOMICS REVIEW 200 (Fall 2013)

American’s Preferences for Tax Increases and Spending Cuts, 138 TAX NOTES, Volume 10, Apr. 9, 2013 (with S. Listokin-Smith and S. Mesele)

Jonathan R. Macey

Lectures And Addresses

• Guest Appearance, “Late Nights with Jim Bohanon,” Apr. 25, 2013

• Guest Appearance, “The Wall Street Shuffle,” 1190AM KFXR Dallas/Fort Worth, Apr. 29, 2013

• Debate on “The Shareholder Value Myth, The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), May 1, 2013

• Interview, NewsMaxTV, available at http://www.moneynews.com/InvestingAnalysis/Yale-Jonathan-Macey-Wall-Street-Reputation/2013/05/15/id/504546, May 14, 2013

• Television Interview, Fox News, on THE DEATH OF CORPORATE REPUTATION, (FT Press, 2013), May 15, 2013

• Book Presentation of THE DEATH OF CORPORATE REPUTATION, jointly sponsored by the Federalist Society and the Cato Institute, The Cato Institute, Washington, DC, May 22, 2013

• Presentation at the United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC, on “Union Shareholder Activism: Assessing the Value,” Thursday, May 2, 2013


• THE LAW OF BANKING AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, (Aspen Law & Business, fifth edition, 2013) (with R. Cornell and G.P. Miller)

Theories of Regulatory Risk: The Surprise Theory, The Arbitrage Theory and the Regulatory Mistake Theory, in RISK MANAGEMENT IN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, S. Shojai & G. Feiger eds., (Euromoney Books, 2013)

Sublime Myths: An Essay in Honor of the Shareholder Value Myth and the Tooth Fairy,” 91 TEXAS L. REV. 911 (2013) (book review)

The Regulator Effect in Financial Regulation, 98 CORNELL L. REV., 591 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Member, Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative’s Working Group on Capital Markets

• Member Economic Advisory Board, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”)

• Chair, Yale University Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility

• Member, Yale Committee on Athletics

Daniel Markovits

Lectures And Addresses

• University of California School of Law, Berkeley, CA, participant in roundtable on Melvin Eisenberg’s FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES OF CONTRACT LAW, Jan. 2013

• Yale Institute for International Arbitration, New York, NY, convener of roundtable on Paradigms of International Arbitration, Apr. 2013

• Miller-Becker Ethics Symposium, Akron, OH, keynote speaker, “What are Lawyers For?,” Apr. 2013

• University of Texas School of Law Faculty Workshop, Austin, TX, “Market Solidarity,” Apr. 2013

• Hofstra Law School, Long Island, NY, debate with Monroe Freedman on the resolution, “The Practice of Law is Moral and Gratifying,” Apr. 2013

• University College London, London, UK, “Good Faith as Contract’s Core Value,” May 2013

• International Society for the New Institutional Economics, Florence, Italy, “A New Theory of the Firm,” June 2013

• Conference on the Philosophy of Fiduciary Law, DePaul College School of Law, Chicago, IL, “Sharing Ex Ante and Ex Post,” July 2013

• Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Fellows Seminar, “Market Solidarity,” Oct. 2013


Lawyerly Fidelity, in S. Levinson, P. Woodruff & J. Parker, eds. LOYALTY: NOMOS LIV

Jerry L. Mashaw

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Lost One Hundred Years of American Administrative Law,” Keynote address to the June Plenary Session of the Administrative Conference of the United States, Executive Office of the President, Washington, DC, June 13, 2013



Legal, Imagined and Real Worlds: Reflections on National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, 38 J. HEALTH POL., POL’Y & L. 255 (2013)

Public Law and Public Choice: Critique and Rapprochement, in D.A. Farber & A. Joseph O’Connell eds., RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC CHOICE AND PUBLIC LAW, 19–48 (2013)

Constitutional Uncertainty and the Design of Social Insurance: Reflections on the ACA Case, in Nathaniel Persily, et.al., eds., THE HEALTH CARE CASE: THE SUPREME COURT’S DECISION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS, 300-314 (with M.J. Graetz, 2013) (an expanded version under the title Constitutional Uncertainty and the Design of Social Insurance: Reflections on the Obamacare Case appears at 7 HARV. L. & POL’Y REV. 401 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• 2012 Annual Scholarship Award of the American Bar Association’s Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice for the book, CREATING THE ADMINISTRATIVE CONSTITUTION: THE LOST ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF AMERICAN ADMINISTRATIVE LAW (Yale University Press 2012)

