2005-2006 LEO Workshop Schedule

Fall 2005

September 22
Justin Wolfers, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School
Using Markets to Inform Policy: The Case of the Iraq War

September 29 
Steve Raphael, University of California at Berkeley, Public Policy
The Effect of Male Incarceration Dynamics on AIDS Infection Rates Among Women & Men, co-authored with Rucker Johnson

September 30
Lawrence Katz, Harvard, Economics with Jeffrey Kling, Princeton, Economics. There will be a luncheon from 12-2 and the Workshop will be held from 2:30-4:00 p.m. All to be held in Room 120.

Special session on What We Have Learned from the Move to Opportunity Program (a HUD initiative that enabled inner-city poor to move to more affluent areas in a randomized experiment to assess the impact of living in a lower-crime area with better schools)--there will be a luncheon seminar for the faculty on the major lessons from the program, followed by a more formal seminar (joint with the Labor Economics Workshop)

J. Kling, J.B. Liebman & L.F. Katz: Experimental Analysis of Neighborhood Effects
J. Kling & J.B. Liebman: Experimental Analysis of Neighborhood Effects on Youth
Recent Moving to Opportunity Research
J. Ludwig & J. Kling: Is Crime Contagious?

October 6                                                       
Albert Choi, University of Virginia, Economics
Optimal Successor Liability

October 20                                                      
Gary King, Harvard, Government
Title: When Can History be Our Guide? The Dangers of Conterfactual Inference
The talk is a composite of three papers, although the first two overlap:

The first two papers are "The Dangers of Extreme Counterfactuals" and "When Can History be Our Guide? The Pitfalls of Counterfactual Inference," both by Gary King and Langche Zeng. These two papers overlap: the first includes all the detailed mathematical proofs; the second excludes most of the math but includes more empirical examples and pedagogical material. The last paper is "Matching as Nonparametric Preprocessing for Improving Parametric Causal Inference" by Daniel Ho, Kosuke Imai, Gary King, and Elizabeth Stuart.

November 10
Kevin Davis, New York University , Law
The Role of Nonprofits in the Production of Boilerplate

December 8
James Lindgren, Northwestern University, Law
Testing Social Dominance: Is Support for Capitalism and Opposition to Income Redistribution Driven by Racism and Intolerance? 

Spring 2006

January 26
James Poterba, MIT, Economics
Defined Contribution Plans and Retirement Saving Risk andPoterba.2.pdf

February 23
Charles Calomiris, Columbia, International Business
Relationship Banking and the Pricing of Financial Services

March 9
Cecelia Rouse, Princeton/Economics
Do Accountability and Voucher Threats Improve Low-Performance Schools?

March 30
Gillian Hadfield, USC, Law
The Quality of Law in Civil Code and Common Law Regimes: Judicial Incentives, Legal Human Capital and the Evolution of Law

April 13
Alison Morantz, Stanford, Law
Post-Accident Drug Testing & Worker's Compensation Claims in a Fortune 500 Company