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Saying Thank You

Thank-You Emails

thank-you emails examples


  • Send via email, not via U.S. Postal Service, for fastest delivery
  • Ensure that your message contains no spelling, grammatical, or other errors
  • Be prompt, sending your message within a few days of the interview
  • Address attorney(s) with whom you met and/or member of the recruiting staff

Regional Variation

  • Expectations may vary by region
  • Northeast, West Coast, major cities: thank-you emails may not be expected
  • Southeast, Midwest, smaller cities: thank-you emails may be expected

Factors Favoring Thank-You Emails

  • You are extremely interested in the employer and would like to reiterate that interest
  • You really connected with the interviewer and would like to remind that interviewer of your similar interests
  • The interviewer went out of their way for you

View the Sample Thank You Emails (PDF) for examples.