• Reappointed as a public member to the Administrative Conference of the United States, Executive Office of the President

Tracey L. Meares

Lectures And Addresses

• “Broken Windows, Neighborhoods and the Legitimacy of Law Enforcement, or How I Fell in and out of Love with Zimbardo,” at Netherlands Inst. for Study of Crime & Law Enforcement Conference on Broken Windows Policing, Oct. 24, 2013

• “Policing Chicago,” Robert McCormick Foundation Lecture, Chicago Humanities Festival, Oct. 20, 2013, available at http://chicagohumanities.org/events/2013/animal/policing-chicago - .UmaXgGTk_18

• “What is Procedural Justice and How Can It Contribute to Reducing Violence,” 8th National Community Prosecution Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 26, 2013

• Appointed to Academic Advisory Council by Judge Shira Scheindlin to assist in implementing the Floyd decision, Sept. 19, 2013, available at http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/meet-stop-frisk-academic-advisory-council-article-1.1460609

• Six-Degrees of Criminal Justice: An Introduction to Social Network Analysis for Academics and Practitioners” (with Andrew Papchristos) funded by Reubhausen, Aug. 29, 2013

• Inaugural Lecture, Apr. 15, 2013


What Chicago is Doing Right, Group Think, BillMoyers.com, Jan. 30, 2013, available at http://billmoyers.com/groupthink/gun-violence-in-our-inner-cities/what-chicago-is-doing-right/

Why Do Criminals Obey the Law? 102 J. CRIM. & CRIMINOLOGY 397 (2012) (with A. Papachristos & J. Fagan)

The Good Cop: Knowing the Difference Between Lawful or Effective Policing and Rightful Policing—And Why It Matters, 54 WM. & MARY L. REV. 1865 (2013)

Noah A. Messing

Lectures And Addresses

• Emory University School of Law, Summer Colloquium Series Workshop, “The Art of Advocacy,” June 19, 2013

• Emory University School of Law, presentation about effective amicus briefing to Emory’s Supreme Court Advocacy Program and Moot Court Board, June 19, 2013



Talent Assessment at Law Firms, ABOVE THE LAW, June 28, 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Selected as Chair of the Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing Education Committee for the Burton Awards for Legal Achievement

• Became Co-Director of the Quinnipiac-Yale Dispute Resolution Workshop

John D. Morley


The Regulation of Mutual Fund Debt, 30 YALE J. ON REG. 343 (2013)

Nicholas R. Parrillo

Lectures And Addresses

• “Leviathan and Interpretive Revolution: The Administrative State, the Judiciary, and the Rise of Legislative History, 1890–1950,” Stanford Law School Faculty Workshop, Oct. 9, 2013



Robert C. Post

Lectures And Addresses

• Delivered The Tanner Lectures on Human Values at Harvard University, “Representative Democracy,” May 1–3, 2013

• “Freedom of Speech and Expertise,” Yale School of Management, Sept. 17, 2013

J.L. Pottenger, Jr.

Clinical Program Highlights

• Successful settlements in mortgage foreclosures and affirmative litigations versus several large, multi-national banks

• Clients closed on real estate deals in New Haven for new fueling station and affordable housing site acquisition, as well as program-related investments in both for- and non-profit local enterprises.

• Amicus brief in Supreme Court of North Carolina on issues of bank negligence and duty of care to customers

• Legislative clients obtained legislation tackling the educational achievement gap facing youth in foster care, campaign finance reform, and tighter gun control

Claire Priest

Lectures And Addresses

•Presented a paper entitled “Institutional Origins in the United States” at the Conference on Finance, Communication and Coordination in Eighteenth-Century Empires, Dundee University, Scotland, July 5, 2013

• Served as Faculty Commentator for the Property Panel of the Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, Yale Law School, June 14, 2013

• Convened a conference and served as moderator on the forthcoming book by Bernadette Atuahene, WIPING OUR TEARS: LAND RESTITUTION IN SOUTH AFRICA’S CITIES, American Bar Foundation, Chicago, May 17, 2013

