2003-2004 LEO Workshop Schedule

Fall 2003

September 4
Mathew McCubbins, University of California, San Diego, Political Science
Legislative Leviathan Revisited: Parties and Policy Change

September 25
Colin Camerer, California Institute of Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences
An Experimental Approach to Studying Organizational Codes and Culture, joint with Roberto Weber

October 2 
Michelle White, University of California, San Diego, Economics
Understanding the Asbestos Crisis

October 16  
Vincent Crawford, University of California, San Diego, Economics 
"Cognition and Behavior in Two-Person Guessing Games" (with Miguel Costa-Gomes), 
lecture slides, partial draft, and other materials now available on my website at http://weber.ucsd.edu/~vcrawfor/#Guess .

November 6
Eric Posner, University of Chicago, Law
A Theory of International Law

November 20 
Kenneth Sokoloff, University of California, Los Angeles, Economics
The Decline of the Independent Inventor: A Schumpeterian Story? with Naomi R. Lamoreaux.

December 18
Michael Weisbach, University of Illinois, Commerce & Business Administration
World Markets for Raising New Capital

Spring 2004

February 12    
Naomi Lamoreaux, University of California, Los Angeles, Economics
The Public-Private Distinction in American History: The Privatization of the Corporation and the Problem of Minority Shareholders (with Ruth Bloch)

February 26           
George Triantis, University of Virginia, Law
Embedded Options and the Irrelevance of the Compensation Principle in Contract Remedies

March 11
Clarisa Long, University of Virginia, Law
The Patent/Copyright Interface

April 15          
Roland Fryer, Harvard University, Economics and Society of Fellows. 
Color-Blind Affirmative Action.

April 22  
Guhan Subramanian, Harvard, Law
Post-Siliconix Freeze-Outs: Theory, Evidence & Policy