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Employment Eligibility

Some employers have particular eligibility requirements that may impact your ability to be hired. The two eligibility requirements that most often arise for our students relate to citizenship and the suitability/security review process for work in federal government.

Students who are not U.S. citizens face unique and complex challenges in the job search process. As a first step we recommend that upon your arrival to YLS you connect with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS). OISS is the best starting point for all immigration related questions. In addition, consult CDO’s Non-U.S. Citizen JD Students and the Job Search Process where you will find advice about navigating a U.S. based job search including information on Optional and Curricular Practical Training, the limited opportunities available to work in government, including as judicial clerks, and YLS resources for international JD students such as the Immigration Consultation Assistance Program. LL.M. students should refer to CDO’s International LL.M. Career Planning Guide.

Students contemplating summer or permanent employment in the federal government, including the Departments of Justice, Defense, and State, need to be prepared to undergo some type of suitability review and potentially a security evaluation as well. Most agencies request information regarding illegal drug use, supplying or manufacture, in the last year. Some agencies request more extensive information on illegal drug activity, possibly extending back for seven years, and may include inquiries regarding other criminal activity, foreign countries visited, mental health consultations and more. All students contemplating work in federal government should consult CDO’s advice Before You Apply: Understand the U.S. Government Security Clearance Procedure.