• Presented a paper entitled “Creating an American Property Law” at the University of Colorado, Boulder School of Law, Jan. 24, 2013

George L. Priest

Lectures And Addresses

• Attended the American Enterprise Institute Forum, Washington, DC, “Beyond November 6: The 2012 Election and the Future of America”

• Presented a talk at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, “Conservatism and its Absence in American Law Schools”

• Presented a talk at Columbia Law School, Law and Economics Workshop, New York, NY, “Rethinking the Economic Basis of the Standard Oil Refining Monopoly: Dominance Against Competing Cartels”

• Attended the Middle East Legal Studies Seminar, “The Arab Spring Continued: The Promise of Change and Sources of Resistance,” Rabat, Morocco

• Attended the American Enterprise Institute World Forum, Sea Island, GA

• Delivered an address on Robert Bork’s influence on antitrust law at a Memorial Service for Robert H. Bork, Washington, DC


Standard Oil, The Origins of Dual Antitrust Jurisdiction in the U.S., and the Modern Justification for Unified Enforcement,1 CONCURRENCES (2013); reprinted in I WILLIAM E KOVACIC: AN ANTITRUST TRIBUTE LIBER AMICORUM at 291 (Charbit & Ramundo eds., 2012)

Competition Law in Developing Nations: The Absolutist’s View, in COMPETITION LAW AND DEVELOPMENT at 79 (Sokol, Cheng & Lianos eds., Stanford University Press, 2013)

The Expansion of Modern U.S. Tort Law and its Excesses, in THE AMERICAN ILLNESS: ESSAYS ON THE RULE OF LAW at 249 (F.H. Buckley ed., Yale University Press, 2013)

Robert H. Bork and the Yale School of Antitrust Analysis, Summer 2013 YALE LAW REPORT 34

W. Michael Reisman


Humanitarian Intervention: Politics and Prudence: The James G. McDonald Distinguished Lecture on Humanitarian Intervention, (New York University School of Law, Sept. 27, 2012) in FOREIGN POLICY ASSOCIATION (2013)

‘Case Specific Mandates’ versus ‘Systemic Implications’: How Should Investment Tribunals Decide?: The Freshfields Arbitration Lecture, in 29:2 ARBITRATION INTERNATIONAL, p. 131–152 (2013)

Foreword, in FREE TRADE AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, Jingxia Shi, p. vii, Hart Publishing, Ltd. (2013)

The Weston Phenomenon in Festschrift for Burns H. Weston, in 21:3 TRANSNATIONAL LAW & CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS (A Journal of The University of Iowa College of Law), p. 631 (Winter 2013)

Compensating Collateral Damage in Elective International Conflict, 8 INTERCULTURAL HUM. RTS. L. REV. 1–18 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Member of the Curatorium of the Asian Academy of Comparative Law, 2013–

• Member of the Advisory Council of the Soochow Law Journal, 2013–

• Member of the Advisory Board of Indian Journal of Arbitration Law, 2013–

• Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the newly formed Journal of International and Comparative Law, 2013–

Other Activities

• Chaired Panel discussing “Future Challenges in Territorial and Delimitation Disputes” at the London International Boundary Conference 2013 “Exploring an Integrated Approach to the Resolution of International Boundary and Territorial Disputes,” sponsored by King’s College London, Volterra Fietta, the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and the Department of Geography, held in London at the Royal Geographical Society, Apr. 18–19, 2013

• Attended the Foreign Policy Association Board Meeting, New York, NY, May 15, 2013

• Sat as juror in Daniel Behn’s Viva at University of Dundee, Scotland, July 16, 2013

• Delivered Lecture entitled “Humanitarian Intervention in Contemporary Inter-State Practice” at the University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, July 16, 2013

• Delivered Inaugural Speech at The 5th International Conference on “New Haven and Other Jurisprudential Perspectives on Conflict Resolution and Current Legal Problems” at City University of Hong Kong School of Law, Hong Kong, Sept. 17–18, 2013

• Attended the Foreign Policy Association Board Meeting, New York, NY, Oct. 17, 2013

