Jenné B. Ayers

Jenné B. AyersJenné B. Ayers is a Ph.D. in Law candidate at Yale.

Her research focuses on the laws, political institutions, and administrative agencies regulating local economies. This research draws upon local government law, constitutional law, the history of political thought, and empirical legal studies. 

First, her research examines local administrative and legislative responses to economic inequality, as well as the constitutional constraints on those policies.

Second, her research focuses on theories of equality. Here, she has a particular interest in political theory, constitutional history, and the history of African American political thought.

Jenné is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. She was a Coker Fellow in Contracts.

She worked for several years in policy and politics at the state and local levels. Additionally, she practiced public finance law at a large firm in Philadelphia. Most recently, she was a staff attorney in local government, where she focused on economic development.

Prior to law school, Jenné was an Associate Consultant at The Bridgespan Group, where she assisted in the advising of high impact organizations and conducted research about community revitalization.