Family Stories

Families who have been impacted by the inability to secure their legal parent-child relationships tell their stories to illustrate the importance of passing the CPA.

Why the CPA Matters: Families Share Their Stories

Ashley and Adriana
Ashley and Adriana

Ashley and her fiance, Adriana always knew that they wanted to be parents, but the process has been far from easy.

Stephanie and Denise
Stephanie and Denise

The couple discuss their two children and the inequality of Connecticut’s present-day laws.

Juliana Alicia and Family
Juliana and Alicia

With a third child on the way, Juliana and Alicia discuss how laws can make a family feel more secure and comfortable.

Katie and Michelle
Katie and Michelle

Katie and Michelle talk about how passing the CPA would ease the worries of many parents in Connecticut.

Ariel and Julian

Ariel and Julian hope that every child has access to the same security and protections that their son had.

Shannon and Megan
Shannon and Megan

Shannon and Megan talk about the obstacles they face in building their family.

emily and rachel
Emily and Rachel

From early in their relationship, Emily Pagano and Rachel Prehodka-Spindel knew that they each wanted children. Now they have an active two-year-old named Dylan and twins on the way.


Malina reflects on being one of the first children born through assisted reproduction to two gay men and how the current law impacts her family.