Judith Resnik

Lectures And Addresses

• Participant: “White House Forum on Increasing Access to Justice,” Washington, DC, Apr. 16, 2013

• Panelist: “Courting Justice: What Does Equal Mean?” for the YaleWomen—World Fellows Conference, “Vision, Values, Voice: Women Changing a Changing World,” Washington, DC, Apr. 20, 2013

• Panelist: “Inventing Democratic Government: The Post, the Press, and the Courts,” for the panel “The Role of Government in Communication,” Postal Vision 2020, Washington, DC, Apr. 24, 2013

• Co-Moderator (with Reva Siegel): “Locating Parity: Equality Analytics, Initiatives, and Metrics,” for the conference, “Contested Responses to Gender Inequalities,” co-hosted by the Women Faculty Forum and the Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights, Yale Law School, Apr. 26, 2013

• Speaker: “Bordering by Law: The Migration of Law, Crimes, Sovereignty, and the Mail,” Princeton Program for Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) Seminar, Princeton University, Apr. 29, 2013

• Speaker: “Rethinking Law in a Global Context: Private Ordering and Public Authority” Colloquium, Social Science Research Center (WZB), Humboldt-Univeristät zu Berlin, Germany, June 18, 2013

• Speaker: “Equality’s Frontiers: Courts Opening and Closing,” 2013 National Association of Women Lawyers Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon, New York, July 25, 2013

• Panelist: “Are Courts Dying: The Decline of Open and Public Adjudication,” American Bar Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Aug. 8, 2013

• Panelist: “Visual Puzzles of Sight, Knowledge, and Judgment” (with Dennis Curtis) for the program “Legal Emblems,” Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, New York, Sept. 22, 2013

• Discussion Leader (with Manuel José Cepeda-Espinosa): “Puzzles of State Identity, Privatization, and Constitutional Authority,” Global Constitutionalism Seminar 2013, Governments’ Authority, Yale Law School, Sept. 27, 2013

• Senior Commentator: Sixth Annual Junior Faculty Federal Courts Workshop, Brooklyn Law School, New York, Oct. 4–5, 2013

• Co-Moderator (with Reva Siegel): “Equality, Liberty, and Dignity-Transnationally,” Panel Discussions, Yale Law School Alumni Weekend, Oct. 5, 2013

• Faculty: “Citizenship, Membership, and Equality in Law,” Yale World Fellows Program Seminar, Oct. 9, 2013


Governments’ Authority (ed. Yale Global Constitutionalism Seminar, 2013)

Inventing Democratic Courts: A New and Iconic Supreme Court (with Dennis Curtis), 38 JOURNAL OF SUPREME COURT HISTORY 207 (2013)

Gideon at Guantánamo: Democratic and Despotic Detention (with Hope Metcalf), 122 YALE L.J. 2504 (2013)

Administrative Segregation, Degrees of Isolation, and Incarceration: A National Overview of State and Federal Correctional Policies (with Hope Metcalf, Jamelia Morgan, Samuel Oliker-Friedland, Julia Spiegel, Haran Tae, Alyssa Work & Brian Holbrook), June 25, 2013, available at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2286861

The Democracy in Courts: Jeremy Bentham, ‘Publicity’, and the Privatization of Process in the Twenty-First Century, NOFO 10 (2013), available at http://www.helsinki.fi/nofo/NoFo10RESNIK.html

Other Professional Highlights

• The Return of the Terrible Plan to Ship Female Inmates From the Northeast to Alabama, Oct. 4, 2013, SLATE, available at http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2013/10/04/female_inmates_in_federal_prison_must_give_up_their_beds_to_men_and_move.html

• Keep Female Prisoners Close to Family, (with Nancy Gertner) Sept. 3, 2013, THE BOSTON GLOBE, available at http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2013/09/03/keep-female-prisoners-close-family/eQf4dCawmOGmQ41Ap53GxL/story.html

• Interview, WNPR—Connecticut Public Radio’s “Where We Live,” presented by John Dankosky, Aug. 5, 2013, available at http://www.yourpublicmedia.org/content/wnpr/connecticut-s-criminal-justice-system

• Harder Time: Why are the federal prison beds for women in the Northeast going to men—while the women get shipped to Alabama?, July 25, 2013, SLATE, available at http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2013/07/women_in_federal_prison_are_being_shipped_from_danbury_to_aliceville.html

