Advice on whether to send a brief email of thanks to attorneys with whom you have interviewed is varied. In some regions of the country (i.e. the Northeast), thank you emails are generally not expected. In other locales (i.e. the Southeast), they are more common. If you do decide to send one, make sure it is perfect, as it will be viewed as a sample of your writing.  

All that said, you may decide to send a short follow up email to persons with whom you met if: (1) you are extremely interested in the employer and would like to reiterate that interest; (2) you thought that you really connected with the interviewer and would like to remind that interviewer of your similar interests; or (3) the interviewer went out of his/her way for you (e.g., treated you to a nice dinner or reception meal). If you decide to write a follow-up email, you should do so promptly.

View the Sample Thank You Emails (PDF) for examples.