Linkage Program

The informal law student exchange that Yale Law School maintains with seven leading law schools in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile resumed last January 2023 when nine law students from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile spent three weeks at Yale Law School at the start of the spring semester. They lived with Yale law students and spent their days sitting in on classes and special lectures, meeting with faculty, lawyers, and student leaders. They gave presentations on important legal questions currently debated in their countries and learned about the history of legal education in the United States, the role Yale has played in that history, and how it has affected the practice of law itself in the United States. 

Groups of Yale law students will spend three weeks in Argentina, Brazil, or Chile this summer. They will also live with law students and spend their days learning about the relationship between legal education and practice in their host country. No academic credit is involved; rather, the dual objectives of the program are improving, on one hand, the participants' knowledge of legal education and practice and the evolution of and challenges facing democratic institutions in the destination country and, on the other, providing a space where lasting friendships among the next generation of leading legal scholars and practitioners might take root. 

Below: the 2023 Latin American Linkage participants from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile with Cesar Zapata of the Lillian Goldman Law Library.