• Arabella Babb Mansfield Award, presented at the 2013 National Association of Women Lawyers Annual Luncheon in New York City, on July 25, 2013

• Prize Committee, Federal Courts Section, AALS

Cristina Rodríguez

Lectures And Addresses

• “Federalism and National Consensus,” Kadish Center for Morality, Law & Public Affairs, UC Berkeley Law School, October 2013

• “The Separation of Powers and Domestic Policy in the Second Obama Administration,” Center for Constitutional Governance, Columbia Law School, April 2013

• “Immigration and Civil Rights,” Seminar on Citizenship, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, March 2013

• Pierre Genest Memorial Lecture, “Immigration, Civil Rights, and the Formation of the People,” Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, Ontario, 2013


Immigration, Civil Rights, and the Formation of the People, 142 DAEDELUS 228 (2013)

Roberta Romano

Lectures And Addresses

• University of Pennsylvania Institute for Law and Economics Corporate Roundtable on Delaware Litigation Issues, Panel on Delaware Corporate Litigation

• University of Colorado Boulder Law School Business Law Colloquium, “For Diversity in the International Regulation of Financial Institutions: Recalibrating the Basel Architecture”

• Keynote Speaker, 20th Global Finance Conference, “For Diversity in the International Regulation of Financial Institutions: Recalibrating the Basel Architecture”

• ETH-NYU Law & Banking/Finance Conference, “Comment on Armour and Gordon, Systemic Harms and the Limits of Shareholder Value”

• Richard H. McLaren Professorship in Business Law Lecture, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, Toronto, “Getting Incentives Right: Is Deferred Bank Executive Compensation Sufficient?”


Regulating in the Dark, translated and reprinted in SJTU LAW REVIEW, No.3, p. 10 (Sept. 15, 2013) (translated by Xiaochuan Weng)

Other Professional Highlights

• Richard H. McLaren Visiting Professor in Business Law, Western Ontario University Faculty of Law

Carol M. Rose

Lectures And Addresses

• “Property Futures” (Keynote address for Association for Law, Property and Society, 2013 Annual Meeting), Minneapolis, MN, Apr. 26, 2013

• Commentator on Bernadette Atuahene, WE WANT WHAT’S OURS, Manuscript Conference, American Bar Foundation, Chicago, Illinois, May 17, 2013

• Commentator, Panel on The Corporation as Perpetrator, Conference on Human Rights: Theoretical Possibilities and Practical Challenges, SELA (Seminario en Latinoamérica de Teoría Constitucional y Politica), Cartagena, Colombia, June 8, 2013

• Corruption and Collective Action: panel presentation on Laura Underkuffler, CAPTURED BY EVIL: THE IDEA OF CORRUPTION IN LAW, Cornell University Law School, Oct. 2, 2013


Evolution and Environment in the Property Scholarship of James Krier, 2 BRIGHAM-KANNER PROPERTY RIGHTS JOURNAL 27 (2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• 2013 Recognition for Excellence, Association for Law, Property and Society

• Attended Editorial Board of Foundation Press meeting, New York, NY, Oct. 11–12, 2013

Susan Rose-Ackerman

Lectures And Addresses

• Comparative Law and Economics Forum, Rio, “Judicial Review of Executive Policymaking in Advanced Democracies: Beyond Rights Review”

• Latin American Law and Economics Association, Rio, “Law and Economics of Corruption”

• Advisory Committee Meeting, EU Anti-Corruption Project, EUI, Florence, keynote address on economics of corruption

• University College London, London, “International Actors and Anti-Corruption Policy”

• Conference on Corruption, Department of Inspections, New York City, keynote address on the law and economics of corruption


• Edited with Paul Carrington, ANTI-CORRUPTION POLICY: CAN INTERNATIONAL ACTORS PLAY A CONSTRUCTIVE ROLE? Carolina Academic Press, Durham NC, 2013

International Actors and the Promises and Pitfalls of Anti-Corruption Policies, 34 (2) U. PA. J. INT’L L., 2013

Policymaking and Public Law in France (With T. Perroud), COLUM. J. EUR. L., 19(2) 2013

