2006-2007 LEO Workshop Schedule

Fall 2006

September 7
Judy Chevalier and Fiona Scott-Morton, Yale, Management
State Casket Sales Restrictions: A Pointless Undertaking?

September 14
Max Schanzenbach, Northwestern, Law
Strategic Judging Under the Sentencing Guidelines:  Positive Political Theory and Evidence

October 5
Devah Pager, Princeton, Sociology
Race at Work: Discrimination in Low Wage Labor Markets

October 19
Timothy Guinnane, Yale, Economics
Business Organization in the Long Run:  Private Limited Companies Rule!

November 9
Jeff Strnad, Stanford, Law
Should Legal Empiricists Go Bayesian

November 16
Kevin Murphy, USC, Business
Executive Stock Options & IPO Underpricing

November 30
Jesse Rothstein, Princeton, Economics
Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation in Neighborhoods and Schools

Spring 2007

February 8
Anup Malani, University of Chicago, Law
Valuing Laws as Local Amenities

February 22
Lee Epstein, Northwestern, Law
The Changing Dynamics of Senate Voting on Supreme Court Nominees

March 8
Erica Field, Harvard, Economics

March 29
Jon Klick, Florida State, Law
Cheap Doughnuts and Expensive Broccoli:  The Effect of Relative Price Changes on Obesity

April 12
John Ferejohn, Stanford, Political Science and NYU, Law
The First Superstatute:  Institutionalizing Central Banking in the US
Paper 1 Paper 2

April 26 
Ken Ayotte, Columbia, Business, 
Optimal Property Rights in Financial Contracting

May 10 
Michael Greenstone, MIT, Economics
Climate Change, Mortality, and Adaptation: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather in the US