Other Professional Highlights

• Appointed to Comité d’Arbitrage [External Scientific Council], Center of Excellence, University of Toulouse, 2013–

• Appointed to Advisory Board, Cambridge University 2014 Conference on “Process and Substance in Public Law”

Peter H. Schuck

Lectures And Addresses

• Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Tel Aviv, Israel, “Regulatory Negotiation Redux: The Career of a Procedural Reform”

• Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, workshop on forthcoming book WHY GOVERNMENT FAILS SO OFTEN, AND HOW IT CAN DO BETTER (Princeton U.P., March 2014)


Citizen Terrorists and the Challenges of Plural Citizenship, in VARIETIES OF SOVEREIGNTY AND CITIZENSHIP (S.R. Ben-Porath & R.M. Smith), pp. 97-110 (U. Pennsylvania Press, 2013)

Vicki Schultz

Lectures And Addresses

• “Reimaging Affirmative Action,” presented at symposium on The Civil Rights Act at 50, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, MI, Oct. 11, 2013

• “How Work Makes Gender,” presented on panel on Bodies/States/Norms/Police at Keywords on Gender and Sexuality event, Yale University, New Haven, CT, Oct. 4, 2013

• “Rationalizing the Workplace: Title VII’s Lasting Contribution After 50 Years,” Keynote Speech given at symposium on the 50th Anniversary of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Annual Colloquium on Current Scholarship in Labor and Employment Law, University of Nevada at Las Vegas School of Law, Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 27, 2013

• Commentator, Author Meets Reader, SOME DAY THIS WILL ALL BE YOURS: A HISTORY OF INHERITANCE AND OLD AGE by Professor Hendrik Hartog, Law & Society Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, May 31, 2013

• “Will Marriage Make Gay and Lesbian Couples Less Egalitarian? A Cautionary Tale,” Cornell Law School Faculty Workshop, Ithaca, NY, Apr. 26, 2013

Other Activities

• Hosted swimming pool party for YLS public interest auction, May 4, 2013

Reva Siegel

Lectures And Addresses

• Introduction: “Locating Parity: Equality Analytics, Initiatives, and Metrics” for conference on “Contested Responses to Gender Inequalities” hosted by Gruber Program at Yale Law School, Apr. 26, 2013

• Plenary on Social Movements and Constitutional Change, American Constitution Society annual meeting, Washington, DC, June 15, 2013

• Introduction, Moot Camp, Yale Law School, Sept. 7, 2013

• Yale Law School Faculty Workshop, presented manuscript of The Supreme Court, 2012 Term—Foreword: Equality Divided, 127 HARV. L. REV. 1 (2013), Sept. 16, 2013

• Yale Law School Alumni Weekend, co-moderated panel on “Global Constitutionalism: Equality, Liberty, Dignity, Transnationally,” Oct. 5, 2013

• Michigan Law School Legal Theory Workshop, presented manuscript of The Supreme Court, 2012 Term—Foreword: Equality Divided, 127 HARV. L. REV. 1 (2013), Oct. 9, 2013

Kate Stith

Lectures And Addresses

• “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: What Keeps You Up At Night?,” moderator, Yale Law School Center for the Study of Corporate Law, Century Association, New York, NY, May 14, 2013

• “The Role of International Law in Domestic Law,” moderator, Yale Law School Alumni Weekend panel, Oct. 4, 2013

• “White Collar Defense: Inside v. Outside Counsel,” moderator, Yale Law School, Oct. 25, 2013


Amicus Brief for Appellant, New York v. Greenberg, 21 N.Y. 3d 349 (2013) (on standards for summary judgment)

Other Professional Highlights

• American Law Institute, Young Scholar Selection Committee, Nov. 2012–May 2013

• ABA Task Force on Reform of Sentencing for Economic Crimes, Apr.–Sept. 2013

• Women’s Campaign School Faculty Sponsor, June 10–14, 2013

• Chair, Law School Five-Year Review Committee, Aug-Dec. 2013

• Yale University Press Board of Governors

• Vice-Chair, Professional Responsibility Committee, reelected Oct. 16, 2013

Alec Stone Sweet

Lectures And Addresses

• University of Aix-en-Provence, Conference on L’identité à la croisée des états et de l’Europe: “In the New Europe, All Judges are Constitutional Judges”



The Structure of Constitutional Pluralism, INT’L J. CONST. L.11 (2): 491–500, 2013

Tom R. Tyler

Lectures And Addresses

• “Trust and Confidence in the Police,” plenary panel, Annual Meeting of the Police Executive Research Forum, Milwaukee, May 2, 2013

• “Trust and Confidence in the Courts,” International Center for Sociology and Law (with D. Rottman), Onati, Spain, May 9, 2013

• “Street Stops and Police Legitimacy,” Law and Society Association, Boston, MA, June 1, 2013

• “Street Stops and Police Legitimacy,” American Sociological Association annual meeting, New York, NY, Aug. 12, 2013


Deference to Authority as a Basis for Managing Ideological Conflict, CHI-KENT L. REV., 88(3), 433–453 (2013) (with M. Krochik)

Legitimacy and Compliance: The Virtues of Self-Regulation, (A. Crawford & A. Hucklesby eds.), LEGITIMACY AND COMPLIANCE IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Cullompton, Devon, UK: Willan Publishing (2013)

Perspectives from Procedural Justice, in A.C. Wagenaar & S.C.Burris (Eds.) PUBLIC HEALTH LAW RESEARCH: THEORY AND METHODS, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass (pp. 131–146) (with A. Mentovich) (2013)

Justice, in L. Huddy, D.O. Sears & J. Levy (Eds.), OXFORD HANDBOOK OF POLITICAL PSYCHOLOGY (2nd edition) Oxford University Press, pp. 627–661 (2013) (with J.M. van der Toorn)

James Q. Whitman

Lectures And Addresses

• “Verdict of Battle,” International Policy Center, University of Michigan

• “Verdict of Battle,” Strauss Center for International Security and Law, University of Texas


• Modern War and Humanitarian Law, INSIGHTS ON LAW & SOCIETY 13 (2013):20–24

Michael J. Wishnie

Lectures And Addresses

• “Legal Services for Veterans: A 21st Century Agenda,” Veterans Legal Services Provider Conference, New Haven, CT, Sept. 2013

• “Emerging Issues in Veterans Law,” Committee on Military Affairs, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York, NY, May 2013

• “Immigration Reform and the DREAMers,” 77th Annual Celebration, Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, Panelist, New York, NY, May 2013

• “Suppression and Termination in Immigration Proceedings,” National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, Boston, MA, May 2013

• U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Twelfth Judicial Conference, Panelist, “Raising the Bar: Law School Veterans Clinics and the Veterans Law Community,” Washington, DC, Apr. 2013

• “Resistance and Regeneration,” William O. Douglas Chair Lecture, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT, Apr. 2013


Imagining Immigration Reform, THE VOLUNTEER (Sept. 2012)

Other Professional Highlights

• Appointed co-chair, Connecticut Legislative Task Force on Military Occupational Specialty Training (established pursuant to Spec. Act 13–5)

John F. Witt

Lectures And Addresses

• Miller Center at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, “Lincoln’s Code”

• North Shore Civil War Roundtable, Long Island, “Lincoln’s Code”

• International Committee of the Red Cross, Washington, DC, “150 Years of War Regulation”


The Secret History of the Chief Justice’s Obamacare Decision, in Persily, Metzger, & Morrison eds., THE HEALTH CARE CASE (Oxford University Press, 2013)

The Political Economy of Pain: An Essay from the Archives in Honor of William E. Nelson, in Bernstein & Hulsebosch eds., MAKING LEGAL HISTORY: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF WILLIAM E. NELSON (NYU Press, 2013)

Other Professional Highlights

• Silver Gavel Award of the American Bar Association

• Littleton-Griswold Prize, American Historical Association

• Watson-Brown Prize, Society of Civil War Historians

• John Phillip Reid Prize, American Society for Legal History

• Scribes Book Award from the American Society of Legal Writers

Stephen Wizner

Lectures And Addresses

• “Reflections on Goldberg v. Kelly,” at the MFY Legal Services 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion, New York, NY, Sept. 26, 2013


Measuring Justice, 2013 WIS. L. REV. 79 (2013) (with J. Aiken)

Other Professional Highlights

• Community Advocate Award, presented by the Junta for Progressive Action, New Haven, CT, Sept. 19, 2013